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Work experience

Jul 2008Present


Dip N' Dunk Lacrosse

Worked with middle school and high school student athletes on developing their skills and lacrosse knowledge.

Jul 2008Present


Tri-State Lacrosse

Assisted fellow coaches and director in running lacrosse camps and developing young players from fifth to eighth grade.


Aug 2008Present


Queens University of Charlotte


Leadership Qualities
Since I was five years old I have played every sport you can think of and have always played the leading role and have been named captain.  I really enjoy leading others and helping my peers solve problems.  I have good moral values and the right attitude.  I have always stepped into the leadership role in any situation with no problems because it just feels natural to me and where I belong.
Good Public Speaker
Throughout highschool and college I have had to make many presentations in front of my classmates and peers.  Ever since I was young I have always played sports and have naturally been the leader.  Being the leader of a team means that you have to be comfortable to step up and speak and share what you have to say in front of your other teammates. 
Knowledge of U.S. Government
In high school I took a Syracuse University college level U.S. government class and recieved an A.  U.S. government has always been interesting to me and in my experience at Queens I took a government class and recieved a B+. 
Good Writing Skills
Throughout school I have had to write a number of papers on many different topics and have had great success.  Writing has been one of my strong points as a student and I have always enjoyed writing. 

Work Samples


I am currently a sophomore at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina and I am a history major with a concentration in pre-law.  I plan on graduating in June of 2012 with a Bachelores degree in History.  Upon graduation I would like to attend law school and pass the BAR exam to become a lawyer.  For now I am very interested in finding a summer internship at a law firm so I can get first hand experience in what actually goes on at a practice.  I am interested in both a paying and volunteer internship just so that I may gain knowledge of what day-to-day work is like in a law firm and if it is everything I hope it is.


I am very interested in U.S. government and history.  Every since I was a young student I have always been very successful in these subjects mainly because they have always been the most fascinating to me.  I am also interested in the law and politics.  When I think of all of the interests that i posess, it leads me to believe that being a lawyer could possibly be the perfect fit for me.


Hello everyone! Welcome to my visual cv! My name is Brian Rose and I am a 19 year old sophomore at Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina.  I am a History major with a concentration in pre-law.  I am also a varsity lacrosse player here at Queens.  I am originally from Stony Point, New York and have a very close and loving family.  After graduating from Queens I would like to go to law school and pass the BAR exam so that I can become a lawyer and possibly open my own practice in the future.