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  • 30+ years experience as a computer hardware/software technician including all Windows operating systems up to Win7. Broad experience with the following applications: Microsoft Office 95, 97, 2000 and OpenOffice, Outlook Express, Adobe Photoshop, Micrographix, and CRM systems.

  • Acquired A+ Certification through IBM, Dell Certification, TAT (Toshiba) Certification, and Apple (Flextronics) Certification.

  • Extensive experience in the repair of office equipment including fax machines, printers, photocopy machines, scanners, work stations, and weather monitoring equipment. Performed computer troubleshooting and repairs via phone, instant messaging, email, and on site.

  • 10+ years experience as a warehouse manager including computer based inventory control, tracking, shipping, receiving, purchasing agent, accounts receivable, & accounts payable. Proficient in the use of various warehouse equipment including forklifts, cherry pickers, and pallet jacks. Implemented and maintained inventory control systems of IBM equipment for Federal Express Network Services. Trained and supervised personnel on office and warehouse duties.
  • 40+ years experience in digital music including MIDI music creation and arrangements, MIDI control of hardware and software, hard drive based multi-track recorders, and computer hardware and software including Cool Edit Pro, Cakewalk, and SoundFont Creator.
  • Audio experience includes the setup of sound and lighting systems for home and commercial use, audio recording, and mixdown/mastering to obtain professional results. Hardware experience includes use of Roland, Korg, and Yamaha hard disk based recording equipment, Alesis ADAT digital tape units, ceramic & magnetic based turntables, analog tape units, and various effect processors including audio equalizers, companders, reverb units, delays, phase shifters, flangers, and noise reduction equipment.

Work experience

Dec 2010Dec 2011

Repair Technician


Repair of IBM (Lenovo) laptops, Hardware/Software Analysis of Apple laptops.

Nov 2009Dec 2009

Sales Agent

Sitel, Inc.

Telephone Support.

Jun 2008Mar 2009

Plumbing Manager

Cole's Do It Home Centers

Purchasing Agent, Inventory Management, Product Research, Retail Sales Floor Help.

Apr 2003Apr 2008

Administrative Assistant

Memphis Winnelson

Delivery Driver, Warehouse Management, Receiving, Shipping, Purchasing Agent, Inside Sales.

Jan 2001Jul 2002

Computer Repair Technician

Stream International

Dell Computer Technician, Brother Fax Technician, assisted in the evolution of the CRM system.

Oct 1998Dec 2000

Audio Engineer

Superstition Coalition Artworks

Audio Engineer, Audio Recording, and MIDI Engineer.

Nov 1997Oct 1998

Audio Engineer

Millennium Media

Audio Engineer, Audio Recording, and MIDI engineer.

Nov 1997Aug 1998

Office Manager

Ceramic Tile and Stone

Office Manager and Efficiency Analysis

Nov 1995Nov 1997

Computer Technician

Bright Light, Inc

Repair of computer hardware & software.


Steve Phillips

Sam Ervin

Roger Elam

Leslie Billings

Monica Hubanks



Valley Traditional High School


Apple Certification


TAT Certification


Dell Certification

Stream International

A+ Certification