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Work experience

Cinema Worker, Gold Lounge Cinema Worker

Reading Cinema Courtenay

In April of 2014 I began my employment with Reading Cinemas. As a Cinema Worker, my roles and responsibilities are in primarily customer service, selling tickets/food and drink, handling money and managing tills, and assisting/directing customers to the correct cinema. Additionally, I have responsibility regarding the maintenance and upkeep and cleanliness of the complex, making sure the correct stock is available and accessible, and cleaning cinemas with haste between film sessions.

Most of the time however I work upstairs in Reading's Gold Lounge. This is a position I far more enjoy for its hospitality aspects. Working in the Gold Lounge has provided me with experience in the following areas;
- Bartending: Experience making serving alcohol - making cocktails, pouring wine/beer. This has also allowed me to gain a further understanding of liquors, allowed me to experience and evaluate different levels of intoxication and to make informed decisions regarding selling alcohol to inebriated patrons. 

- Waiting: Bringing meals, drinks and deserts through to customers in a timely manner, whilst not being a hindrance or distraction from the film. Additionally, waiting in pitch darkness has allowed me to wait with full vision much more efficiently.

- Barista: While I have not participated in official barista training, my colleagues showed me the ropes of the espresso machine, and since then my passion for coffee has allowed me to learn via doing, reading, and watching others, to a point where I am confident with the quality of the coffees I produce. This is an art that I would like to master further. 

Front of House: Similar to the customer service roles I have in the mainstream cinema. However, the nature of the Gold Lounge means that more time and interactions are spent with each individual customer, and so relationships are built with regular customers. We are encouraged and expected to make more of an effort to provide customers with a 'first class' experience in the Gold Lounge, however I personally ensure that all customers, no matter which area of the complex they are in, receive friendly, welcoming and genuine customer/employee interactions.

Oct 2010Mar 2014

Grocery Assistant

Countdown, Hastings; Newton

In my position with Countdown Supermarkets, I worked for the most part on the shop floor and in the back warehouse. Locating and organising stock in the warehouse was about half of the job, with the other half being work on the shop floor, filling shelves, building promotional displays, and assisting customers. I worked at the Hastings location from the Year 11 in high school until I moved to Wellington, and again in the summer of 2013-14, before transferring to the Newtown site for the start of 2014. 


Orchard Worker

Vesty Family Orchards

Over the summer before moving to university, I worked during the day thinning apples and maintaining trees full time on one of the Vesty family's orchards, while working night shifts at Countdown. 


Mar 2013Nov 2015

Bachelor of Arts: Majors - Criminology and Sociology

Victoria University of Wellington

I am currently in the last semester of my degree, with only 3 papers to complete in order to graduate. Initially only majoring in Sociology, my studies introduced me to the academic world of Criminology, where I was able to apply my feminist approach to social issues to issues of criminality and the criminal justice system. Sociology and Criminology for me have intertwined extraordinarily, and the importance I have placed throughout the last 3 years on intersectional feminism and gender studies has been equally relevant in both areas. My passion for this study is enabling me to gain a career in social services, either working closely with victims of sexual victimisation, or in the rehabilitation of addicted drug users. 

Feb 2008Dec 2012

NCEA Levels 1,2,3, 

St Johns College


VUW Voluntary Note-Taker

In one of the papers I took for my sociology major last year, I volunteered to take notes for impaired students. Every lecture I copied my notes and sent them to the SACS department to be forwarded to the students who needed them. As a result of this volunteer work, I feel I did my part in assisting others who are less advantaged than some to get the education that we are all entitled to.

Leader of High School Environmental Committee 

In my final year of High School, me and one of my close friends decided to apply to work together to lead the environmental committee. Succeeding, we were able to introduce recycling bins into class rooms, as well as more rubbish bins around the facility to decrease littering. While the position did not hold a lot of power or receive much funding, the small but important measures we took in order to improve the school environmentally are representative of me and my co-leader in general life. Sustainability and environmental awareness are an inextricable part of my life, and encouraging conscious consumption is something I try to do at every chance I get. 


Employer Reference:
Juliette Varuhas - Duty Manager and Gold Lounge Supervisor of Reading Cinemas Courtenay
Mobile: 0278168811

Character Reference: 
Jane Alexander.
Mobile: 0277177607