Laura Watkins

Laura Watkins

Work History

Work History
Aug 2006 - Present

Hostess and Server

Stone Creek

With above listed skills, I would like to obtain a position in restaurant or hotel management where I can utilize my acquired knowledge and collective experience to assist an outstanding organization in achieving success.

In my current position as hostess and server at Stone Creek I have been able to utilize my interest and knowledge gained from a current class I am taking at Kansas State University - Careers in Nutrition and Dietetics. In recent years society has become more aware and concerned with nutrition and diet and the knowledge I have gained from this course has allowed me to guide inquisitive patrons of my restaurant to make educated and healthier decisions when dining in my place of work.

In addition, I have been able to apply the principals of the ADA Knowledge and Competencies and their outcomes to the many situations I encounter in my job - from nutrition information, health care policy, budgetary ability, consumer health issues (food and lifestyle choices) and encourage overall wellness.





Customer Service

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Word


  • Food Science Club2009-present
  • Pi Beta Phi- Member2008-present
  • Children’s Mercy Adopt –A –Family2005-present
  • Hospital Hill 5K2007-present
  • Habitat for Humanity2006-Present

Work Philosophy

I am a creative, results-focused student with a track record of initiative and leadership in academics and philanthropy. I also possess strong writing, editing, communication, andteamwork skills.


Obtain an entry level position in the Hotel or Restaurant Management field as well as gain experience in the event planning arena.

Community Service