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Work experience

Dec 2009Present


* Write features, news stories, and a blog on the Internet, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the technology economy. I specialize in in-depth analytical pieces, stories that identify new trends and emerging concepts before they're widely known, and richly reported profiles of corporations and people.

Apr 2002Dec 2009

Silicon Valley Bureau Chief

Business Week

* Led BusinessWeek's San Francisco bureau, directly managing three people and collaborating with three others who worked on BusinessWeek Online and the magazine's investigative group. In this role, I helped ensure that bureau members got the resources they needed, made sure they focused on stories that readers and editors wanted, and served as liaison with New York editors and other correspondents. * Wrote feature and news stories for the magazine on a variety of technology- and innovation-related topics, including the Internet, Google, Yahoo, Facebook,, eBay, Web startups, entrepreneurship, technology policy, and Silicon Valley. * Contributed news stories and features to BusinessWeek Online and regularly posted on the Tech Beat blog; periodically edited stories and served as first reader on bureau members' stories as needed; helped keep BusinessWeek on the cutting edge of new technologies and publishing formats such as blogs and Twitter.

Aug 1988Apr 2002

Senior Writer/Correspondent


Wrote features, news stories, and commentaries on a wide variety of topics, including semiconductors, computers, science, retail, people, and politics, as well as a monthly column on technology-related developments. Covered Intel, Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard,, eBay, and other companies as regular beats.

Aug 1983Aug 1988


Peninsula Times-Tribune

Wrote and edited features, news stories, and a small-business column for a regional newspaper owned by Tribune Co. I also edited the business section for a year.



San Jose State University

* Wrote for university magazines.

* Co-founded independent weekly campus-community newspaper that took on issues not covered by campus paper; wrote, edited and did graphic design.

Selected Stories

Searching for the Future of Television: Google and the geeks from Silicon Valley aim to revolutionize the 70-year-old TV industry. Conquering the Internet was easy in comparison. The 2011 cover story for MIT's Technology Review magazine dove deep into the turbulent world of television to examine the big changes and battles coming as the Internet infiltrates the last great mass medium.

Game Changers: A close look at what's behind the rapid rise in popularity of social games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars, the 2010 feature story also explored how the game mechanics they employ are making their way into new realms such as work and health care.

* Can Google Stay on Top of the Web?: Through unprecedented access to the company's top search engineers, this 2009 cover-length feature took the deepest dive yet into how Google keeps ahead of rivals.

* Is Google Too Powerful?: This 2007 cover story anticipated the current backlash against the Internet search company's power.

* The Power of Us: This examination of the emerging world of online collaboration, peer production, and social media beat similar stories in the New York Times and other major media and presaged today's runaway Web successes such as Facebook, Twitter, Groupon, and Wikipedia.

* Virtual World, Real Money: The first major media look at the virtual world Second Life, this cover story analyzed how online games not only are becoming real economies but also how they could change the nature of work and business.

* The Quest for the Next Big Thing: After the dot-com bust, I spent months prowling Silicon Valley and beyond to discover and articulate what later indeed proved to be the next big thing: social media such as Facebook,

MySpace and Twitter.

* Inside an Internet IPO: This cover story was the most detailed, close-up look yet at the inner workings of tech's wealth creation machine, told through the very personal experiences of one startup's founders.

* The Sad Saga of Silicon Graphics: A meticulously reported investigation of a tech highflier's struggles, this cover story presaged by one quarter the company's spiral into irrevocable decline.