To secure a position so that I may move directly into a professional career upon graduation.



Work History

Work History
Apr 2009 - Present

Software Design Engineering Intern

Iowa State University IT

Server-side web and software development

Apr 2009 - Present

Solution Center Programming Team

Iowa State University IT

Update, build upon, and maintain a 'portal' used by all solution center staff for scheduling, hours worked, and various other tools needed by the help desk analysts

Jun 2010 - Aug 2010


Google Summer of Code

Succesfully completed the requirements set by my mentor for my project Port OpenAFS CacheManager to NetBSD 5

Jun 2009 - Aug 2009

Student Web Developer

Iowa State University Web Development
Assisted in the construction and maintenance of webpages utilized by different departments in the university.
Sep 2008 - Apr 2009

Help Desk Analyst - Level III

Iowa State University IT
Assist employees providing support via phones, email, and in person, with issues that they are unable to resolve with their current knowledge; conduct employee training; conduct Quality Assurance on employees.
Sep 2008 - Apr 2009

Solution Center Management Team

Iowa State University IT
Construct schedules, conduct interviews, and oversee operations.
Jun 2007 - Aug 2007

Operations Support Intern

TEAM Technologies
  • Assisted in operation and maintenance of data center
  • Aided customers with troubleshooting problems
  • Built and configured servers
  • Diagnosis of connection problems



UNIX experience

Setup, configure, and maintain NetBSD and RHEL4/5 machines Significant usage of the unix environment for programming (VIM)


3 years of course work Minor scripts written to simplify record keeping tasks at TEAM technologies

C Programming Language

Course work Updated, built upon, and helped maintain Iowa State University's network account services website


Minor usage in personal websites for experimentation Application of Mootools framework used with the Smarty template engine Used to improve the functionality of the Solution Center's portal Applied in the implementation of the Filedrawers system to improve ease of use


Maintenance and usage of a MySQL database for the portal for the IT Solution Center at Iowa State University Usage of MySQL database for Iowa State University's Student Organization online interface


  Construction, maintenance, and upgrades of an employee portal for the IT Solution Center at Iowa State University which interfaces with a MySQL database Upgrades and maintenance of an AFS File Management System implemented as a modified version of MIT's Filedrawers system Upgrades and maintenance on Iowa State University's Student Organization management system  




Cory Arrants

Supervisor during my time working at Iowa State University's Solution Center.

Tracy Di Marco White

Tracy was my supervisor during my time working as a Software Design Engineering Intern for the Iowa State IT department