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Game Design




Game Level Design


Advance within the Game Industry - pursue a design or management role - and perhaps create my own games one day.


I'm very passionate about the gaming industry - enjoying the work I do and always interested in new opportunities to get involved in creating great games! I take my career very seriously - and not only put a lot of effort, but a lot of passion into it as well. I've come across a lot of colleagues who work at various gaming companies simply because they are in need of a job - however I'm highly interested and motivated in all aspects of game design - and throughout the years took various roles in various departments to satisfy my curiosity and get more experience.


"Felix has been very active trying to improve his knowledgeand abilities in as many areas as possible. He learned alot by being involved in the Tester Training and has usedhis learning to mentor other testers. Felix took advantage of when he was one of the most experienced testers onStar Wars to communicate closely with the lead, take onadditional tasks and responsibility and also learn from theproject manager too. Felix shows great interest to constantly learn and improve himself.He is very enthusiastic about helping out newcomers and made himself fully available for their queries. He is very conscious about helping out the new starters. Did a very good job welcoming people to the Star Wars ForceUnleashed II team and getting them up to speed. Felix has also very involved in the Tester Training sessions andcontributed a lot to updating and improving the trainingmaterial. Felix is very vocal about his views on our process andprocedures in all areas of the overall testing process.Felix's ideas may not always get implemented, but hisfeedback and ideas are always welcome and itdemonstrates his awareness of the process and hisengagement in the department. Also his punctuality has always been very good." - Yvonne Costello, QA Assistant Manager, Activision Blizzard Ireland Ltd.

Work experience

May 2009Present

QA Game Test Engineer

Activision Ireland Ltd.

At Activision Blizzard I tested various games on multiple platforms (incl. PS3, X360, Wii, PC) for linguistic and functional issues and reported these in bug tracking tools such as DevTrack and Jira.

My primary task as a QA German Tester was to test various games on multiple platforms for linguistic and functional issues and report these bugs in bug tracking tools such as DevTrack and Jira. Later, I was promoted to a permanent QA Tester position and worked as a Trainer for new employees. I also took more responsibilities helping out my floor lead, by creating test cases and managing the team. Software Experience includes: XLoc, DevTrack, Jira, Microsoft Office
May 2008Oct 2008

QA Game Test Engineer

Lionbridge International

At Lionbridge I tested two games on the X360 for linguistic and functional issues and reported these in ProductStudio.

During the 5 months at Lionbridge, an outsourcing company responsible for testing and localization, I worked together with the design department to ensure quality of console products from Microsoft. Tracking bugs and testing in-house developed games – while reporting back to the Quality Assurance Lead. I was part of two game releases: Microsoft LIPS and Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise Software Experience includes: Microsoft Office, ProductStudio
May 2007Dec 2007

QA Game Test Engineer


At Bigpoint I tested various browser games for linguistic and functional issues and reported these in TRAC.

QA Testing for all Browser-based online games - checking language, functionality, payment, graphics, etc. Logging bugs in TRAC. Software Experience includes: Microsoft Office, TRAC
May 2007Dec 2007

Customer Support / Localizer


Customer support through E-Mail, Board, Chat and Phone for UK / US customers of over 8 games. I was also responsible for localizing all in-house games from German to English. Software Experience includes:

SQL Database, Microsoft Office
Jan 2007May 2007

Junior Licensing Manager


Learning and gaining experience in the field of Licensing for Online-Games.Tasks - - Find and contact companies with interesting licensing offers- Find and list other browser games - suitable for purchase

Sep 2006Jan 2007

Localization Manager


Working as a Localization Manager - at E-Sport (now Bigpoint) - Europe's largest Browser-game company. Responsible for translating into English and managing all other projects regarding international establishment.

Responsibilities included:

- Keep the team focused and motivated throughout the duration of the project - plan the localization process - make sure the allocated resources (translators, tools, etc.) are sufficient - communication with the various departments (managers, production, developers, translators and third party companies)


Jan 1994Aug 2005

IB Certificate

Berlin Brandenburg International School


Using Xloc at Activision Blizzard for text string management for European game versions.
Hammer (Source)
Privately in use for amateur level design. Experienced with basic functionality.
Using DevTrack at Activision Blizzard for logging all bugs for European game versions.