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Work experience

Marketing Executive

Y2:, J an- A privately, owned design consultancy firm best known for its sustainable design approach and selling lifestyle products. The principal, David I Tay, well recognized designer from Asia. Marketing Executive Recruited to direct account services group in development, implementation and manage targeted marketing programs. Performed market research and developed a business plan for introducing the online design service. Around 3 months, was sent to Dubai for Business Development. Clients included: Grand Hyatt Mumbai, UOB Bank Singapore, Citi Bank Singapore, Aurora Corp(Shanghai Word Expo 2008), Pan Pacific Singapore and ETA Star Dubai. Delivered Results: Created new five-year business plan that included sales forecasts including all planning, advertising, promotions, marketing strategy and pricing. Led successful marketing and service development efforts that produced $1 million in new revenue, exceeding expectations by 50%. Successfully managed the existing and new service and grew the existing business by 20%. Worked in highly competitive market to generate more client base and played essential role in opening and penetrating key new accounts such as Grand Hyatt.

Asst. Marketing

Hobbs Holdings, Singapore
Jan-13 Consultancy that specialize in providing services to existing and prospective franchise companies in expanding their operations by means of franchising and other suitable business distribution mechanisms. Managing and marketing for the food chain comprised of both company-owned and franchised. Asst. Marketing & Business Development Manager Planned new internet market strategies-provided leadership and guidance to search-engine marketers. Developed ways to significantly improve web content, create on-page and off-page optimization, website design and technical adaption. Delivered Results: Developed and managed campaigns' budget and internet marketing programs, including organic optimization, paid search and blog implementation. Social network-created and maintained social media profiles such as Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter. Initiated a highly successful corporate e-mail communication for loyal database members: Developed a yearly calendar of e-mails offers to encourage additional store traffic and managed all creative aspects. Utilized sales prospecting & contact management database system, improved productivity by over 20%. Drove the development and implementation of media strategies that resulted in improved efficiency and accelerated sales growth and profitability. One such strategy drove incremental, company store sales growth of 6% in markets representing nearly 50% of system-wide sales. Increased website traffic by 60% within 2 years: Started a corporate search engine optimization program and increased exposure for all major local events/attractions. Directed a complete website redesign: improved visual appearance of the site and increased time spent by visitors. Established reports to measure online performance. Directed service improvements that reduced customer complaints by 50%, saving $20k in support costs. Conceived and executed CRM system for Canadian Pizza Chain that increased sales by 5%. ►


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