Fernando Cesar


Leader for the delivery scope of print outsourcing, manager of a 200-employed work team. Nominated to structure the whole scope of outsourcing, to the technical work team qualification, the relationship and the on-site staff. Creation of multi-disciplinary staffs with technical skills, project management, relationship management, technical support and software specialist to support all the scope of print outsourcing services. Huge experience in planning, logistics and supplementation management. With the implementation of the supplementation management Web tool, it was possible to reduce about US$ 2 million of supply stock. With the application of the governance methodology on-going the projects, it was possible to improve and standardize the client support service. Development of the channels to implement and to function the projects has cooperated in reduce 35% of the operational costs. With the implementation of the supplement checking tools (WJA and RM) and the allocation of a supplement planner, it was possible to reduce the stocks to a mean of 20% to the clients. Processes implementation and optimization has contributed to improve the scope operational efficiency, reducing as well the time and integrating the whole supply chain. Billing tool development and implementation has turned possible integrate the megatrack and copy central tools. It reduced the loss degree to less than 1%, and increased the invoicing in about 15%. It reduced the closing time, making possible to anticipate the invoicing in about 10 days. Participation on the supplement project control development via intelligent rack (Smartself) using RFID technology, with witch it will reduce the backoffice cost in about 40%. Responsible for the project management staff for all the scope of services (BU: Professional Services TS HP Services). Responsible for the scope of net services delivery. Responsible for the scope of critical mission services. Operating as a net consulting (pre-selling and delivery).

Work experience

Work experience

Delivery Manager

Hewlett Packard Brasil