Sara Jones

Sara Jones


Aug 2008 - Present

Bachelors in Organizational Communications

Queens University of Charlotte

Honors, Awards, Etc.

  • Plan to graduate May 2012
  • Dean's List 2/2 semesters.
  • Dean Academic Scholarship
  • Tuition Exchange Scholarship
  • Soccer Scholarship

Relevant Courses of Interest:

  • I have taken the following courses in college, which have made me interested in this field.
    • Public Relations
    • Persuasion
    • Public Speaking
Aug 2004 - Jun 2008

High School Diploma

Scotland High School




I can type over 90 words a minute.



Microsoft Excel

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Word

Public Relations

I have been in Public Relations classes, learning how to enhance a company's positive image with no cost.

Soccer Player

I have played soccer since I was three, and am currently a college athlete.

Related Work Experience

Volunteer Soccer Coach at Scotland High Summer Camp                                                2004-2008

Volunteer with Charlotte United Futbol Club Speed Green u-12 Challenge                   2008-2009


To obtain an internship position with a soccer association to further my knowledge in soccer and coaching while using my communication, writing, and Public Relations skills.


Working with Soccer

  • I have been playing for 15+ years and am playing in college. I have a true passion for soccer.

Personal Contact

  • I am a people person and love being around people; this would use my good communication skills.


  • I want to find soccer players to come to the organization I work for and travel around the country to meet  them.


  • Because I have been playing for so long, I have a lot of knowledge about the game and want to teach others.

Public Relations

  • I enjoy working with the public and designing flyers and such for them to see in order to make the company's image positive and stronger.


I am currently a sophomore at Queens University in Charlotte. I am majoring in Organizational Communications with a concentration in Psychology.

I am involved in many clubs and organizations on campus, such as the Peer Leaders, which is a program offered to tutor freshmen students and learn about leadership. I have also been involved in many volunteering sites through Queens, such as the Martin Luther King Jr. Volunteer Day. I participated in 2009 and plan to do so in 2010; a group of students volunteered at a women's shelter on this day last year.

I am on the soccer team and am very passionate about soccer. I have learned a lot through being on a team and learning how to work with other people and how to become a leader on the team. I have also learned valuable life skills such as motivation, perseverance, and time management.

I am looking for an internship while I am in college to experience the soccer field more to decide if it is the right career for me. I want to be very hands on in my internship and learn a lot of new things in order to receive the most beneficial experience.

In the long-term, I would like to see myself as being a coach in a big soccer association; I would be in charge of coaching as well as dealing with the public. I am very interested in Public Relations and would like to see myself doing both.

Community Service

  • Rebuilding New Orleans with the St. Bernard ProjectNov 2009
    • Spent a week during Thanksgiving rebuilding a house with fellow classmates.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Volunteer Day Jan 2008
    • Spent the day helping a local women's shelter organize clothes in a closet.
  • Volunteer at 5K RunSept 2008
    • Helped give directions to runners of the race.
  • Volunteer Cornwell Family Festival Dec 2008 
    • Helped give out water and snacks during the run that morning.

Work experience

Work experience
2008 - Present


Hallow Family

Babysit Joe and Barbara's three children.

Aug 2008 - Present

Work Study

Hayworth College

In charge of clerical duties in the office for Hayworth College - the Adult Undergraduate Admissions at Queens University of Charlotte.

Some duties include:

  • Filing files of inactive and active students.
  • Answering the phone at the front desk.
  • Greeting everyone who walks into the building.
  • Directing visitors where to go.
2008 - Present


White's Jewelry

Assist in all necessary fields in local jewelry shop.

Some duties include:

  • Answering the phone.
  • Selling jewelry to customers.
  • Working the cashier.
  • Depositing money into the bank.
  • Wrapping gifts during the Christmas season.
  • Ordering jewelry out of catalog.
May 2009 - Jul 2009


Scotland County Schools

Responsible for all clerical duties at the front desk of the office.

Some duties included:

  • Greeting people as they walked into the office.
  • Answering the phone and transferring calls.
  • Copying forms.
  • Managing incoming and outgoing faxes.
  • Receiving all shipments to the office and distributing them.
  • Keeping up with the online calendar.
2007 - 2008



Attended to all cashier responsibilities when St. Andrews Presbyterian College's students ate in the cafeteria.

Some duties included:

  • Swiping the student's ID cards when coming into the cafeteria.
  • Running the cashier when visitors ate.
  • Cleaning tables after the cafeteria closed. 
  • Stocking the soda machine.
  • Also helped with catering events.



Women's Wendy's Heisman Award

Scotland High School