Hello future employer, as you can see on my page I'm very creative, so contact me and I'll be happy to work in your marketing department,


Fashion, marketing, traveling.


Hi, thank you for coming to my page where you can find some info about me. First of all, do you know why I've chosen this website for my on line portfolio?

 I found an article that Mr. Obama has his profile here too, so I thought "Yes, we can", I meant I can. Well any ways now me and Mr. President has something in common. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, shame on me....my name is Leyla, I'm 24 years old and I am a student in Finland. I study business and I really enjoy it, especially marketing. My true passion is fashion, so to me satisfied with life I'm planning to become a fashion merchandiser in New York City (in love with this place from the first visit). I know quite an ambition dream, but you know Napoleon said: "Goal is a dream with deadline", so I know I'll make it.

Oh, don't miss my presentation,  I was working so hard on it. Just press green neon "OPEN" and enjoy.

Work experience

Work experience
May 2008 - Dec 2008

Office Manager

Scandicom Oy

Main activities: Customer service, invoicing, cash outflows, market research, negotiations, HR,  marketing





Strong leadership

Computer competences

Russian language

Finnish Language