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Work experience

Apr 2011Mar 2012

Associate Producer

CBC News, Assignment Desk

Working under the direction of reporters and producers I chased newsworthy guests who were connected directly to the day's news. For example when Canadian employment statistics were about to be released I had the CEO of a multimillion dollar manufacturing company and a recent university grad struggling to find work ready to be interviewed for their different perspectives on the Canadian economy.

I interviewed the guests I booked, for TV and Radio, and got the material back to CBC and always to a tight deadline.

When I wasn't chasing and gathering interviews for News Network I would be supporting other programs by doing research and gathering material from other sources to add value to their broadcasts.

Jan 2011Apr 2011

Tape Producer

CBC News, Assignment Desk

As Tape Producer my job was all things video. I gathered and edited visuals for broadcast which were frequently featured on CBC News Network and often involved breaking news.

I alerted on-air producers to new and compelling visual elements as they were discovered - for example when chalk drawings were being made on Toronto City Hall commemorating the life of Jack Layton, I alerted CBCNN producers so that they could quickly get a copy story on air paired with the video I found for them.

When I wasn't combing databases for video I was supporting CBC Local stations (from St. John's to Vancouver to Nunavut) by finding archived material and getting it to them, via satellite or FTP.  For example I dug footage of Steve Jobs out of our archives so local stations would have video of his life when they needed to cover his death.

I also handled a lot of troubleshooting. The systems we had when I was Tape Producer were new and unfamiliar to a lot of the staff at CBC. When a producer couldn't find something in our computer systems they would come to me to work through it. Most of the CBC's video is stored in Toronto so I often had to help producers across the country to get access to the video that we had.

Jun 2009Dec 2010

Editorial Assistant

CBC News Network

I got my start at CBC as an Editorial Assistant. There I wrote copy stories, under direction of a senior writer, for CBCNN. I wrote hard news, kickers, reporter intros and interview questions. I also edited the video and banners to go with the copy I had written.

I worked in the control room where I ran the teleprompter. Nobody was as quick or as accurate as I was running it. I also kept an ear open to the rest of the control room so I could anticipate tough situations and react quickly while maintaining my focus on the host's needs.

I trained six new Editorial Assistants and introduced many of them to their first CBC job. I always made sure that they had a full understanding of what the job was about and gave them the knowledge and support they needed to handle the difficult and unique situations that inevitably arise.

Oct 2007Dec 2009


Boathouse Bar and Grill

Through university I was a waiter and a cook in a busy downtown Toronto restaurant.

As a waiter I hit sales and customer feedback targets, which were a company priority. Served alcohol while following government regulations to protect the company from legal liability and better serve patrons. Processed cash and credit transactions making sure the restaurant, and support staff, got the correct amount of money I owed them. Worked with a team to keep the store clean, decorated and with a welcoming/fun atmosphere.

As a cook I ensured high quality food was ready to serve and consistent with the chef's recipes. Kept food costs low by eliminating waste and keeping portion sizes in line with the recipes. I Trained new employees in workplace safety including chemical handling, knife handling and equipment operation (meat slicer, rotisserie, oven, deep fryer, etc..)Conducted the morning inventory and insured a clean/sanitary work environment.


Sep 2004Apr 2009

Bachelor of Journalism

Ryerson University

Took a bunch of economics courses as well.


Computer Assisted Reporting
Superior web-research skills. Deep web searching ability, Excel spreadsheet research techniques.
Social Media
Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and YouTube are part of my daily life. I come to understand internet communities easily, how they function differently and how to use them.
Three Point Lighting
I know the basics of 3-point lighting for an on-camera interview.
Audio Editing
I am familiar with Dalet Plus and Audacity audio editing systems.
I can carry a conversation in French and handle requests of a business nature.
Access to Information
Trained in government Access to Information requests for municipal, provincial and federal government records.
Microsoft Office
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
Copy Writing
I have a background in broadcast news copy writing.
Video Editing
Familiar with a variety of Mac and PC editing software such as: Adobe Premier, Newscutter, iMovie, Interplay Access/Instinct.
Worked with iNews daily. Updating items, working with banners/locators. Writing copy and using iNews for inter-office communication.