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Full stack developer (React, React Native, Redux, Objective C, Meteor, NodeJS, MongoDB, SASS)
App developer (Corona SDK/Lua)
15+ years IT consultant in Portugal, Ireland, England, Denmark and Switzerland

Work Experience

Jan 2013Present

Web & App Development


Currently developing an offline-first IOS app using React Native for UI, Redux for state management, Objective C for native API calls and Realm for persistent data storage.

Source code available here:

Development of a blog platform with role authentication and markdown editing capabilities to be included in a digital agency's website. Front-end was developed in React and reactive back-end was developed in Meteor to allow real-time blog text search and posts feed.

Source code available here:


Development of a publishing platform with reactive backend supported by the pub/sub functionality provided by Meteor. Node.js based backend will provide the methods necessary to store the dynamic published data in MongoDB and also store some static contextual collections available locally on MiniMongo on the client. The UI is being developed in React wrapped in  Meteor containers.

SASS/BEM/Flexbox styling and layout.

Source code available here:

Development of agency, an asynchronous execution flow control utility for Node.js based on dependencies defined by logical expressions.

Source code available here:

A study on "elastic design" where elements of a webpage adapt proportionately and positionally to the orientation and resolution of the screen. Server runs on Node.js and express and it is hosted on Heroku. MongoLab SAS used to store persistent data. Client developed with javascript engine. (Optimal performance on Desktop Chrome browser)

Source code available here:

A web experiment that picks up random tweets containing the words love or hate and displays it on the browser canvas element. Server runs on Node.js / express serving a single page application, connects to twitter via node-twitter API, and feeds a processingJS sketch using

Source code available here:

App development in corona SDK/Lua and Buildbox. All apps published on the App store:


-Word Teller for Kids



-Sugar Bird (Part of a 3 week challenge to finish and publish an app)

Jun 2004Dec 2012

Senior Consultant


Ministério da Saúde
Responsible for integrating incoming data from Hospital Information Systems into SIGLIC, Sistema Integrado de Gestão da Lista de Inscritos para Cirurgia do Ministério da Saúde, using PL/SQL.

Mapfre, Spain
JavaScript, PL/SQL and Oracle Workflow development for C1324 (Mapfre Automóviles) project.
PL/SQL data services creation for EFICAZ (Web Resources & Activities Management and Planning project).

EDP Trading
Responsible for developing SQL and Power Center services to migrate data from EDP’s and Hidrocantabrico’s Trading Systems into the new Iberia Trading System and for the development of the new Management Information System using Business Objects.

Red Eléctrica de España
REE’s RFI Bid Manager regarding the development of a new Billing, Settlement e Clearing System (joint effort with Areva).

EDP Trading
Analysis & Design stage of the development of the new Iberia Trading System for EDP and Hidrocantábrico.
Development of OMEL trade offer system using XML, JAVA e WebServices.
Development of an interface between Matlab and Henwood using Visual Basic development.
Responsible for integrating other market player’s bidding behavior data into EDP’s Datawarehouse and for developing the related analysis reports using Business Objects.
EDP Trading Datawarehouse project development, using AWK for data extraction and Business Objects for data analysis.

Oct 2001May 2004

Senior Consultant


Instituto Nacional de Estatistica
Implementation of Portugal’s National Institute of Statistics Datwarehouse using Oracle, Sagent ETL, Business Objects for microdata access, Microsoft Analisys Services for building multidimensional analysis cubes and NT scripts for scheduling. Responsible for the integration of the following subjects:

- Migratory Statistics
- Health Statistics
- Demographic Statistics
- International Commerce and Family Budgets
- General Agriculture Survey

EDP Valor
Implementation of a datamart over the Sistema de gestão de frotas of EDP Valor. Natural was used for data extraction, Focus for data cleaning and Business Objects for building reports.

Jun 1998Sep 2001



Winterthur, Zürich
Implementation of a web solution for creation preliminary contracts (Quick offer/Offer) using AIA, management system for life insurance and HTML/Javascript.

Holmia, UK
Development of Holmia’s General Ledger system.

Codan, Denmark
Parameterization of Unit Linked products and other funds and investment pools related developments.

RVS, Ireland
Development of an interface between AIA and an Agent Commissions System for Belgian insurer RVS in Dublin.

Winterthur, United Kingdom
PRAS report development.

SPP, United Kingdom
AIA usage tracking system development for Swedish Insurance Company.

Jun 1996May 1998



Billing and Customer Care system development using Pro*C, Centura and LHS’s BSCS Billing.

Datwarehouse construction.
EIS development, using GDL (Gentia developer language) over multidimensional Gentia DBs.

Jan 1996Jan 1996



GIS development using ESRI's Arcview/Avenue software.

Oct 1995Dec 1995

Software Programmer

Caixa d'imagens

Presentation system development for Coliseu do Porto using Visual Basic.



PAGE – Plano Avançado de Gestão para Executivos

Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Management Post-Graduation


Computer Science Degree

Universidade Autónoma de Lisboa