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Sep 2016Sep 2018

Masters in Electronic & Computer Engineering

University College Dublin

ME Project: PROJECT [A] Investigating autonomous control designs for a Parrot AR quad-rotor UAV and projectile prediction using the X-box Kinect camera to create a projectile interception system we are dubbing  "Drone Goalkeeping".
The project involved reading and interpreting the data from a multitude of sensors from the drone and Kinect camera, interpreting this data using Matlab and Python,  and converting this data into usable control signals for the drone.

Relevant Modules:
Control Theory [B+], Software Engineering [A+], Object Oriented Programming [A-], Entrepreneurship in Engineering [A],  Data Science In Python [A+], Advanced Signal Processing [B+], Professional Eng. Management [A+].

Sep 2013Sep 2016

Bachelor's in Engineering Science

University College Dublin

Received an Entrance Scholar Award from University College Dublin. Given to those who achieve high academic results in their Leaving Certificate.
International Peer Adviser and member of ElecSoc.

Relevant Modules:
Intro to Robotics [A+] PROJECT Designed a Spider robot using Lego Mindstorms which implemented a gyroscope, light sensors, distance sensors and collision sensors, to traverse a web and eat flies 
Intro to Java [A+], Intro to Project Management and Leadership [A+], Digital Electronics [A-], Mutivariable Calculus [A+], Computer Programming using C [A-]

Jan 2016May 2016

Exchange in Computer and Electronic Engineering

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is ranked in the top 10 electronic engineering universities in the world. 

Relevant modules:
Digital system design [B+] PROJECT Designed an unbeatable tic-tac-toe AI ,which interfaced with the user through a PS2 keyboard and a VGA monitor, in SystemVerilog and the NiosII on an Altera DE2-115 FPGA.

Sep 2007Jun 2013

Leaving Certificate 560 points in 7 honours subjects

Patrician High School

English A1, Design and Communication Graphics A1, Physics A2, Maths B1, Irish B2, Accounting B2, French B2
During my time at the Patrician High School I was a member of the basketball (for which we reached 3 all-Ireland finals), Gaelic (under-16 Ulster champions) and soccer teams (U14 and 16 regional champions). I also served as class prefect and a member of the student council from 2nd through to 5th year. 

Work History

Jan 2017Aug 2017

Design Automation Engineering Intern

Intel - IOT and Wearables Department 

Managed and helped implement quality control on IP's delivered for one of Intel's process nodes. This involved inspecting the deliveries of hard IP's from multiple international Intel sites, writing and maintaining Python scripts and providing training to multiple staff members on how to run and diagnose issues with incoming IP. A detailed log of common errors and how to solve them was compiled and distributed among the different sites. 
After a successful initial period of delivering training and monitoring the quality of IP I was then approached to deliver status reports based on my findings to a task force comprised mainly of senior Intel engineers and managers.
Towards the end of the internship, I was also able to design the RTL for a 4 tap digital filter as part of a training course which was to be rolled out to incoming RTL engineers.
Whilst at Intel I became a member of the company's GAA team who won a Leinster championship. 

Jul 2016May 2018

Production Worker (Part Time Employment)

Carton's Bros.

I am currently working weekends to help support myself through my Masters program.

Nov 2015Nov 2015


Machine Stage Volunteer

WebSummit is a technology Conference held annually since 2010. The topic of the conference is centered on internet technology and attendees range from Fortune 500 companies to the world’s most exciting tech companies. This contains a mix of CEOs and founders of tech start ups together with a range of people from across the global technology industry, as well as related industries.

I assisted at the Machine Stage, which primarily focused on drones, robotics, smart homes and the Internet of Things. I liaised with speakers and ensured they arrived to the stages promptly for their talks and demonstrations from the Speakers Lounge, I also ensured the speakers had everything they needed to deliver their talks/demonstrations.
Furthermore the role required that as a team we maintained a safe and smooth crowd flow within and around our stage environment, including ushering people to and from their seats for the talks and demonstrations.
This was also a fantastic networking opportunity to meet many established and budding engineers. 

Jul 2015Aug 2015

IT Sourcing Intern - IT Tactical Procurement Team 

Verizon Services Ireland Limited
Jun 2014Apr 2015

Part-Time Manufacturing Assistant

Impedans Ltd.

Impedans Ltd. specializes in the delivery of high performance and high resolution plasma diagnostics solutions to customers in both research and industry.
At Impedans I learned a number of fundamental engineering skills including soldering, testing and repairing PCBs, shielding electrical components to reduce noise and the design and assembly of electronic systems.
Whilst at Impedans I was tasked with the testing, manufacturing and repair of products across the entire product range, mainly focusing on the assembly of the electronics boxes, PCB boards, and probes.
I became involved in the Sports and Social club in Impedans assisting in the planning of two staff trips as well as helping the company expand to a larger premises. 

Oct 2011Aug 2012

Design Assistant

Project Engineering

Whilst in secondary school I worked as a design assistant for a local engineering design company.
My main responsibilities included designing 3D models of non-critical machine components and manufacturing jigs for the senior engineers. 
I also dealt extensively with customers to work out many of the finer details of their design specifications. 
Some of the projects I was involved in include a wind turbine for Moffett engineering, a conveyor belt assembly machine for an Irish conveyor company, and a number of manufacturing jigs for MacFab engineering.

Programming Languages/Skills

C, C++, Robotic C, Java, JavaScript, Node.js, Processing, Python, Verilog, MATLAB, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor,  Microsoft Project, Soldering, Project management, Cadence, MIPS 32 Assembly language


Gaelic: I am a member of the current Carrickmacross Emmets Senior panel. I have won many titles with the club, including a Minor league and championship double, from which we went on to represent Monaghan in the Ulster minor club championships in 2013. I was also a member of my school team, and the successful Monaghan minor panel of 2013 who captured a historic Ulster double. I was also recently a member of the Senior Panel who won the Intermediate double in Monaghan.


Prof. Robert Shorten - Masters Project Supervisor                                                                         Tel: 7161964           Email: [email protected]

Dr. Finbarr O'Regan - Manager in Intel                                                                                                Tel: 0871218367    Email: [email protected]