Contract Basis as Expert Mobile Wireless Executive Recruiter and/or  Retained Search Executive Search Consultant when an "A" Player must be found and recruited.  nat for hire - Executive, sales, and technical search expert for wireless network systems, mobile content/apps, mobile advertising & marketing, and smart grid related to RF/wireless. Over 350k "current contacts", ATS, high speed Internet in home office, sourcer, recruiter - need to recruit the best and save dough in the process- call me. Executive recruiter for almost 20 years having founded and managed two successful executive search firms - Active Wireless ESG which won several national awards for recruitment excellence and billings while Abba Wireless focused on retained search in USA and Europe. Former member of Top Echelcon Networks. Considered a pioneer in performance based search techniques. Educated and trained by the best inb the business including Tony Byrne, Bill Radin, Danny Cahill, Peter Lefowicz - have also trained several recruiters. Most of the recruiters who have worked for my two firms now own theor own successful search firms. Currently Sr. Partner, moderator, contributor to NextGen SocNet, a professional social network and industry resource providing a forum for discussions and ideas among executive leaders. It is designed to spawn and invigorate sharing that can be used to guide thought leaders in the evolving strategy, development, and executive level direction of products and services that serve vendors and consumers in a global marketplace driving commercial benefits for their companies. In addition to networking, you can participate in groups, upload a blog posting, schedule or register for upcoming events, trade shows, and conferences, join in Tweet Meetups in key technology based cities, post job openings, review the latest whitepapers, upload a video about your presentation, speaking engagement, or products/services. I've been fortunate to be interviewed for several publications, including Wall St. Journal, RCR, Xtreme Recruiting, Wireless IT World, Computer World, CNET, Wireless Review, and others.

Work History

Work History
Oct 2009 - Present

Sr. Partner, Retained Search Advisor. Moderator, Contributor - Wireless Networks and Mobile Content

NextGen SocNet and NextGen Recruiting Solutions

Creator and Community Manager for NextGen SocNet, an industry resource providing a forum for discussions and ideas among executive leaders in 3G 4G Wireless Network Systems, Enterprise Telecom Networks, Medical Devices, Mobile Ad-Hoc Defense Networks, Mobile Content and Smartphone Apps, has created this professional social network for leaders involved in the evolving strategy, development, and executive level direction of products and services that serve vendors and consumers in a global marketplace. Approved members can join in discussions, network, participate in groups, schedule or register for upcoming events, trade shows, and conferences, join in Tweet Meetups in key technology based cities, review the latest whitepapers, post job openings, view new videos and upload a video about your presentation, speaking engagement, or products and services. In support of NextGen SocNet is NextGen Recruiting Solutions, a boutique executive search consultancy that identifies and recruits “A” Players (the Top 15% Talent) at the Board, CXO and SVP/EVP levels, as well as retained and engagement search at the VP, Director, and Principal levels. Our proven search methodology is client focused and we utilize Performance Profiling, Experience and Expert Recognition Assessments (to identify/measure the tangibles skills, experience, education, and accomplishments), and Behavioral Assessments (to identify/measure the ideal intangibles (personality, thought processing, conflict resolution skills, leadership capabilities and project management style, cultural fit). • Performance Based Retained and Engagement Based Recruitment Search and Placement • Multiple Simultaneous Staffing and Recruitment services • Direct Access for Clients to Fill Internal Positions with Qualified Candidates at a faster, more cost effective process.

Oct 2005 - Oct 2009

Managing Partner, Executive Recruiter

Abba Wireless Executive Search Group

Leading a senior level team of recruiting consultants in bringing the Top 15% Talent- the "A" Players - to clients in North America and Europe. Abba Wireless uses a “PERFORMANCE BASED” search process specifically around our client's needs. Our "performance based executive search" requires one quarter of the estimated fee upon initiation of the search with the remainder due ONLY upon successful completion. Our perspective is simple and straightforward. - We give individual attention and top priority to each search until the search is successfully completed. The Abba Wireless search team is widely recognized by our clients as an indispensable resource in both executive search as well as key revenue driving or strategic hires that demand the same prioritized attention that the retained search provides. In addition to “key searches”, we recognize you may now or at some point be in a GROWTH MODE and there are other critical staffing needs that require guaranteed results. In response to that need, Abba Wireless pioneered the "contract search", allowing for a small initial investment from our clients while we SIMULTANEOUSLY conduct MULTIPLE searches. This has proven invaluable to a number of high-growth organizations that can't afford to hire B and C players. The truth is the bottom line is no two companies are identical and neither are their staffing needs. At Abba Wireless, we have created viable alternatives to traditional search that give our clients the flexibility and guarantee of performance that they need. We consistently leverage our industry knowledge, our extensive executive networks, and contacts with thousands in the mobile wireless industry to the fullest extent possible.

Jan 2003 - Jan 2006

Founder/Chief Strategy Officer

Online recruitment solutions provider for the wireless industry. Developing Bilateral Matching Systems that combine prescreening, scored assessments, and online communities matching passive candidates to hiring managers.
Mar 1997 - Dec 2002

Principal Recruiter

Active Wireless Executive Search Group

Top producing executive search firm in the wireless industry. This firm won over two dozen national recruiting awards - including watching several VCs we worked with as well as CEOs and CTOs we placed become multi-millionaires through acquisition and IPOs. All of the recruiters that worked for me now own their own successful recruiting firms and we still work with each other and network to this day.

Feb 1990 - Nov 1996

Food & Beverage Manager

Resort Hotels
Managed several restaurants and bars for resort hotels on Mackinac Island, Myrtle Beach, and St. Thomas.
Mar 1984 - Nov 1989

Production Planning Manager

Lockheed Martin
Worked on several defense systems programs including LANTIRN, CNCE, and TADS/PNVS in charge of troubleshooting and scheduling priority parts and assemblies for crucial BOM. Utilized JIT and MRP II standards.



William R Boone
Sep 1976 - Apr 1979


University of Central Florida
Aug 1974 - Jun 1976

William R. Boone Sr. High School



Mobiile Content

For the past 4 years, I have included retained and engagement based search in Mobile Content and Smartphone Apps.  I do not believe any recruiter could possibly consider themselves to be an expert in this area as this part of the industry is relatively young and still has monumental growing pains. I have fouced on software engineers, sales and marketing VPs, and VPs in engineering as well as CEO and CTOs building Mobile Advertising  (Search, LBS, PBS); Mobile Commerce (mPayments, retail, travel); Mobile Content (SMS, MMS, MIM, education); Mobile Gaming (MMORPG, 3D, reality); Mobile Internet (GeoWeb, micro-blogging); Mobile Media (music, IPTV, video, news & info); Mobile Social Networking (lifestreaming, bots, communities); SmartPhone & Mobile Computing Apps (downloads, security).


I began recruiting in the cellular industry just before the initial PCS "A" block auctions.  I recruited for Motorola, Ericsson, Nortel, and Nokia in infrastructure systems as well as AT&T and Sprint.  With the C and D block I reccruited for clients including Airtouch, Aerial, PrimeCo, Triton, NextWave, STPCS, and more plus infrastructure startups like Silicon Wireless, AirNet, Symmetry, and many others.  I have recruited from CEO to CTO and VPs to Directors and Managers and Sr. Systems and RSMs -  you name it -  in engineering, sales, product mgmt and marcom.  Of special note is my knowledge in recruiting experts in l note is IP Multimedia Systems (IMS) and Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC); end-to-end systems like GSM/UMTS, CDMA, Femtocell, OMA, WMAX, LTE); messaging, fraud management, NFC, PoC, VoIP, etc.


The best sourcing methods are still the ones that have to do with time spent in a niche industry, relationships, and networking.  I have amassed over 350k current names od thoswe working directly and indirectly in the mobile wireless industry.  I also excel with AIRS techniques and Google boolean search techniques.  And I never ever use job boards.

retained search

When the position has a direct effect on the company's bottom line -  whether that is by product design, sales, or key level exe3cutive decision making, nothing can be left to chance.  A dedicated retained search that is  performance driven to deliver the result of recruiting an "A" Player for a client is the best way to go.  There are large well-known retained search firms; but none of the "big boys" have the domain expertise of the mobile wireless industry nor will they back up the performance of the placement with the fee.