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“An innovation-driven individual, who emphasis on the importance on user-centered design, in the execution of ideas and information. Critical analysing skills and deeply curious about how to improve the way of work, and willing to take calculated risks to promote better overall improvement of the work process. Experienced at using business professionals software for tasks execution and making ideas happen in regards to Business development of web and mobile based commercial innovation products for businesses. Accepts independent data and market research and analysis including but not limited to slides and presentation preparation, public speaking, data and financial analysis and visual infographic, personal and business social media branding assignments on professional basis." 

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Management ConsultancyBusiness DevelopmentCommercializationCreative News PresenterHandling Games PresenterCreativity & Innovation SessionSlides preparation and PresentationBusiness Public speakingCompetitive AnalysisFinancial, revenue, inventory analysisProfessional data entry, manipulation, Formatting, Infographic, visual, research and analysis

Work experience

Remittance and Reconcilliation

Telechoice Head Office

Placed in Remittance and Reconciliation Team, which the main responsibility is but not limited to:*. Analyse and reconcile any mismatch in cash reports and promote solution to the matters. *. Mainly deal with job tasks using Pronto, enterprise support system software, about integrated back end business operation processes.*. Reconciling the actual physical counts reports from the stores and what are available at the company's system database to compile stocks variances. *. Advanced Microsoft Excel 2010 skills for financial and cash data analysis and reporting using complex combination of formulas, in a macro-enabled worksheet.

Jun 2011Dec 2011

Innovation Fastrack Program

Deloitte Digital

Working with Digital Innovation: Bamboo- Business Continuity Management App.*. Assessing the commercial viability of Mobile based applications for companies.*. Developing rapid prototyping for commercial innovation in the area of risk, business continuity management, and insurance industry. *. Preparing slides that is succinct, engaging and informative slides are also integral part of the responsibility.


Feb 2008Nov 2011

Bachelor of Business

RMIT University


Microsoft Excel
Excel in using Formulas like:   -. IF   -. VLOOKUP   -. CONCATENATE   -. AND, OR   -. COUNTIF   -. SUMIF