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Rajesh Srivastava

Head of Customer Service at Sun Knowledge

Work experience

Apr 2009Jan 2010

Manager - Operations

Tata Consultancy Services

Position Reporting toVICE PRESIDENT - Operations

Key Result Areas as Manager - Operations

Ø Responsible for smooth management of USCC (United States Customer Services) a BFS process of CITIBANK North America retail Banking.

Ø Successfully managing a process of 120 billable through 6 Unit Managers & 1 Assistnat Manager.

Ø To maximize profitability of the campaign by ensuring costs are curtailed and revenue increased.

Ø Responsible for ensuring that the absenteeism and attrition are kept at a minimum level.

Ø To suggest new business or growth within campaigns through the delivery of value added services to clients

ØMaintain an excellent relationship with the client to ensure smooth operations management.

Ø Representing the unit in Daily & Weekly calls with the client and work closely with the Team leaders and support functions to ensure all the challenges are met.

Ø Conduct Daily & Weekly call calibration sessions to ensure that the quality standards are met.

Ø As this process belongs to the Banking and Finance sector, it’s of utmost priority that security standards are met at all levels, hence ensuring that we as a campaign are 100% compliant.

Ø As the campaign would be going for a COPC certification in Aug’09, representing the campaign in all meetings related to COPC and working closely with the MAS (Management Assurance Services) Team.

Ø Responsible for coaching and developing team leaders through weekly Coach the Coach Sessions and ensure that they deliver a fantastic coaching experience.

Ø Maintaining a TL tracker to ensure that all the TL’s complete their designated work on time and there is no last minute fire fighting.

Ø Observe Team Meetings and provide inputs to the TL’s on how to make huddles more effective.

ØConduct daily, weekly & monthly reviews with the team leaders and preparing them for the road ahead.

Ø Managing campaigns to agreed budgets so that the Contact Centre does not exceed overall centre budgets.

Ø Attending weekly & monthly reviews with the VP and make action plans on non confirming metrics.

Ø Preparing the Quarterly Business review of the campaign and represent the campaign with the VP.

Ø To actively support the Company Policy and best practice in the area of security with particular emphasis on the protection of sensitive customer information.

ØTo continually evaluate the effectiveness of the Teams by measuring all aspects of teams performance through call monitoring, floor walk & calibration.

Ø To conduct focus groups with the team members and team leaders in order to get better ideas out of them and ensuring that the same is successfully implemented.

Ø Conducting daily [email protected] activities to ensure that the energy levels are at the optimum.

Ø Doing live barging on a regular basis to ensue all the team members are alert resulting in customer delight.

Trainings Attended:

ØNorth America Retail Banking process (Level 1, & Level 2)

ØInfosec training

ØCompliance Training

ØAnti Fraud Training

ØTraining on interviewing skills

Nov 2003Apr 2009

Process Manager-Operations

HCL Technologies Limited

Position Reporting to Service Delivery Leader (Assistant Vice President)

Key Result Areas as Process Manager

ØManagement of WLR Broadband Services - 1 (Customer service of BT for UK Landline and Broadband - 150)

ØTo ensure achievement of Client S.L.A. and Client Satisfaction and as well as targets set internally by Call Centre Management through the effective management of a number of Team Leaders.

ØTo be responsible for BT Campaign Management and updating daily revenue / forecasting hour & manpower

ØTo ensure that through effective client relationship, call centre revenue is maintained.

ØTo suggest new business or growth within campaigns through the delivery of value added services to clients.

ØTo maximize campaign profitability.

ØTo take part in formal reviews with clients to ensure their satisfaction with HCL and their campaign delivery.

ØTo deliver on forecasted campaign revenue.

ØResponsible for building, maintaining and developing effective teams that achieve and Deliver on Client S.L.A.

ØTo have Line Management Responsibility for nominated Team Leaders.

ØTo establish clear goals and objectives in conjunction with the SDL for Team Leaders.To work in conjunction with the Contact Centre Operations team so that the Contact Centre achieves its objectives.

ØTo continually evaluate the effectiveness of the Teams by measuring all aspects of teams performance through call monitoring, floor walk & calibration

ØTo lead, motivate and develop Teams so that they are motivated to meet new business Challenges.

ØTo formulate the Key Result Areas of Team Leaders & Team Members

ØTo conduct weekly Team Leader meetings

ØTo assist with development of direct reports.

ØManaging campaigns to agreed budgets so that the Contact Centre does not exceed overall centre budgets.

ØTo build and maintain a culture to promote the development and implementation of best Practices.

ØTo attend reviews with the SDL and if required the Contact Centre Head.

ØTo provide the SDL with reports outlining achievement against all targets

ØTo actively support at all times Company Policy and best practice in the area of security

with particular emphasis on the protection of sensitive customer information. ØTo manage attrition for Team Members & process

ØTo maintain Team Leader files

ØTo document the best practices of the process

ØTo access, use or disclose customer information only when need to do so to perform HCL operational duties.

ØTo ensure that all processes and procedures for which the post holder is responsible are reviewed regularly and are of an audible standard thereby ensuring their integrity, effectiveness and safety.

ØTo maintain the attrition level to the minimum through maintaining high employeemotivation level and continuous employee development

ØTo demonstrate cost sensitivity in all activities and deliver maximum benefits through low costs.

 ØTo demonstrate initiative in all sense beyond the listed roles & responsibilities and deliver zero defect & high quality service to the client concerned.

 ØI had 5 Team Leaders reporting to me along with their 90 Team members.

ØResponsible for coordinating with Amit kharbanda and Krishnan Swaminathan to ensure that we receive the ID’s before the go live date.

ØCheck each and every Id and try to sort out any issues if they are not working functioning properly as I am also the ID SPOC of the campaign.

ØCoordinating with HR and training in order to get the PRU updated.

ØCoordinating with the trainers in order to get a ABC analysis of the trainees.

ØOrganizing sessions to ensure that the trainees are aware of the various parameters vis -a-vis mystery shopping, payment options and EDCSM.

ØMotivating the new advisors by giving them live examples and making them realize about the growth prospects HCL has to offer.

ØRosteringofnewadvisorskeepinginmindthebusinessrequirementandalsotheir preferences of weekly off’s.

ØMarking their attendance in the PRU and ensure that there are no blanks as it results in theadvisorsbeingmarkedLWPwhich leadstoadvisorsbeingde-motivatedand dissatisfied.

ØPreparing downtime and MIS reports.

ØIdentifying possible attrition cases in co-ordination with theTrainers and accordingly fix up a meeting with manger to save them.

ØIf at all they are still willing to resign then coordinating with HR to ensure that their checks are not handed over to them and get their Full and Finals done.

Key Result Areas Team leader - Operations

ØManaging a Team of 18 advisors and responsible for achieving SLA’S for the Process BTLR (British Telecom Lease and Renting i.e. customer services for residential land line phones in the U.K better known as 150) pertaining to my team.

ØResponsible for need based recruitments.

ØCoaching and Monitoring of the team members through remote barging and “Y” Jacks.

ØResponsibleforensuringthattheteammembersdon’tfaceanydifficultiesbeitHR, Administration or Operations related concerns.

ØID SPOC for the process, responsible for solving all ID related issues in coordination with the ID team.

ØResponsibleforidentifyingnewProcesstrainersfromtheexistingadvisorswithinthe campaign and referring them to the senior management..

ØScheduling of Training sessions in order to improve mystery shopping, payment options .and EDCSM scores.

ØImparting the required information to the trainees to simulate their performance, as per the Service Level Agreements of the client, British Telecom.

ØAttending conference calls along with the Facts and Figures to ensure that CSBIL81 is in the lowest volume possible.

ØTakingweeklysessionstokeeptheadvisorsupdatedaboutanyrecentchangesatthe process level.

ØMaking weekly and Daily Analysis reports to create guidelines for the future development of the process (ABC Analysis).

ØPreparation of MIS reports for the daily productivity and Daily analysis of the Quality and Quantity of work.

Trainings Attended:

Ø Team Leader Development Programme by ONTRAC Bangalore.

Ø Manager Development Programme by MENTOR Consulting.

ØMANAGER ASSESMENT CENTRE certified by British Telecommunications PLC

ØAdvanced Coaching Skills By British Telecommunications PLC.

ØCompliance Training by British Telecommunications PLC.

ØAttrition Management Training by HCL Technologies Limited.

ØIntercultural advanced training on UK culture by BritishCouncil.ORG.

Trainings Imparted:

ØProcess Training for 150( 8 Weeks)

ØComplaint Handling Training (40 Hours)

Key Accomplishments

 ØWINNER of HCL O2 award for the period of 2006-2008. Only 53 employees were chosen for this among 12000 BPO professionals, The selection was done on the basis of performance across all the metrics over a period of 2 years.

Ø WINNER of BT MIP contest twice and been in the top 4 in 4 quarters. This contest is run by BT for all the Centre Managers(across INDIA & UK) on a quarterly basis and winners are selected based on the performance on both efficiency as wells as quality metrics.

Ø Successfully ramped up a 300 billable voice process for BT in my tenure with HCL as a Process Manager and received a letter of appreciation from the Centre Head.

ØJoined the organization in Nov 03’ as a Customer Service Executive, promoted as a senior CSE inside seven months, selected as a process trainer inside 10 months, as a Fast tracker within 14 months and finallyas a Team Leader in Feb 05.

ØResponsible for the successful transition of EMCCZ30 workinNOIDA.Iam responsible for the training, coaching and monitoring of the advisors. ØMRCCZ12workisalsoplannedtocometoNOIDAasaresultofmyteam’s performance in CSBIL81.

ØKeeping the clients updated with the regular volume of the queue and what are the action which needs to be taken from their side in order to help us to reduce the volumes in the queue.

Ø Handled Paper free Opt out work efficiently. ØMy team had the Best CSAT (yearly) scores.

ØMy team was the best in INDIA in terms of Payment Options in October 2006.

ØMy team has always been among the top teams in terms of Payment options.

ØTrained 230advisorsoncomplainthandlingproceduretoensurebetterscoresin EDCSM.

Ø9People reporting to me team have become Team Leaders and Campaign Trainers.

ØExcelled as a Senior CSE in a process called Paid My Bill. It was an inbound process, which was a part of Customer Services for Residential customers with BT phone lines.

ØWorked for the process called British Telecom Conferencing, handling inbound calls as CustomerServiceExecutivefromUKBusinesscustomerswhowishedtobooktheir conferencing calls on BT bridges.

ØWent through an extensive training including Product Training (BTC). Extensive knowledge base of the platforms being used for the services provided to customers.

ØDistinction of efficiently managing a team of 18 members.

ØAttendance percentage for my team has been one of the best in the process.

ØRecognized as the fastest trouble shooter for any ID related issues.

ØI have consistently been on the top 5 Team leaders in terms of Governance Audit Scores.

ØDelegationofadditionalresponsibilitiestotheadvisorssoastomakethemfeelmore responsibletowardstheprocessandtheorganization.Thiscontrolsattritionand absenteeism to a large extent.

ØExcelled as a Process trainer for Paid MY bill and Process BTLR.

Jan 2000Oct 2003

Team Leader

Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Limited

Position reporting to Venue Manager.

Key Result Areas as a Team Leader:

ØManaging a team of 15 Customer Care Executives.

ØIdentifying the Leads to be assigned to different executives based on their skill set.

ØIdentifyingthespotsforOPC workandaccordinglymeetingthemto get thenecessary permissions

ØCoaching and Monitoring through Buddy jacking.

ØResponsible for Monthly one on Ones of the executives.

ØAttending Conference calls with RCI authorities.

ØOrganizing Motivational work Shops to ensure that the advisors have a high morale.

ØRecruitment of Customer CareExecutives through Referral Interviews.

Key Result Areas as a Customer Care Executive:

ØResponsible for inviting qualified couples to the venue through Tele-marketing.

ØSelling time share properties to the invited couples.

ØCustomer Service through reservations of Air Tickets, Railway Tickets and Bookings of the property.

ØSoft Collections from the defaulters. ØTraining of new advisors.

Key Accomplishments:

ØResponsibleforstartingtheoperationsinCalcuttawith10othercolleaguesreporting directly to the venue manager.

ØMajor contribution in the organization achieving business worth RS. 1 Crore in its first year of operations in Calcutta.

ØExtendedcontributionbyoverseeingcorrespondencewithHeadOfficelocatedat Bangalore.

ØRecognizedforimprovingthecashflowofthebranchbydevelopingadebtoranalysis report & timely collection from defaulters.

ØResourceful in implementing processes for cost cutting at the branch level.

ØResponsiblefordrivingatotallynewconceptofOPCconsultants,whosejobincluded collection of Tele-marketing data from the Hotspots in Town.

ØPromoted as In charge of Tele-marketing within a span of 9 months.


Operations Management
Managing Large Spans Conflict Resolution Client Facing Roles  Performance Management DMAIC Trained Multi Tasking and Leading by Example Metric and Numbers Managemrnt Development of DR's and their preparedness for next level Succession Planning Revenue Generation Cost Efficiency Project Management Manager Devlopment Coaching & Mentoring Effective Operations Management




Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta


Saurabh Ganguly

“A person who has calibre will grow goes with Rajesh. He has a unique quality to motivate people and manage team at any given situation. The best part is his attitude to mix up with people and create a friendly and transparent working environment in the office. He has long term vision and years of experience. A true asset for any organisation he works for. I wish him all the best.”

Siddharth Suri

““A very good Team player, always ready to go the extra mile for his Team as well as colleagues, Rajesh displays committment and dedication in every aspect of his work. Loved by his Teams for his caring approach on the floor, he can be the most dreaded manager for those with oblique intentions. An absolute no-nonsense person, who can stick to his convictions, in testing times. It was great working with rajesh, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavours.”

Abhijit Sen

“As the case is with all new work places, it takes a bit of time for everyone to find their paces. I was fortunate enough to find Rajesh as my friend, philosopher and guide when I joined HCL to help me through mine. Over the next few months that we worked together I found the genius that he is. Blessed with a photographic memory and a tremendous acumen for numbers the only thing that surpasses these skills is Rajesh's networking skills. He has learnt to channelise his energy to constructive arenas and make the best of the way things turn out. The quintessential survivor that he is, I have no doubt in my mind that he is yet to realise his full potential. I wish him all the very best in his life.

Sudeep Ghosh

“Rajesh is a very intelligent and smart person. I saw him grow from being a Fast tracker to a Team Leader and susequently to a Process Manager. His hard work and dedication is amazing. Never say die attitude and a popular person among peers. You put a challenge to him and he would deliver without any doubt.”

Kunal Rekhi

“Professional to the core, his leadership style is truly insipirational. He motivates each of his team members to constantly challenge themselves to achieve more. This he does by restoring faith in their abilities to perform a given task. I remember his enthusiasm in accepting challenges, he is hardworking and has a zeal for doing well in life. I wish him all the best in his future endevours.”

Sharley Juneja

“Rajesh has worked for me indirectly as a supplier for the Business I managed. He was by far one of the best managers within his business. I felt he had will and committment towards delivering what was expected of him . He always understood the larger picture and was very prompt and organised in this style of managment. Amongst the few interactions I had with him he did leave an impact as a person who would exceed in his area of work . I wish him all the best in his future assignments .”

Kumud Sharma

“Rajesh is detailed oriented person. He is a hard working person who would motivate people around him and make sure that the targets are achieved on time. He is number driven and works for the upliftment of his team members, be it the same level or the ones working under him. In short a great person to work with. I wish him luck and sucess in all his future endevours.”





An astute, result-oriented leader with proven success, with over 10 of years experience inthe Contact Center (Telecom, Banking, Travel & Insurance) industry managing high-valueprojects plus 5 years in Operations Management. My expertise lies in handling operationsboth invoice and Back-office operations, with a clear focus on customer satisfaction andeffective client management. Worked in different business environments like Telecom,Banking, Insurance Travel & Tourism, Email management, sales, inbound technical support,and customer service. Have played key role in transition of business from internationalmarkets to evolve effective operational procedures, increasing revenues, streamliningworkflows & to ensure continuity and success of the business. Trained in Quality tools andMigration/Transition Methodologies, such as Six Sigma, COPC, and ISO. Strong follower of A3which focuses on “Assisting management and staff, whilst "Assessing current departmentalstructure and processes, to ultimately be in a position to not only recommend change, but“Actualize and manage the implementation and change as well.




Operational Efficiency

People Devlopment

Gadjets and Gizmos




10.5 years of experience in excelling in Operations & Customer Service. Presently working with SUN KNOWLEDGE as Head of CS. PMP Trained by Astrowix in December 2009. CMMI – Services Trained by KPMG in April 2010. Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certified by HCL 2008. LED TCS’s quest towards meeting CSAT for the 1st time since inception in February 2007 for USCC(North America CITIBANK) as the process not only met the CSAT target of 70% (overallsatisfaction) & 74 %(agent satisfaction) but was also the “NUMERO UNO” site across “CITIBANK” withand overall satisfaction score 75.33% & an agent satisfaction score of 82.37%. Played a Pivotal role in getting the campaign - USCC(CITIBANK - N.A, Retail Banking CustomerService) it's biggest ramp up in it's history by maintaining excellent client relationship. WINNER of HCL O2 award for the period of 2006-2008. Only 53 employees were chosen forthis among 12000 BPO professionals, The selection was done on the basis of performanceacross all the metrics over a period of 2 years. WINNER of BT MIP contest twice and been in the top 4 in 4 quarters. This contest is run byBT for all the Center Managers(across INDIA & UK) on a quarterly basis and winners areselected on the performance on both efficiency as wells as quality metrics. Recognized as someone to have excellent people management and coaching skills. Experience of working and successfully managing both UK & US customers. Possess excellent communication, interpersonal, analytical, relationship management& organizational skills.