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Firza khan from islamabad , Pakistan and currently work in Radio channel as a Dj.

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Now you can enjoy more then 1000 live Radio channels of your choice free of cost, just join us online and enjoy their live online web streaming free of cost. you can listen fm96 sarghoda live, fm 100 pakistan free, power 99 live, you can also enjoy rest of the world radio channels live stremaing free of cost.

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it services

Radio receives transmission of signals by modulation of electromagnetic waves from satellites. Officially it was invented by Marconi. Since its invention it became very popular and very soon it became a household thing. Radio brings you many programmes of news, music, stories and acting. It offers you many stations and many of them are in local languages which people prefer to listen to.

Old radio was big in size and with continuous modifications its size got reduced and now pocket radios are also available. Radio has still its use in rural areas and those areas which are far from other networks of communication. Internet is expanding its horizon since its inception and now become a great source of entertainment and communication. Internet provides many services like chatting, emails, games and videos etc. It has covered many services which were earlier provided by other units. Now we can call by using our PC which were earlier done on phones.

Similarly, it has covered services of radio. Now many websites has come up which provides you access to thousands of online radio stations . Some websites provide you free live radio facility where as on others you have to become a member of the site by paying some fees to the website. These websites may provide you a software to download by which you can access to thousands of radio channels. These channels are divided into categories to make your search option easy and you can listen to your favorite programme by choosing a program from any of these categories. These categories are music, news, acting, sports, cricket, science etc.

There are also programmes available in different languages. Satellite signal received by radios are often obstructed by tall towers and trees which effects audio quality of radio. Some times voice cracks, sound is not clear and audible. Live radio is free of all such shortcomings. As the signals are digital in nature its audio quality is far superior to that of radio.

fm96 sarghoda live


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i complete my MBA in 2004 and doing work in IT sector for the developement of IT services.

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islamabad istitute of space technology