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A senior hotel international sales and marketing executive with over 25-year accomplished career track record and extensive industry worldwide networks. Recognized throughout the hotel industry at both national and international levels, for delivering and sustaining consistent revenue growth and profit gains within highly competitive Asian hotel markets. Outstanding communicator with a consultative sales style, strong negotiation skills, competent problem solving abilities and a keen client needs assessment aptitude. Aggressively identify opportunity, develop focus and provide tactical sales and marketing solutions.


- Leadership & Execution

- Strategic & Tactical Planning

- Account Development

- Target Marketing & Penetration

- Sales & Marketing Assessment

- Sales Team Coaching

- Competitive Sales Analysis

- Quality & Continuous Improvement

- Budget Management

- Sales Presentation & Closing

- Contract Negotiations

- Marketing Communications

- Relationship Building

- Business Feasibility

Work experience


I have too long list of people in the tourism industry all over the world that can refer to my reputation, character and professionalism but to name a few, here are some of them :

1.J. Herman Diener  - Hotel consultant for Champlung Hotels Group (Champlung Sari Hotel, The Payogan and Hotel Champlung Mas) and former owner of Heritage Int’l Hotels Management Pte. Ltd (Singapore)

Bali: [email protected]  / M: +62 85 737 645 830

2.Bernhard Muerkoster – Former owner of Hotel Villa Lumbung Bali and Hotel Villa Ombak Gili Trawangan Lombok

Bali:  [email protected]  / M: +62 811 396 619

3.Agus Pande Widura – Managing Director Champlung Hotels Group (Champlung Sari Hotel, The Payogan and Hotel Champlung Mas)

Bali: [email protected]  / M: +62 812 381 44 11

4.Siggi Neuhaus – Country Manager ICS (Indo China Services) Bali

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 812 998 088 5

5.Achmad Sufyani – Director Panorama Tours DMC Indonesia

Jakarta:  [email protected] / M: +62 816 710 326

6.Dewi Mas Bloem – Regional Director of Sales & Marketing Tauzia Hotel Management

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 812 382 834 0

7.Ketut Darmiyati – Director of Sales & Marketing Kupu Kupu Barong

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 81 238 468 53

8.Imam Wahyudi – General Manager Hotel Villa Ombak, Gili Trawangan Lombok

Lombok: [email protected] / M: +62 812 380 849 0

9.Dewi & Anil Kumar – Owners of Airways Holidays Gmbh Frankfurt

Germany: [email protected] / M: +491 795 135 374

10.Frank Louis Vogt III – Owner of Vogt’s World Travel

Maryland, USA: [email protected] / M: 1 44 385 884 85

11.Harlin Lubbert – Product Manager Asia Air Travel Service Gmbh.

Berlin, Germany: [email protected] / P: +49 308 969 960

12.Nina Zen – General Manager The Oasis Boutique Hotel

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 815 580 690 02

13.Philippe Battle – General Manager Pullman Bali

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 812 388 222 2

14.Paul Edmundus – Managing Director of Floressa  Tours / ASITA Bali Board Member

Bali: [email protected] or [email protected] / M: +62 811 395 699

15.Umberto Cadamuro -  Director of Business Development Pacto Ltd. (

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 811 393 631

16.John M. Daniel – President Director Bali Discovery Tours

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 811 396 901

17.Adriaan Evers – Director of Manumadi Wisata

Bali:  [email protected] / M: +62 811 387 967

18.Made Sukianto – Group general Manager The Ahimsa

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 812 395 7333 3

19.Marika Gloeckler – Product Manager Go Vacation Indonesia

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 812 380 97 38

20.Ngurah Wijaya – Chairman Bali Tourism Board / Bali Village / Owner Segara Village Resort & Spa

Bali: [email protected] / M: +62 811 380 367

Employer: K-Hotels


Head office location: Beverly Hills, CA 90210 USA

Position: Consultant & Representative for Asia - Pacific

Length of time: October 2008 - Present

Work location: Bali

K-Hotels is a global sales, marketing, and technology solutions provider specializing in the needs of independently owned boutique style hotels with a current membership of 56 three-, four- and five-star hotels throughout the world in many of the travel industry’s most popular destinations.

Successfully introduced the K-Hotels as American representation and marketing company for the first time in ASEAN region and promote the K-Hotels member hotels to outbound travel agents in the region.

Employer: Vogt’s World Travel USA


Head office location: Maryland, USA

Position: Consultant Product Development ASEAN

Length of time: January 2009 - Present

Work location: Bali

Vogt’s World Travel specializes in the cruise market aiming to develop the Asian market with its destination of the Caribbean.

Represent and introduce VOGT’S World Travel at 2009 ASEAN Tourism Forum travel exchange in Hanoi, Vietnam resulting in VOGT’s World Travel to be known as one of American leading cruise tour operators to ASEAN’s tourism providers.

Employer: The Viceroy

A member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World (

Position: Consultant Sales & Marketing

Length of time: August 2006 – 30 April 2008

Hotel and work location: Ubud, Bali

Helping the owners to finally position the Viceroy Bali in the high-end niche market as an upscale hotel which led to strong business linkages with international partners that resulted in a steady increase of occupancy and higher average room rate. Implemented a “new market oriented strategy” based on segmentation analysis with the result that the hotel continues to open up its global marketing presence in Europe including Russia/CIS countries,Japan, Korea, Australia, USA, Middle East and ASEAN Countries; formed and trained an entire new Sales Department including Public Relations staff in dealing with trade media; successfully strengthened the bargaining power of the hotel in dealing with wholesalers and trade media; Led the sales team and the owner to international trade shows such as 2006 JATA/WTF/BRS Road show, 2007 ATF Singapore and 2007 PATA Bali;

Convinced the owners for Viceroy Bali to become member of Small Luxury Hotels of the World, as an effort to enhance hotel image and broaden the market reach with a higher yield. With the new marketing approach showing excellent business results, the owners have begun to build additional individual one bed room villas with private pool, whilst also investing in the refurbishment of the villa facilities & amenities as well as exchanged all hotels cars.

Employer: Natura Resort & Spa (

Position: General Manager

Length of time: July 2005 – 30 April 2006

Hotel and work location: Ubud, Bali

When joining the hotel as General Manager, the hotel was in a bad shape and in urgent need of product improvement, suffering low occupancy and continuously lost its market share to other newer and better facility hotels in the area. The situation also affected the Japanese market, which was hotel’s prime market segment for many years.

Focussing on the marketing as a first priority, the hotel regained Japanese market confidence andstarted to receive interest from other market segments including Australia and Europe. I re-introduced Natura Resort & Spa in JATA/WTF in Tokyo and continued with Bali Rasa Sayang Roadshow in 3 major cities in Japan in 3rd week of September 2005. Unfortunately, the already-confirmed and paid participation in Air Paradise Roadshow to Australia where I was supposed to leave on the 5th of October 2005 was suddenly annulled sighted second Bali bombing few days before our departure date. The impact of second Bali bombing was severe that like all Bali hotels that time Natura Resort & Spa had faced very difficult time. Nevertheless, the sales & marketing efforts continued and I promoted the hotel at the ITB Berlin in March 2006 with hope that the market to Bali soon re-bound. Sadly, it was not to be (sooner), like all Bali hotels the suffering continued with no budget for any real product improvement to point that I decided to resign.

Employer: Champlung Hotels & Resorts (

Position: Owners Advisor cum Director Sales & Marketing

Length of time: September 1995 – 15 July 2005

Hotel and work location: Ubud, Bali

Being the primary force behind the success of the Champlung Sari Hotel’s concept and marketing strategy, I managed in changing its market position from an unknown non-star rated hotel to a leading 3+ to 4 star rated hotel of Ubud as a most respected and sought after hotel. When the owners decided to build the Payogan Villa Resort and Spa in 2001, I became also involved and responsible for the marketing groundwork and opening of the hotel to international markets. Since 1996 to July 2005, as part of our aggressive marketing efforts I had actively and continuously represented Champlung Sari Hotel and The Payogan in yearly various selected tradeshows and roadshow around the world and continued to create new and maintain solid accounts for the hotels which until today are still the main supporters for Champlung Hotels & Resorts. A reflection of this success is that I managed to convince two big German operators like TUI Deutschland and Neckerman to both agree to use Champlung Sari Hotel for their round-trip group series (still until now); Asia Voyages and Jet Tour France also agreed to accommodate their round trips clients at Champlung Sari Hotel (To-date Asia Voyages is still the biggest French supporter for Champlung Sari Hotel); became the first priority choice hotel for Australian wholesalers in Ubud.

Employer: Hotel Vila Lumbung (

Hotel location: Seminyak Bali

Position: Owners Advisor cum Director Sales & Marketing

Length of time: October 1997 – 30 September 2003

Live and work location: Hotel Vila Lumbung

Hotel Vila Lumbung started with just 14 rooms and having difficulty in the marketing due to unknown area of Kerobokan and away from the beach at that time. After one-and-half year of extensive promotion of destination and positioning of the hotel as a 4-star + internationally, the occupancy at Vila Lumbung improved substantially, which was well responded to by the owners by adding 12 additional rooms.

Employer: Hotel Vila Ombak (

Hotel location: Gili Trawangan Lombok

Position: Owners Advisor cum Director Sales & Marketing

Length of time: October 1997 – 30 September 2003

Work location: Kerobokan, Seminyak, Bali

Being solely in charge of all marketing and promotion and after one-and-half year of pioneering, hard work and intensive travel to attend national and international trade events; repositioned the hotel from non-star bag-packers base hotel to 3+ star boutique hotel aimed at middle-up market, that resulted in adding 12 deluxe bungalow + 3-level swimming pool as a response to growing demands for Vila Ombak. The hotel became the magnet and marketing vehicle for the island of Gili Trawangan and Villa Ombak.

My most significant achievement for the hotel and the region was to make Gili Trawangan as the main destination of Lombok for international tourists from around the world; to convince the three biggest Italian tour operators Francorosso, Kuoni Gastaldi and Mappamondo to jointly accept the Hotel Vila Ombak as the accommodation for their clients whilst in other hotels each of them always insisted on exclusivity; Hotel Villa Ombak achieved the 3rd highest occupancy of all the Lombok hotels with a room rate that even surpassed many four-star rated chain hotels in Lombok.

Employer: Bagus Discovery Hotels (

Hotels location: Lovina, Candidasa, Manggis, Jati – Taro, Wamena

Hotel members: Puri Bagus Lovina, Puri Bagus Candi Dasa, Puri Bagus Manggis, Bagus Jati (Now known as Jati Wellness Resort) & Balliem Valley Resort Papua (Project)

Position: Executive Consultant Sales Marketing

Length of time: January 1999 – April 2001

Work location: Kuta, Bali

Hired to assist the hotel owners in establishing their own hotel management company to replace the on-going operator Byron International Hotels Management.

Developed, coordinated and successfully spearheaded the launching of the owners’ newly established branding and “Bagus Discovery” concept for their member hotels and led the new sales team in re-launching all hotels with new management image a; and directed the pre-opening marketing of the health resort Bagus Jati and Balliem Valley Resort in Wamena, Papua, which were all featured under Bagus Discovery during the product launching at the ITB Berlin.

Employer: Heritage Int’l Management Pte. Ltd (HIH)

Office location: Singapore

Position: Co-founder/Executive Director

Length of time: May 1987 – October 1997

Work and Residence location: Singapore

Encouraged by the success of our first Destination Tourism Marketing project in East Kalimantan, I decided to join Herman Diener in setting up Heritage International Singapore in May 1987.

Being the co-founder and executive director of the company, I officially resided and worked in Singapore responsible for the marketing of major regional hotel projects and marketing consultancy until October 1997. It was when the currency crisis clobbered all economies of South East Asia late 1997, we decided to return to Indonesia and since then officially have made Bali as a home base in providing hotel-consulting services to independent hotels.

During the 10 years operating from our Singapore office, my main task was to represent various hotels under the consultancy of HIH for Singapore and Malaysia market segment. And in parallel with each hotel members’ sales & marketing activities, I represented them in the national, regional and international tourism & travel events and performed sales missions around the world.The next page is HIH’s clients from 1987 to 1997 for which I directly involved in the sales & marketing:

Client: Puri Kamandalu Resort

Hotel location: Ubud Bali

Position: Sales & Marketing Representative for Singapore and Malaysia

Length of time: 1993 - 1995

Work location: Singapore and Bali

The resort was taken over from the Aman Resorts Group (GHMC). After of a change of concept and market repositioning, the resort achieved a GOP of 32% within a year which was a big jump from the operating losses a year before and on the brink of being taken over by the Bank.Another significant effort: in 1994 Kamandalu was chosen as one of the best 100 honeymoon resorts in the world by Vogue Magazine New York in 1994 and planned to be featured by the Rich and Famous TV program; in line with continued increased of occupancy and better market positioning, during the period, Kamandalu added 11 additional villa and spa facilities.

Client: Marante Highland Resort

Hotel location: Toraja, South Sulawesi

Position: Sales & Marketing Representative for Singapore and Malaysia

Length of time: 1994 - 1997

Work location: Singapore and Toraja

Marante Highland Resort was the first real international standard hotel in Toraja Land. Actively involved in the early development stage of the hotel including feasibility study, pre-to-soft-opening marketing and continued until end of first year of on-going hotel operation.

Client: Hotel Tiara & Tiara Tower Project

Hotel location: Medan, North Sumatra

Position: Sales & Marketing Representative for Singapore and Malaysia

Length of time: 1995 - 1997

Work location: Singapore, Medan and Jakarta

General Sales Agent / Representative Office for international sales & marketing activities of the 270 room existing Tiara Medan Hotel, including presenting the hotel in several selected international trade shows overseas. I also was involved in preparing the pre-marketing of the 5-star all-suite Tiara Tower Hotel project of 150 luxury suites. Unfortunately, when the crisis hit Indonesia late 1997, this project was half way halted by Bank Exim which suffered heavy losses in foreign exchange trading.

Client: Puri Ratih Bali

Hotel location: Kerobokan, Seminyak Bali

Position: Sales & Marketing Representative for Singapore and Malaysia

Length of time: 1989 - 1991

Work location: Singapore and Bali

I turned around the operational results of the resort by repositioning and aggressive sales. The Puri Ratih started as one of Bali’s first boutique style hotel in Kerobokan, however running at an operational loss due unprofessional management and lacking marketing skills. On recommendation of the Director General of Tourism Mr. Joop Ave, who asked my business partner to take charge of the hotel’s marketing and management we were able to change the operational results from a 375% gross operating loss for the year into a 27% gross operating profit, upon which the owners sold the hotel with a very substantial profit to Time Share Company in Hong Kong.

Client: Mambruk Beach Hotel (Pre and soft-opening period)

Hotel location: Anyer, Banten

Position: Sales & Marketing Representative for Singapore and Malaysia

Length of time: 1989 - 1991

Work location: Singapore and Jakarta

Actively involved in the development and all marketing strategy and activities of the hotel during pre-to-soft opening period. Mambruk Beach Resort Hotel was a sister hotel of Puri Ratih Bali.

Client: Hotel Kartika Plaza

Hotel location: Jakarta

Position: Sales & Marketing Representative for Singapore and Malaysia

Length of time: 1987 - 1990

Work location: Singapore and Jakarta

General Sales Agent / Representative office to market the hotel in Singapore and Malaysia during which period we created a high occupancy contribution from Singapore and Malaysia markets. Hotel demolished early 1993 to be redeveloped as a 5-star hotel project.

Client: Griyawisata Hotel Management Group

Hotels location: Medan and Bali

Hotel members: Hotel Tiara (Medan) and Bali: Respati Hotel, Hotel Besakih, Hotel Penida and Hotel Puri Dalem

Position: Sales & Marketing Representative for Singapore and Malaysia

Length of time: 1987 - 1990

Work location: Singapore, Medan, Bali and Jakarta

General Sales Agent / Representative office for Griyawisata Hotel Management to market the following hotels in Singapore and Malaysia:I represented all these hotels in several international tradeshows overseas and contributed significantly to each hotel occupancy rate.

Client: Provincial Government of East Kalimantan

Project location: Mancong, Mahakam River, East Kalimantan

Position: Team member of Tourism Destination Marketing & Branding

Length of time: 1983 - 1987

Work location: Balikpapan

While being advisor to the Board of Directors of two oil service companies, I was also part of a pioneering team led by Herman Diener In close cooperation with Joop Ave, Director of Tourism at that time in opening up the Mahakam River and ethnic Dayak Villages as a main tourist destination of East Kalimantan to the world. It was my first involvement in Tourism Destination Marketing & Branding which resulted in a great success.

Other tourism project involvements under Heritage International consultancy

In addition to the above activities, I also travelled extensively throughout the region to conduct feasibility studies and marketing assessments for hotels and resorts projects in Indonesia: Gili Genting Lombok, Hotel Trikora Bintan, Hotel Nagoya Batam, Manado North Sulawesi (Now known as Santika Manado Hotel), Paradise Resort Manado, Toraja (Later managed by Novotel and now known as Toraja Heritage); in Thailand: Hat Jai, Songkhla, Phuket, Chang Rai and in Malaysia: Pahang

Employer: PT. Unico & PT. Bontocinde

Office location: Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

Position: Advisor to the Board of Directors

Length of time: 1983 - 1987

Work location: Balikpapan

I took on an assignment as advisor to the Board of Directors with PT. Unico and PT. Bontocinde. These two oil service companies were dealing with major oil companies including Total Indonesie, Mobil Oil, Roy Huffington and Schlumberger in East Kalimantan including routine inspections to many different oil camps on and offshore.

Employer: Bechtel International Inc. (USA)

Projects name: Balikpapan Oil Refinery and Bontang LNG Refinery

Office location: Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

Position: Formalities Superintendent

Length of time: 1981 - 1983

Work location: Balikpapan & Bontang, East Kalimantan and Jakarta

Employer: British Airways / Bouraq Indonesian Airlines

Office location: Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

Position: Branch Manager Kalimantan & Sulawesi

Length of time: 1981

Work location: Balikpapan and Jakarta

In 1981, I joined British Airways as Project Manager to open its first branch office in Eastern Indonesia located in Balikpapan in cooperation with Bouraq Indonesian Airlines. In a short period, I was promoted to branch manager overseeing the Kalimantan and Sulawesi off-line operations. Decided for early contract termination after my assistant sadly killed with the rest of passengers in Bouraq plane crashed near Banjarmasin.

Employer: UTA French Airlines (Now known as Air France)

Office location: Balikpapan, East Kalimantan

Position: Branch Manager Kalimantan & Sulawesi

Length of time: October 1978 - 1981

Work location: Balikpapan and Jakarta

After successfully held various positions including head of sales department in UTA French Airlines office in Jakarta, I was promoted to a District Manager of the same company with office located in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. This promotion made me one of the first Indonesian to posses the middle managerial position in foreign airlines in Indonesia during that era. My main task was to serve about 500 French families and community who resided and worked in Oil Industry in East Kalimantan. When UTA office in Singapore became regional office for UTA French Airlines in Asia, I reported directly to this regional office instead of Jakarta office. Significant achievement: Despite of my lack of ability in speaking French, I was well accepted and got very high guest satisfaction rating by all clients, especially those French nationals working for Total Indonesie. During this period in Balikpapan, I continued to travel the world and participated in yearly upgrading courses in Le Bourget Airport in France,

Employer: UTA French Airlines (Now known as Air France)

Office location: Jakarta

Positions: Cashier, Assistant Accountant, Ticketing & Reservation Trainee, Head of Sales

Length of time: 1974 – September 1978

Work location: Jakarta

At just 19 years old, I started my career in airlines industry as Cashier. Not long after that I was promoted as assistant accountant in charge of accounts receivable, salary and income tax. While doing so, I had been given the opportunities by the management to learn ticketing, reservation and cargo clerk as trainee and able to participate in yearly ticketing and reservation courses conducted by UTA head office at Paris Le Bourget Airport attended by UTA staff from around the world. It was early 1977 when I officially assigned to sales department and then late 1978 promoted to District Manager for Kalimantan.


To perform my duties and responsibilities, I have been travelling extensively and attended many different tourism events and road shows around the world. Hereunder is a list of events that I have attended:

·ATF Travel Exchange in several ASEAN CountriesRegular attendance

·ITB BerlinRegular attendance

·PATA MartMany times

·PATA Conference                                                                         Once ( Beijing 1997)

·        WTM LondonMany times

·Garuda Europe Roadshows                                                        10 times ·        Brussel Travel Fair                                                                          3 times ·        Insignia Hotel Members Congress in Flims, Switzerland     Once

·Garuda Sales Mission to Scandinavian countriesOnce

·Creative Holidays Roadshow Australia                                      Once

·JATA / Bali Rasa Sayang Road Show – Japan                           Few times

·Own arranged Sales calls – Europe                                            Many times

·Own arranged sales calls – AustraliaFew times

·Own sales calls – MalaysiaMany times

·Own Sales calls – SingaporeMany times

·Own sales calls – Hong Kong                                                       Few times

·NATAS Travel Fair – Singapore            Few times

·TIME (Pasar Wisata)10 times

·Roadshow to Eastern Europe (Czech Republic)                        Once


Certification Course

Asian Institute of Management


Highest Education

Professional Courses:

  • Yearly Ticketing & Reservation Courses conducted by UTA French Airlines at Paris Le Bourget Airport attended by UTA staff from all over the world.


  • Place and date of birth: Pangkal Pinang, Bangka-Belitung / 17 February 1954
  • Marital status:Single
  • Hobby: Travelling, Music, be with people


Communication Skills
Excellent communication skills both orally and in writing for all walks of life
Sales and Marketing Skills
25 years of experience in hotel sales and marketing