Fikret Ükis

  • 928 Main St  Saskatoon  Saskatchewan
Fikret Ükis


To obtain a full time position with the Canadian Royal Air Force as a pilot to aid people in need.


Aug 2012 - Jun 2016

Watler Murray Collegiate Institute

High school education

Professional Achievements

107 Spitfire Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadet
  •         Top Level 3 Cadet
  •         Top Cadet of the Month
  •         FCpl

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  •         Bronze Pin
  •         Bronze Certificate

School Awards
  •         2th Place Ribbon Baton
  •         Big M Award


  • Leadership: Student Representative Council and Air Cadets
  • Drill: Band Drill and Regular Drill
  • Pilot: Ground School and Aviation 20 and 30
  • Survival: Survival Instructor Course, and outdoor survival skills
  • Language: German 10, 20, and 30, French 09, Mandarin 10, and Turkish
  • Other: Biathlon, Play the clarinet, Organization, Discipline, and Teamwork


Work History
Aug 2012 - Jun 2016

Student Representative Council Grade Leader

Walter Murray Collegiate Institute Student Representative Council

The Student Representative Council (S.R.C) organize the pep rally, special days, charity, school store, and etc.

Sep 2014 - Jun 2016

107 Spitfire Air Cadet

107 Spitfire Squadron Air Cadets

In the cadet program we do a lot of charity, fund raising, parading, helping, giving out poppy's, and etc. There is so much activity in this program that separate into diffident programs like The Duke of Edinburgh's Award.

Personal Interests

I am really interested towards the Royal Canadian Air Force. When I was younger l did not know how to become a member of the RCAF but until l found out the Air Cadet program l figure out a way to get my pilot licences, also in Walter Murray Collegiate Institute had a Aviation 20 and 30 class. I always find an interest to aid people that's in need.


Brianne Elyse Gerwing

German/English Teacher


Blaine Beaven

107 Spitfire Squadron Captain