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Lic. Fernando Carlos Vázquez

Address: Dr. P. I. Rivera 3815 P. 4 Apt. 19

(ZIP CODE 1430) – C.A.B.A. - Argentina

Phone Number++ 54 11 4543 0028

Cell-phone Number: ++ 54911 5729 9678 (within Argentina 15 5729 9678)

e-mail: [email protected]

Career Profile

Bachelor in Business Administration - MBA and graduate degrees both in Administration and Strategic Planning and in Logistics Specialization. Wide experience in International Trade, Logistics and Purchasing.

Result-oriented, with a great capacity to identify improvement opportunities and materialize them with an added value.

Very good Matrix Performance Management, both at regional and global levels. Leadership positions in multi-country structures, fostering the career development of my reports.

Work Experience

ØInternational Logistics- Achievements

·I reduced the load preparation lead time by 72%, and costs by 65%, generating savings of u$s85.000. These reductions enabled the company to reach customers faster and cheaper.Year 2006 / 07

·I developed a logistic operation which was the solution to shortcomings in our own DistributionCenter. This resulted in our clients being able to lower costs by our optimizing load preparation both in trucks and containers. It also improved the reception quality of our products. Year 2003 / 04

·I designed and implemented an alternative bimodal logistic, which reduced the problems with the sea transport market to the PacificCoast in Latin America, and solved difficulties with production in the manufacturing plant. This alternative logistic, which was as fast as the original operation, prevented us from incurring airfreight costs for u$s50, 000. Year 2004 / 05

·I implemented a Foreign Trade application in the Sub-Region I was responsible for, whose operation model still serves as benchmarking in all Latin America. Year 2005 / 06

·I promoted high-potential resources in my Sub-Region, to temporary positions in the Region. This situation increased the resources exposition and brought about their career development as well as the creation of replacement frameworks Year 2007 / 08

ØPurchasing – Achievements I developed the whole suppliers portfolio for the “Bienestar” Business, with certified quality and on a sale-or-return basis, providing an excellent service with positive cash flow.Year 1997 / 08

  • I developed a new sanitary towel Supply Source in Colombia which enabled our company to lower costs and improve both our product quality and the offer portfolio to the Marketing areas. Year 1996
  • I was part of the team who developed and implemented the Purchasing Regional Model for the Cosmetics Business. This model permitted the company to lower costs - more than 2.5 million dollars in two years - by dramatically reducing the suppliers portfolio and by implementing an Information Tool which makes it possible to compare prices from different Supply Sourcesin different countries simultaneously and thus, choosethe best purchasing option in each case.Year 2000 / 2001

Laboral History

  • Avon Cosmetics S.A.C.I.

International Logistics Manager - Southern Cone –2005 – April 2009

International Logistics Section Head - Argentina – 2002 – 2005

Purchasing Section Head - 1997 – 2002

Purchasing Agent -1991 – 1997

Accounts Payable Senior Analyst -1990 – 1991

  • Asociación Criadores de Holando Argentino.

(Administrator)- 1985 – 1990

Formal Education

  • MBA in Business Administration: Universidad del Salvador (Arg.) – Universidad Deusto (España).
  • Graduate degree in Logistics Specialization.Universidad Católica Argentina.
  • Graduate degree in Planning and Strategic Administration: Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires – Facultad de Ciencias Económicas.
  • Degree in Business Administration: Universidad Argentina J. F. Kennedy.
  • English : Oral and Written skills
  • Courses:
    • Inventory Management: Fundación Tecnológica Argentina.
    • Negotiated Decisions : Consultora Self - Cosméticos Avon S.A.C.I.
    • Introduction to the textile Industry:I.N.T.I.
    • Introduction to Norms ISO 9000: I.N.T.I.
    • Organization and administration of the Purchasing Area: A.A.C.A.M.
    • Import Purchasing, New Markets and Purchasing around the World: A.A.C.A.M.
    • Teamwork: Consultora Self - Cosméticos Avon ASCII.
    • Integrated Logistics: Along
    • Foreign Trade – Comprehensive Course: Fundación Bank Boston.
    • Logistics L.A.Z. : ( I.E.E.C.)

Personal Details

Marital status: Married without children

Birth Date:24th December, 1960

Nationality:Argentine / Spanish

Work experience

May 1990Present

Manager Logistics Southern Cone

Avon Cosmetics


Mar 2007Dec 2007

Graduate degree in Logistics Specialization

Mar 2005Dec 2006

MBA in Business Administration

Universidad del Salvador - Deusto
Mar 2004Sep 2004

Graduate degree in Planning and Strategic Administration

Mar 1997Jul 2003

Degree in Business Administration