I am young, friendly, innovative, and passionate. I'd like to make a good relationship with people. I've been leading many events and organizations that involve people who are older than me. I'm focusing on my own study, equipping myself with all the knowledge, and always developing myself in a good way, so in the future I will be ready to work on the field. In the engineering school, I'm perfectly trained to finish all of my duties, works, assignments on time with excellent results as I believe myself that I'm capable of managing my schedule. I tend to be the best in a matter of leadership, but I also good at working in a team.I like to analyse and process data that i work on.

I never label myself as a hard worker or loyal, it is always people's right to judge what I am with my result. I believe that I don't mess up or let people down, I don't give up on things that I do or easily satisfy with my result.

Work History

Work History
2015 - Present

Division of Guest Lecture

National Association of Corrosion Engineer Student Chapter University of Indonesia 2015
2014 - 2015

Head Bureau of Student Affair Division

Ikatan Keluarga Mahasiswa Metalurgi & Material Universitas Indonesia 2014
2014 - 2015

Division of Student Affair

Badan Eksekutif Mahasiswa Fakultas Teknik Universitas Indonesia 2014
2012 - 2013

Disciplinary Commission

MPK 70 Senior High School


2013 - 2017

Metallurgy & Materials Engineering

University of Indonesia
2010 - 2013

70 Bulungan

Senior High School
Graduated with an average value 8.85 and got the scholarship from SNMPTN Undangan 2013
2007 - 2010

235 Pesanggrahan

Junior High School
Graduated with the perfect score for math: 10 and average value 9.125




Professional working proficiency

Bahasa Indonesia

Native or bilingual proficiency


Elementary proficiency

Achievements & Delegations

1.1st Winner Basketball Competition on Freshmen Fair FTUI 2014
2.2nd Winner Basketball Competition on Teknik Cup FTUI 2014
3.1st Winner Basketball Competition on KOTMMA 2015
4.Scholarship of SNMPTN Undangan 2013
5.Delegations from Metallurgy & Materials,University of Indonesia  for Paper Competition for POM Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Metallurgy Material se-Indonesia
6.Delegations from 70 Senior High School on OSN Tinkgkat SMA 2012 for Mathematic
7.Delegations from 70 Senior High School on Solo Vocal Competition in 109 Senior High School

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