Fernanda Ibarra was born in Mexico. After a very atypical learning path she decided to explore the facets of existence through dance, underwater photography and art. The arrival of the internet was a revelation for her. Very soon she was known in Latin America for her success  in the domain of internet marketing, e-learning and the formation of learning organizations. She participated with recognized universities and the Interamerican development bank in the formation of e-learning systems and online communities. Following her interests in organizational development she found the way into collective intelligence.Today Fernanda Ibarra is an internationally recognized figure in the new discipline of collective intelligence. She has two main domains of expertise, the first one is centered in global collective intelligence, comunication/collaboration platforms and practices as well as distributed organizational models.  Her other expertise focuses in dialogue processes to facilitate emergence and collective intelligence through different process arts like World café, open space and Theory U. She designs and facilitates online and offline processes for communities and organizations. Fernanda still works with big companies, organizations, government and civil society. She supports organizations in paradigm change. She applies integral models (AQAL), bonds personal development processes with the sociological evolution of culture (in particular with the emergence of cultural creatives) and global collective intelligence through online collaboration practices. Beginning in 2006, Fernanda joined, a research and development organization focused on the domain of collective intelligence which she co-develops with its founder Jean-François Noubel. TheTransitioner works mainly in the launching of free currencies  which will soon replace conventional money and give birth to new cultures and innovative economical and political relationships. Fernanda is in the anglo-saxon and Latin America world considered as one of the most advanced researchers in this domains.