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Work experience

Jul 2009Present

Store Sales

Tillys Clothing

I have worked at Tillys clothing company sence june of 09 as a seasonal hire. Sence then i have progressed and become a part time employee. I plan on continuing my progressing with tillys and becoming a higher rank in the future.

Feb 2009Present

Animal Care giver

Pup 'N' Pony Luv Pet sitting

This is my family owned and ran business Pup 'n' pony luv Pet sitting. We are a mobile pet sitting business that allows your pets to stay in the comfort og thier home and we come and watch, feed, and pick up after them. We offer additional services suckl as walking the dogs, play time, dog park, and etc. We love all animals and love to have them as a part of our extended pet family.


Aug 2006Present

Peoria High school


Regina Braunstein

Mrs braunstein can tell you about my performance outside of work. She was an old teacher of mine that is verry honest and reliable

Sheena Davis

Sheena is my manager at tillys. She can tell you anything you would like to know pertaining to my performance at tillys over my 6 month period.



I have been emplayed with tillys sence the seasonal hire of june 2009. I was hired as a seasonal employee with 6 other hires. In august they cut down the employees and i was one of the 2 seasonals that they chose to keep. Sence then i have recieved many "release the potential" compliments (Compliment cards costomers can fill out about you to be recognized), Recieved the Performance award for October, and Just recently in Decenber i recieved the Employee of the month for store 84.

In my 5-6 months of working at tillys i have progresses tramendously in my workplace, aswell as in the real world. I am much more responsible, reliable, and dependable. I now know what its like to independent.


Awards i have recieved:

Release the potential:

This is a small index card given by managers and costomers pertaining to employee performance. You earn these by bieng noticed for an outstanding quality or performance. I have recieved  this multiple times on and off the clock.

Performance Award: Performance awards are given at team meetings held once every season. At these meeting we give the awards and discuss why the person was dererving of such award. I recieved the award by bieng an excelent leader in the workplace and setting an example for other workers to follow and aim towards.

 Employee of the month (December): Employee of the month is a monthly award given based off of recomendations from managers and people of higher class, aswell as based off of work performance (UPTUnits per transaction, SPHsales per hour, and ADSaverage dollar sale). I was given this award for December 09.