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Living in the city often provides fantastic opportunities for work and culture, but at the sacrifice of the joys of more space to do things like maintaining a garden. Thankfully, with the recent reopening of Fertile Limited (originally Fertile Delta and then Fertile Gardens) at 1646 West Diversey Parkway, Chicagoland residents can tap into the knowledge and passion for gardening held by every member of the Fertile Limited staff of experts. Owned by the Brandstetter family since 1919 and the former site of the Alto Manufacturing Company, Fertile Limited’s current location was rented out to the original owners of Fertile Delta in 1996, which converted the industrial space into a beautiful garden center. Current owners and operators Susan and Russell Brandstetter are both gardening enthusiasts themselves and took over the business, which opened as Fertile Limited in April of 2011.Open from mid-April through the end of December, Fertile Limited’s selection of annuals and perennials is ideal for year-round planting and tending. Occupying 8 city lots and 25,000 square feet, Fertile Limited stocks a wide variety of flora, gardening products, accessories, and containers. With four full-time and three part-time employees, possessing among them degrees in Agriculture and Landscape Design and Master Gardener distinctions, Fertile Limited offers expert advice on all gardening-related issues in its family-like environment. Employing a grower and a florist as well, no matter what customers might want to do with their gardens or where they want to grow one, Fertile Limited can help at any stage of the gardening process, from selecting the right kinds of plants, soil, and growing products to recommending the right landscape design materials to yield fantastic looking results. To see Fertile Limited’s mission statement as well as hours of operation for their garden center at 1646 West Diversey Parkway, visit