Filip Tvrdoň

  • Bratislava Slovakia
Filip Tvrdoň


My name is Filip, and even though I am a student, I have worked since my early teens. I believe that the variety of jobs I used to do when I was a youngster helped me to shape my personality, my humbleness and respect for work.  I believe in hard work, professionality and honest approech to every job position.
I hope You will like my CV . In that case I am looking forward to meeting You!


"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."

- Thomas A. Edison

Work Experience

Work experience
Jan 2014 - Present

Operations / Testing Supervisor


Acitivities within various departments:

IT: application testing, bug reporting in JIRA, improvement suggestions, brainstorming etc. (WIKI, Atlassian). Work delegation to other team members (testing, support tasks).
Sales: assistance with sales activities and campaigns in Europe, establishment of contacts in Europe (Baltic countries), follow up, collection of information, researches, meetings and calls arrangements etc.
Operations: translations (from English and Russian  to Slovak and vice versa), proofreading (websites, text materials), online support (LiveAgent), account preparation, show-cases etc.
Other: organisation of production of advertisement materials (stands, counters, folder, T-shirts, pens, notebooks, USBs, ets.)
ADR/ODR: Advanced knowledge of the ADR/ODR sector, mechanisms and basic knowledge of related EU legislation.

Apr 2011 - Nov 2013

English Teacher in private language school


Teaching English to students of various language levels (Beginners - Advanced)
Conversation classes
Business English
Preparation and development of educational materials
Examination of students, language test-outs.
Job interviews with potential English teachers.

Nov 2010 - Apr 2011




Sep 2014 - Present

Russian and Eastern European Studies - Master studies

Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University, Bratislava
Russian language exam on B2 level
Advanced Russian culture and civilization
Advanced Russian literature
Advanced Eastern European culture and civilization
Sep 2011 - Jun 2014

Russian and Eastern European Studies - Bachelors Degree

Philosophical Faculty of Comenius University, Bratislava
Russian language exam on B1 level
Russian culture and civilization
Russian literature
Eastern European culture and civilization
Sep 2003 - Jun 2011

High School (Grammar School)

Gymnázium L. Sáru, Bratislava

English B2
French B1

Language Skills 



3+ years experience teaching English to Slovak students.
English as a communication language at workplace.


5  years of Russian language courses
2 months stay in Moscow, Russia
Multiple trips to Russian speaking countries                                                             basics of business Russian




Translation Skills

Classes on translation theory and practice (RU).
Experience with translations from/to Russian (general, business and poetry).
Experience with translations from/to English (general, business).
Translations of books from English to Slovak (lifestyle and exercise).

My Strenghts (Why You should employ Me)

Obstacle-immunity - I look for solutions, no matter the problem. I don´t believe in "impossible".
Result-driven - like to finish my work and see the results
Effectiveness - I always aim for the best ratio between the results and the time spent
Quality-over-quantity mindset
Challenger - I like challenging tasks that can test my abilities
Team player but also a lone wolf
Rather ask for work or find some instead of sitting doing nothing
Follow  - I can recognize a leader and follow him/her as long as I see that I can learn something
Lead - I can and like to lead in situations when I have the neccesary expertise
Self-Confident - I am aware of my abilities and knowledge and try to improve them
Humble - I am also aware of my weak points and I do not try to hide them, but to improve them.

Interests and Achievements

The most important change in my life was when I fully recovered ater shoulder injury and its consequences. Afterwards I started doing martial arts (after an attack) and later I became interested in fitness and weight training. Soon I changed my field of interest and started working out with my own bodyweight . At this time I train 6-8 times a week and my training consist of Muay Thai, gymnastics, parkour, street-workout/calisthenics, bicycle, mobility and stretching.
With that, of course, nutrition plays an important role in my everyday. Currently I am also exploring the topic of stress-control, calmness etc. I also like hiking and mountaineering, this year I reached the peak of Mont Blanc, in total it was my 3rd 4000+ peak. All these things taught me respect, humbleness, but also hard work and perseverance.

I also try hard to improve on mental and intelligence level. I am currently in my last year of Russian and Eastern European studies. This field offered my new insights in the mentality of Eastern European nations and thus gave me a chance to widen my horizons. Currently I am working on my Masters Thesis on the reception of Lermontov´s poems in Slovak literature and the analysis of their translation. I read on a daily basis and prefer fiction, adventures but also philiosophy, semiotics and literary science. I translated three books from English to Slovak, all of them in the field of non-mainstream fitness and exercise.