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Brad is a creative, highly motivated application developer with a proven record of successful work on enterprise level systems. His greatest asset is his ability to solve difficult problems quickly and efficiently. Exceptional project management, written and verbal communication and public speaking are all skills that have set Brad apart from the pack. He is experienced in all aspects of the software development life cycle and has successfully implemented projects using an array of technologies.

Work History

Mar 2010Jun 2012

Remedy Developer

  • Further fixes and enhancements to the File Import Tool.
  • Fixes and Enhancements to Dell's DSD and OPAS applications (Custom ARS 7.1)
  • Integrated the "File Import Tool" with Dell's ITSM 7.6 implementation.
Aug 2009Mar 2010

Remedy Developer

Verizon Business
  • Implemented BMC Flashboards for the existing Remedy application.
  • Built Web Service integration points into the existing Remedy application.
  • Server upgrade from 6.5 to 7.0.
  • Fixes to the existing 6.5 and 7.0 ARS application.
Aug 2008Aug 2009

Independent Remedy Consultant

Perot Systems
  • Dell OPAS Application Enhancements: The OPAS application is an ITSM implementation that has been extremely customized. (ARS 7.1)
  • Sever Events Console: The Server Events Console collects data from Server Events, the Remedy data definitions tables & from custom data to generate a "Development Activity Report" this activity report is then organized and used as part of a the team's migration plan.
  • ARSperl API Wrapper Module: Wrote a perl wrapper module around the ARS perl API that reduces the complexity. (Example) querying a form and returning multiple records with multiple fields would require 300-400 lines of code. With this module it requires 5 lines.
  • Folder Monitor: The folder monitor is a perl API script with a Remedy front-end. Allows Remedy users to define server-side directories and file name patters to look for, and then uploads those files to attachment fields.
  • File Import Tool: The File Import Tool (FIT) loads data from a csv file into Remedy similar to the BMC import tool but provides many advantages. FIT is available to Remedy users. FIT provides multiple data validation and manipulation options. FIT provides true merge functionality. FIT has scheduling and is automated. FIT is completely configured through a set of Remedy forms.
  • CMDB 2.0: Worked with the Reconciliation Manager and the Class Manager to load data imported with the FIT tool.
Jan 2007Jun 2008

Independent Remedy Consultant

Level 3 Communications
  • Upgrades and enhancements to custom Opportunity, Quote & Order management applications for a large telecommunications company.
  • Integrations to external applications. Using web services & direct SQL.
  • Custom reporting using the ARSPerl API.
  • Server upgrade from ARS 6.x to ARS 7.1
Sep 2006Nov 2006

Independent Remedy Consultant

State of Tennessee
  • Upgrades and fixes the ITSM Suite v 6.x .
  • Added customizations to the Purchase Request Module.
  • Integrated the Approval Engine into the Purchase Request Module.
Jun 2006Aug 2006

Independent Remedy Consultant

  • Upgrades and fixes to a custom Change & Asset application (ARS 6.3)
  • Implemented a data-driven field auditing module.
Jan 2006May 2006

Independent Remedy Consultant

Bresnan Cable
  • Custom Help-desk Module (ARS 6.3).
  • Remedy Change Module 6.x.
  • Integration with three custom Remedy applications.
Oct 2005Dec 2005

Independent Remedy Consultant

National Weather Service
  • Remedy ITSM 6.x
  • Remedy CMDB 1.0.
Nov 2004Aug 2005

Independent Remedy Consultant

  • Custom Remedy Help-desk and Change Management applications.
  • Remedy Asset Module.
  • Web Services for integration to in-house applications.
  • Remedy User license monitoring application (Perl).
Jul 2004Oct 2004

Independent Remedy Consultant

  • Custom Help-desk and Task Management applications.
  • Calendar application using ASP and the ARS42i Croom component to integrate with the Remedy Task Management application.
  • Integrated Remedy with Outlook in order to create an email\template system (Visual Basic 6.0)
Jun 2002Jul 2004

Senior Programmer: Remedy Support Team

  • Supported the Wal-Mart Remedy server (10000+ users, 400+ applications).
  • Project Manager for 3 large projects a quarter.
  • Designed & implemented up to 53 application enhancements a quarter.
  • Upgraded Remedy server from 4.5 to 5.0.
  • Worked with Remedy employees to identify and resolve bugs in the Remedy code.
  • Evaluated 3rd party products (Master AR Suite, ARS42i COM, ARutilities, Panacea, and more...)
Mar 2002Jun 2002

Developer: Event Management Team

  • Supported a custom Event Management application for both UNIX and NT that was rolled out to the entire Wal-Mart chain.
  • Wrote Web interfaces to the Event Management application using the following technologies- Perl/CGI, JavaScript, HTML::Template, DBI
  • Enhanced the Event Management to Remedy Interface.
Dec 2001Mar 2002

Independent Remedy Consultant

Hilti Inc
  • Responsible for customizing the Remedy Help-desk Module.
  • Converted two Microsoft Access applications to Remedy ARS.
  • Provide training and best practices document for Hilti’s in house administrators.
  • Installed and configured Remedy Web interface.
  • Installed Development environment and created migration scripts with Ostream Migrator.
  • Developed a Visual Basic based application used to create an HTML page from the content of a record and embed that HTML into an email for remote people.
Dec 2000Nov 2001

Senior Remedy Consultant

Herrick Douglass
  • Implemented three custom help-desk applications and two out-of-the-box help-desk implementations.
  • Developed a Palm-Pilot integration to a help-desk application that allowed roaming support engineers to log new work, update current assignments and check for new assignments.
  • Enhanced a help-desk application with Crystal Reports reporting capabilities.
  • Added SQL programming to a Remedy application that allowed the developer to encrypt and decrypt sensitive information programmatically.
Nov 1998Nov 2000

Senior Remedy Consultant

Impact Innovations Group

Veterans Health AdministrationESS (Enterprise Support Solution)

  • ESS is a Remedy enterprise support solution for the Veterans Health Administration that connected all of the support team in the US together and integrate to all of their current support tools: Remedy Web, Apropos Telephony application, NetIQ, Crystal Reports, Telamon paging server, Crystal Reports, Internally written applications and Applications that we are writing, using the Remedy API, to support various functions of the VA business.
  • Pre-Development Phase: I designed and developed a demonstration support application and traveled to 20 VA locations to give a presentation to various VA representatives, highlighting the strengths of Remedy and how we planned to use those strengths to integrate Remedy into their current business practices, before requirements gathering could begin.
  • Analysis Phase: Our requirements gathering sessions for the ESS system were eight one-week sessions where we met with representatives from different functional groups. Since some of the teams had never worked together before it was necessary to use many different techniques and tools to keep the teams communicating and open to each others ideas.
  • Development Phase: As lead developer it is my responsibility to manage task assignment, initiate a schedule that fosters team communication, publish development conventions (i.e. naming conventions, object id’s, documentation styles) and also guide the overall development process to use concepts like data driven functionality, proper development for easy system migration, system performance and smooth interaction between functionality developed by different people.

United States Post Office

  • Integrated Crystal Reports with the Impact Innovations USPS Call center Remedy system for reporting purposes.
  • Integrated the USPS system with an IVR/ACD telephony server called Enterprise Interaction Center (EIC) from Interactive Intelligence.
  • Developed and demonstrated a Remedy to Filenet integration at the Impact Innovations Group booth at RUG2000.

National Defense University

  • Integrated Microsoft Access 97 with the NDU Remedy system for reporting purposes.
Jul 1997Nov 1998

Help-Desk Developer

NCR Corporation
  • Created an interoffice application set between the NCR Atlanta office and WGST (Wal-Mart Global Support Team) (VBA MS Access)
  • Automated help-desk reporting. Reduced effort from 16 man hours to 2 man hours.
  • Developed an interface between Wal-Mart’s Remedy server and NCR’s Remedy server using workflow, API’s and Sterling’s Connect:Direct.
  • Administered and automated reports on a Lucent BCMS phone reports system.
  • Maintained the Lucent ACD phone menus.
Jun 1996Jul 1997

WGST Helpdesk Manager

NCR Corporation
  • Managed the WGST (Wal-Mart Global Support Team) Level-2 support team consisting of a staff that grew from a 10-person desk to 35 people.
  • WGST is responsible for remotely supporting networks and hardware and also managing onsite support for hundreds of Wal-Mart locations in U.S.A., Canada, Mexico and China.
  • Co-authored the "WGST User Guide and Procedures" manual. Documented and implemented new business rules.