Yu Luo

  • 2100 Jiangsu China
Yu Luo


Sep 2006 - Present


Nanjing University
  • Overall GPA: 87.8/100      Major GPA: 90.2/100          Ranking: 2/30
  • Coursework and score (selected):

                    -GIS/RS:                        GIS Theory (94 /100), GIS Technique (92 /100),

Remote Sensing (94 /100), Photogrammetry (93 /100),

                    -Cartography:             Digital Map (98 /100), Map Analysis and Application (95 /100),

                    -Geography:               Economic Geography (91 /100), Human Geography (87 /100),

                                                          Natural Geography (93 /100), Environment Science (90 /100),

                  -Spatial Analysis:       Geographic Modeling (94 /100), Geo-Computation (94 /100).   

Research Interests

• GIS and Remote Sensing application in the environment sciences, terrestrial and oceanic  ecosystems interactions.

• Land Use and Land Cover Change

• Spatial analysis, modeling and visualization


Programming Languages: C, C #,VB, Flex , Mat lab, SQL, R Language

Software Packages: ArcGIS, ArcView, MapInfo, Erdas, SPSS

Honor and Award

 Two consecutive years "People's Scholarship", Nanjing University                     2007-2008

• For top 10% GPA

 "HaiChen Scholarship", Department of Geography Information Science            2008-2009

          • GPA and research experience are both considered

"China Merchant Bank e-Card Scholarship", Nanjing University                            2009                   

          • Only 15 students in the whole university won this scholarship

Excellent Report of the Social Practice, Nanjing University                                     2008-2009

• Among the best three in my school

Standard Scores

TOEFL:    106•Reading 29 + Listening 27 + Speaking 22 + Writing 28

 GRE:     1370•Verbal 570 + Quantity 800


The Red Cross Association of Nanjing

• To sensitize the public health knowledge, gradually increasing my concern about environment health The Volleyball team of School of Geographic and Oceanographic Science The FVA legend volleyball association • Through three years' hard training, together with faith in invincibility, we shift from an all-lost team to an undefeated team. The Dragon Boat team of Nanjing University • Cohesion is most highly valued in dragon boat competition. Working together with more than 20 teammates presents me with strong sense of cooperation.

Research Experience

Modeling, Analysis, Visualization of the Digital Terrain  03/2008 - present

-National innovation experiment program for university students   • Implemented various algorithms for spatial data analysis and graphic data manipulation, for example, using different "sliding window" for Gradient/Slope analysis. Investigating the Safety of drinking water in rural area in Guangxi Province 07/2008-08/2008 -Nanjing University Summer Vacation Social Practice program • Won the "Excellent Report in the Social Practice" award • Designed a questionnaire for drinking water conditions at rural communities. • Used SPSS for factor analysis. • Visualized spatial variation of water quality and its relation with the health status of local residents, using  maps and other graphics. MyCity: The Web-based Geo-Info Diffusion Platform 03/2009 - 08/2009 -ESRI Software development Competition (Participated without final submission)                            • Developed a web-service for geographic information sharing using the "FLEX+ ARCGIS API". The Analysis of the quality of Urban Run-off in Nanjing City 03/2009 - present -National innovation experiment program for university students • Investigated the impact of non-point pollution on the water quality in the Urban Area.      • Analyzed the spatial variation of run-off condition due to different functional zones.