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Chief Accountant. FINANCE


Find a company that ensuring good living for humans before the moral aspects of the material over the years
Find an entity wants to work to improve the financial field and for the development of sound decision-making

Work History


Cluster Finance Manger

Swiss international royal Hotel & Swiss Spirit Riyadh

Leaders complete an accounting provider highest technical accounting software, such as (Sun System Account , opera , MC , Bayan HR , Microse ) *** The last version.

Management of two hotels in the same team with an integrated coordination .
Linking all the administrative and financial programs to facilitate the procedures .
After extracting reports daily audit (DRR) and monthly bank reconciliations and Actul Mananing  and Computation & Manager - Flash.
Extraction of the quarterly reports for submission to the Department.


Finance Accounting Manager

Al Sami Holding Company

preparation of financial statements and reports crisis and summarized and put it in front of the administration to know the current financial position and expected
• prepare profit and loss accounts do monthly reports after confirmation of matches and compare them with the necessary cost center.
• do feasibility studies for projects until they are discussed with senior management
• Budgets next year, according to existing data and events expected.


Finance Manager

CDS International

Accounting error checking of financial constraints, documents and reports. And work procedures and the necessary inventory adjustments correct
The work of the necessary bank reconciliations and certifications of debtors, Creditors and raise the necessary budgets to auditors for the work of the Centre's financial year ended
Follow up review internal and external branches, according to the agenda topic or in emergency situations sometimes
Develop plans for some of the financial aspects of projects


Senior Account Executive

Al Hammad For Trading, Contracting & Industrial Services - dammam

Head office work and the nature of the work accountants audit in schools, hotels andfurnished apartments owned group
Work necessary reports after feeding accounts branches in the main program and the work of the fiscal balances of the Director to do the work of the Financial Position
The work of various banks adjustments, monthly compliance and follow-up creditors and debtors accounts and locked in the accounts of the professor necessary.
Make the necessary adjustments for the rights of workers their vacation and a settling of accounts end of service.


Al-zytoon Trading & investment - sudan

Do journal entries and accounts migrated professor
Debt collection companies.
Receipt of your mail accounts and do pay claims and do deposits and receive e-reflux
Receipt and collection Amounts from suppliers and to pay all claims on the company.