Laura Watkins

Laura Watkins

Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2006 - Present

Hostess and Server

Stone Creek

With above listed skills, I would like to obtain a position in restaurant or hotel management where I can utilize my acquired knowledge and collective experience to assist an outstanding organization in achieving success.

In my current position as hostess and server at Stone Creek I have been able to utilize my interest and knowledge gained from a current class I am taking at Kansas State University - Careers in Nutrition and Dietetics. In recent years society has become more aware and concerned with nutrition and diet and the knowledge I have gained from this course has allowed me to guide inquisitive patrons of my restaurant to make educated and healthier decisions when dining in my place of work.

In addition, I have been able to apply the principals of the ADA Knowledge and Competencies and their outcomes to the many situations I encounter in my job - from nutrition information, health care policy, budgetary ability, consumer health issues (food and lifestyle choices) and encourage overall wellness.





Customer Service

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

Work Philosophy

I am a creative, results-focused student with a track record of initiative and leadership in academics and philanthropy. I also possess strong writing, editing, communication, andteamwork skills.


Obtain an entry level position in the Hotel or Restaurant Management field as well as gain experience in the event planning arena.


  • Food Science Club2009-present
  • Pi Beta Phi- Member2008-present
  • Children’s Mercy Adopt –A –Family2005-present
  • Hospital Hill 5K2007-present
  • Habitat for Humanity2006-Present

Community Service