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Maintenance Control Engineer Emirates

“Andy is the one you should have in MCC if you are stuck with a problem at an outstation, he is really great. Cheers Andy.” December 29, 2009

Ajay Alreja, Aircraft MAintenance engineer, Emiratesworked indirectly for Andy at Emirates

“Andy was a dedicated committed key team member who successfully contributed in supporting and maintaining the operational integrity of a dynamic global airline during his tenure. His technical expertise and personal contribution was geratly appreciated.”November 30, 2009

Iain Lachlan, Divisional Senior Vice President - Aircraft Maintenance, Emirates Airlnemanaged Andy indirectly at Emirates

“Anyone would like to work with Andy, either senior or junior to him. With him position does not matters , its always a team. It was pleasure working with him during his tenure with EK, a good tutor a good support always.” October 21, 2009

Nilesh V, Material Planning Officer, Emirates Airlinesworked indirectly for Andy at Emirates

Line Maintenance Operations Controller TransAer International Airlines

“Andy worked as a maintenance control engineer, and as such he was always on top of his game. He had excellent troubleshooting qualities, and was always able to direct engineers and flight crew at outstations as to the best actions to solve problems and return the aircraft to its base in the minimum amount of time. An excellent engineer.” February 22, 2010

Eddie O Reilly, Quality Manager, Transaer International Airlinesworked directly with Andy at TransAer International Airlines

“Andy was a joy to work with at Transaer. His extensive technical expertise even then, coupled with his mastery of organisation turned the daily challenges into never-ending successes. Andy gets it done...!!!” November 5, 2009

Kenneth McNamara, Senior Engineer, Transaerworked directly with Andy at TransAer International Airlines

Licensed Aircraft Engineer Emirates

“Andy exhibits commendable traits in both his professional and social interaction. We were colleagues at EK in the early 90s and I can vouch for his thorough approach to any challenge.” December 30, 2009

Christian Hollyer, E2 LAE, Emirates Airlineworked directly with Andy at Emirates

“Andy is an very experienced and knowledgeable engineer and good at sharing ideas and finding solutions. Being enthusiastic, flexible and co-operative he developed a good inter department rapport. A good guy to have on your team !” November 7, 2009

Malcolm Harbron, Planning Engineer, Emirates Airlineworked with Andy at Emirates

“I had the pleasure and privilege of working with Andy when he moved to the Maintenance Control Centre from the Line. He displayed a great deal of integrity and a huge depth of knowledge that often proved invaluable into problem solving with the diversyfied fleet at Emirates. His ability is to be heartily endorsed to all who choose to work with him.”November 6, 2009

Andy Day, Licensed Aircraft Engineer, Emirates Airlinesworked with Andy at Emirates

“I have worked with Andy in the past and found him to be extremely conscientious and professional with a sound knowledge of the business. On top of that a thoroughly nice chap.” November 6, 2009

Andy Wood, Licensed Aircraft Engineer, Emirates Airlineworked directly with Andy at Emirates

“I have know Andy for 18 years & worked alongside him for 15 years. In that time he always conducted himself in a proffesional manner & had the highest possible standards. I consider Andy to be a to be a first rate engineer & would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.” November 4, 2009

Phil Naylor, QA Engineer, Emiratesworked with Andy at Emirates

“Andy has always been a hard working very resourceful engineer with a tenacity to gets problems resolved that is admired my most. His depth of knowledge is such that he can find an answer to most problems and the ones he cannot he normally knows a man who can.” November 4, 2009

Alun Thomas, Manager line maintenance, Emirates Airlinemanaged Andy indirectly at Emirates


Summary of Qualifications

Department of Transport Ireland

Airframe Pressurised Part 2 Certificate Lic No 936


Sub Categories:

Turbine Aeroplanes A /Turbine Aeroplanes B1/ Category C

Type/Group Ratings

Turbine Aeroplanes B1 Limitation 1, 9

B747-200/300 RR RB211 B1 Limitation 1.9 & C

B777-200/300 RR Trent 800 B1 Limitation 1.9 & C

B777-300ER GE 90 B1 Limitation 1.9 & C

US Dept of Transportation (F.A.A.) A & P Cert. Lic No. 2555189

Malaysian Dept. of Civil Aviation Licence No M1320

Licence Without Type Rating A & C

Aeroplanes 2 & Jet Turbine Engines

Licence With Type Rating Airframes

DHC 6 Twin Otter Landplanes


Sub Categories:

A Aeroplanes Turbines/B1 Aeroplanes Turbines

Type/Group Ratings

Aeroplanes Turbines B1 Limitation 1, 9

Airbus A300-600(GE CF6) B1.1 Limitation 1,9

Airbus A310 (GE CF6) B1.1 Limitation 1,9

Airbus A330 (RR RB211 Trent 700) B1.1 Limitation 1,9

Airbus A340 (CFM56) B1.1 Limitation1,9

Airbus A340(RR RB211 Trent 500) B1.1 Limitation 1,9

Boeing 777-200/300 (GE 90) B1.1 Limitation 1,9

Boeing 777-200/300 (RR RB211 Trent 800) B1.1 Limitation 1,9

Previously Held Approval Types

Boeing B747-100(Pax & Freighter), 200(B,SP,F & Combi),

300(Pax & Combi), 400(Pax., Combi. & Freighter),(Avionic Ext.)

Engine types - RR RB211-524, PW JT9D,

PW 4000, GE CF6 50E2 (Line Maint.), GE CF6 80C2 FADEC

Airbus A310- 200/300/300F (Avionic Ext.)

Engine Types - GE CF6 80C2 PMC, PW JT 9D-7R4, PW4000

Airbus A300-600R (Avionic Ext.)

Engine Types - GE CF6 80C2 PMC, PW4000



Boeing B737-200/ JT8D Ground Handling

Boeing MD 83/PW JT 8D Line Maint.

Airbus A320-200, IAE V2500 with Avionic Extension.


Associate Member Royal Aeronautical Society

Association of Licenced Aircraft Engineers



Set up , Control and Administration of Maintenance Control Centres.

Troubleshooting, Defect Tracking And Analysis using Airbus Airman Application.

Troubleshooting and Defect Tracking And Fault Analysis using Boeing Airplane Health Management

Application. Providing Aviation Technical Solutions, Identification of Rogue units, Preparation & Administration of

Relibility Data Sheets & Preparation of Technical Reports.

Extensive knowledge of AMOS systems.

Mid & Annual Lease Inspections. Preparation & Control of MCC section procedures.


Work History

Aer Lingus Sep 2006 - Present

Duty Maint Engineer Specialist

AOG Handling & Aircraft Recovery, Defect Monitoring & In depth Fault Analysis. TroubleShooting,

Supervising & Guiding Aer Lingus & Maintenance Provider Engineers. Involved in setting up of EI

MCC Section

Involved in Environmental Group,

Involved in IOC Section set up

Out of Hours OIT/AOT/SIB AD Review

Assistance in reviewing technical documentation for End of Lease Handback A32F.

Acting & Deputizing for Duty Maintenance Manager Position.

Customisation & Creation of Post Flight Report Filters A32F & A33F


Emirates Apr 2000 - Sep 2006

Maintenance Control Engineer

Involved in Set up of the MCC section.

AOG Handling & Aircraft Recovery, Defect Monitoring & In depth Fault Analysis and Troubleshooting.

Supervising & Guiding Line & Base Engineers.

Liaison with Emirates Tech Services & Quality Assuarance.

Liaison with Airbus & Boeing Representatives.


Emirates Nov 1999 - Mar 2000

Base Maintenance Licensed Aircraft Engineer

C check Licenced Engineer on B777, A300 & A310 Type aircraft


TransAer International Airlines Feb 1998 - Nov 1999

Line Maintenance Operations Controller

Supervisory, T/Shooting & Defect Investigation Support

Set up the Line Maintenance Operations Control Centre. LMOC


Malaysia Airlines Aug 1997 - Jan 1998

Contract LAE

Contract Licenced Aircraft Engineer


Emirates Jan 1990 - Jan 1997

Licensed Aircraft Engineer

Line Maintenance (Supervisory), Dubai, Outstations Also Flight cover on EK routes.

Base Maintenance Airbus A300 A310 Weekly, A & C check support.


Malaysian Airlines Jan 1985 - Jan 1990

Licensed Aircraft Engineer

Line Maintenance - Kuala Lumpur, Outstations & Flight coverage on MAS routes.


Malaysia Airlines Aug 1980 - Mar 1984

Aer Lingus - Apprentice Aircaft Maintenance Engineer

Apprenticeship in Aer Lingus Production Training Centre Dublin Airport



Emirates Technical Training 1990 - 1997

UAE GCAA Type Ratings. FAA & CAA


Malaysian Airlines Tech Training 1984 - 1985

Basic Aeronautical Engineering Completion


Production Training Centre, Aer Lingus 1980 - 1984

Basic Aircraft Engineering Certificate


Bolton Street Tech Night School Ireland 1982 - 1983

Basic Aeronautical Engineering Cert Part 4, Engines


Sultan Abdul Samad Secondary School 1975 – 1980

MCE - GCE O Levels Grade 1


Sultan Alam Shah Primary School 1969 - 1974

Primary Education


Malcolm Eustice (MRAES)

Former Colleague Emirates Airlines,

Retired Airworthiness Surveyor UK CAA SRG

Khayyam Falaknaz

Friend & Former MCC Duty Manager  Emirates Airlines

Donal Lowry


Fergus Wilson

Dominic Ryan

Ahmed Safa

Former Manager Mcc & Operations

Nor Haznam Hashim

Former Shift Manager Malaysia Airlines

Larry Moran

Former VP Line Maintenance 

Paul Pulfer

Former Colleague Emirates Airlines