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A results oriented professional educator with demonstrated expertise in all aspects of delivering high quality adult, high school, and middle school education. Particularly, skilled in facilitating Math, French, Art and Curriculum development.  Proven leader, who fosters effective student learners, establishes dynamic teaching relationships and achieves desired academic results.


  • AZ Department of  Education Certified Math Teacher
  • AZ Department of  Education Certified French Teacher
  • Successfully facilitated K-12 courses in Math, English, French, Social Studies, Art, and Architecture
  • Implemented and trained staff on procedures for state standardized testing (AIMS and Stanford 9 testing)
  • Ability to work independently
  • Follows directions, fit in and work well with students, staff and faculty at all levels
  • Excellent written communication and organizational skills
  • Successfully completed US Constitution and Arizona Constitution
  • Successfully completed the Professional Knowledge/Secondary test.
  • Successfully completed the subject knowledge /secondary French test
  • AZ Housse Rubric Highly qualified attestation  for secondary math teaching
  • Complete 60 hours state  SEI required professional development
  • Axia College Assistant faculty / faculty training 2004/ adult education
  • Successfully mentored over 100 math teachers in curriculum and Aims preparation
  • Highly Qualified Professional in teaching Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus
  • Highly Qualified  in teaching beginning and advance French classes
  • Highly Qualified in Technology integration and thematic units applications


Nov 2000Dec 2002

Master of Arts in Education Technology

University of Phoenix

The Master of Arts in Education Technology Degree is a graduate degree for bachelor prepared individuals who wish to develop and enhance their curriculum and instruction repertoire. The program encompasses the study of curricular planning and development with an integration of technology, assessment and evaluation practices, strategies for effective classroom instruction for a variety of learners and critical issues within the field of education. The mathematics specialization focuses on the effective curricular, teaching, and assessment practices in the content areas of algebra, geometry, and statistics.


  • Participate in Field Experiences that are tied to either specific course objectives and/or program standards
  • Reflect on their performance and thinking throughout the coursework
  • Integrate technology into the curriculum
  • Utilize critical thinking in making decisions
  • Collaborate with learning teams on problem solving situations
  • Complete a Teacher Work Sample Project
  • Demonstrate continuous progress and development throughout the program in their electronic portfolio
  • Student teach in an approved placement with a certified classroom teacher
Oct 1995Dec 1997

Post Baccalaureat Teacher Education Degree (TED) program

University of Phoenix

This Post Baccalaureat Teacher Education Degree (TED) program is aligned to a research-based conceptual framework that identifies the educator competencies most important to promoting improved student learning.  the TED program is designed to meet state-specific requirements and provides professional education development courses to prepare adult already in the work place who want to become teachers. Secondary education courses are provided in conjuction with the professional knowledge requirements, student teaching, and class management.

GPA: 3.83

Aug 1991Dec 1994

Bachelor of Science and Design in Architecture

Arizona State University

The Bachelor of Science and Architecture Design Degree creates a deep awareness and knowledge of the discipline of architecture and the ideas and values that affect the creative practice of architecture. The program of study emphasizes the base of knowledge that is specialized and particular to architecture. This is the special understanding of the history, theories, and the technologies essential to architecture. The program seeks to enhance the depth of our understanding, the qualities of our experience, and the intimacy of our awareness of architecture. In addition, this bachelor  program is designed to develop knowledge and skills in architectural design, building technology, and professional practice.

GPA: 3.00

Sep 1985Sep 1986

French Baccalaureat

Blaise Pascal

The French Baccalaureate Diploma is an official French diploma that is recognized by all French higher education institutions on a par with the traditional French Baccalaureate. It has been elaborated in collaboration with the College Board, which guarantees it recognition in American and foreign universities alike.



Temeka Alston - 602-515-3471

1266 Bogle St. Chandler, AZ 85286

Jennifer Flores - 480-203-6294

3660 W. Glendale ave Phoenix, Az 85051

Micheal Webb - 602-791-6276

649 North 6th Avenue Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Milinda Crawford - 480-228-9414

2041 E. Vineyard Rd. Phoenix AZ 85042


  • 2015 AZ Dept of Education Standard Professional Secondary, 6-12 Certificate in Math
  • 2013 AZ Dept of Education Standard Professional Secondary, 6-12 Certificate in French
  • 2009-2015 Substitute Certificate
  • 2009-2010  earned 100 points on the AZ HOUSSE  Rubric for high school math (Pursuant to requirement mandated by P.L. 107-110 No Child Left Behind Legislation)
  • 2006-2007  earned 100 points on the AZ HOUSSE Rubric for high school math (Pursuant to requirement mandated by P.L. 107-110 No Child Left Behind Legislation)
  • 2003-2004  earned 100 points on the AZ HOUSSE Rubric for high school math (Pursuant to requirement mandated by P.L. 107-110 No Child Left Behind Legislation)

Work experience

Aug 2003Present

Math / French High School Teacher

Estrella High School
  • Developed lessons aligned to Arizona State Standard and curriculum mapping  for Math
  • Established clear leaning objectives for Math
  • Developed school wide planning and delivery of AIMS Math Workshops using research base assessment (pre/post test, Study Island, Galileo test)
  • Head of the Department of Math teacher for teaching intermediate math, pre-algebra, algebra 1 & 2, geometry, pre-calculus
  • Provided research based, standardized testing, Galileo test, Study Island, pre and post testing to identify student population math needs
  • Performed thematic unit and architecture, poetry, construction, research skills to apply math concepts in real life situations
  • Worked with student on developing study skills, time management, and note taking skills eveloped classroom rules and expectations
  • Enforced school discipline and maintained accurate attendance record and grading records
  • Utilized Google classroom, desmos program and Schoolmaster Attendance program to enter student grades and attendance.
  • Applied Taskstream Web-based software to support students learning and knowledge while designing lesson plans aligned with core and Arizona math standards.
  • Administered pre and post assessment for Math through Assessment technology Incorporated (ATI) that documents students learning and outcomes.
  • Analyzed student scores using ATI‘s Galileo school assessment tool to develop an action plan for AIMS workshops in correlation with AIMS results.
  • Used Study Island application to improve student mastery of math skills, student self pace practice, and develop analysis of students needs.

Math Assistant Faculty/Adult Education

Univeristy of Phoenix Axia College

Provided high quality education and assisted students with their confidence in math and self-esteem. Helped incoming freshmen students believe in themselves to be successful while at Axia based on the following:

  • Responsible for Instructor Led and Online Web Based Training math classes for young adult learners
  • Taught MTH99 Introduction to College Mathematics
  • Identify individual learning needs
  • Provided tutoring and mentoring to accommodate students and their math needs
Dec 2003Jun 2003

Long term substitute

Collier Elementary
  • Responsible for delivery of instruction in math, science, language, reading, social studies for 6th grade level.
  • Prepared support material for classroom instruction
  • Responsible for parent communication, grading, newsletter, discipline, recess and transition supervision
Aug 2001Jun 2002

Teacher: Math, Language Art, Natural Science, History

Advantage Middle/High School
  • Responsible for delivering math, natural science, history, language and reading for 6,7 and 8th graders
  • Trained teachers in curiculum and technology integration techniques at the middle school evel
  • Wrote the Network Acceptable Use Policy for the school
  • Provided school wid standardized testing material in math applications. Reinforced learning skills, helped with reading and comprehension skills
  • Worked on helping students improve time management, organizational and study skills
Aug 1999Jun 2001

Teacher: Math, French, Art/ District coordinator

Shadow Ridge Charter school
  • Responsible for delivering Math and French instructions to middle school and high school students (6-12th graders)
  • Delivered French instruction and Art classes for 3rd through 5th graders. Developped real life math concepts for delivering an inegrated thematic unit for reinforcing hand on experience
  • Incorporated technology based research, art, fashion, cooking, foreign language, speech, research writing and communication skills as part of thematic unit and project
  • Responsible for grading students, supervision of recess, parent communication
  •  District coordinator responsible fo schedualing, ordering, management of procedures for standardized testing ( Stanford 9 and AIMS)
  • Responsible for mural and art work on school grounds
  • Saved Shadow Ridge Charter school over $25,000 through the donation of 17 computers and technology equipments and acted as liason between the University of Phoenix and the school through the process
  •  Research technology integration and implementation plan ino the curriculum for the school
Jul 1997Jun 1999

Math teacher

ATOP Academy
  • Responsibel for delivering math instruction to 6, 7,and 8th graders.
  •  Developped real life mah concepst for delivering an intergrated math thematic unit for reinforcing hand on experience.
  • Reseach based projects using life skills, budget, statistics, deduction, communication and presentation skills. family involvement in student learning process.
  • Responsible for grading students, supervision of recess and parent communication on students performances.
  • Worked with students to develop study skills, time management and note taking.
Jul 1996May 1997

Mentor/ Teacher

Horizon Charter School
  • Responsible for delivery of instruction, grading, preparing support material for classroom instruction, discipline, recess and transition supervision
  •  Created Social studies thematic Unit on Africa. Provided students cultural diversity experiences using guest speakers
  •  Organized an African Fair which included history , music, story telling, art, artifact, and dance
  • Reinforced learning skills, helped with reading and omprhension skills
  •  Worked wih students to improve time management, organization an study skills
  • Designed and taught Art watercolor, 6th grade math, French and Integrated Social Studies class
Jan 1991Sep 1994

Learning Resource Tutor/ adult education

Arizona State Universtiy
  • Assisted students in achieving their academic performane through French tutoring
  • Designed and implemented exercises and activities to facilitate student academic improvement
  • Communicated with departmental and ethnic minority liasons regarding students academic needs and progress
  • Worked on teaching time management, organizational  and study skills
  • Organized curriculum for Math and French classes to help freshmen adjust to university requirements


FRE 598 Study of Literature Francophone Africain ASU
Study of 20th century Francophone African Literature and movement
FRE 412 Adv writen French ASU
this course works on the improvement of composition skills
FRE411 Adv spoken French ASU
This course improves French spoken fluency
FRE102 Elementary French II Mesa community College
This course continued the study of grammar and vocabulary of the French language along with the study of French culture. Emphasis on speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.
FRE 101 Elementary French I Mesa Community college
This course studies basic grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary of the French language. Includes the study of French culture, practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
MAT 210 Brief Calculus-Arizona State University
This course introduces Differential and integral calculus of elementary functions with applications
MAT 119 Finite Math-Arizona State University
This course introduces Differential and integral calculus of elementary functions with applications.
MAT 117 College Algebra- Arizona State University
This course introduces Linear and quadratic functions, polynomial and rational functions, logarithmic and exponential functions, systems of equations.
MTH 070 Algebra I - Pima Community College
This course  introduced basic algebra. Which includes translating written statements into algebraic expressions, linear equations, linear inequalities, graphing, integer exponents, and polynomials. Also includes factoring, simple rational expressions, square roots, quadratic equations, and optional topics.

Service Related to Core Academic Subject Area

2001-Present - Mentor teacher at middle School and High school level math department , Shadow Ridge Charter School, Estrella High School

2003 - Instructor at an Institute of Higher Education in course related to the core academic subject area, University of Phonix- Axia College, Assistant Faculty

2003-2006 - Math department chair , Estrella High School

Awards Related to Core Academic Subject Areas

2000-2001 Teacher Recognition awarded for dedication to developing young minds.

Shadow Ridge Charter School

Phoenix, Arizona,

1998-1999 Teacher Recognition Certificate awarded for dedicated

ATOP Academy

Phoenix, Arizona,

1997 Certificate of Appreciation award for excellence

Horizon Charter School

Chandler, Arizona

1997 Charter Member, in recognition of key leadership

Horizon Charter School

Chandler, Arizona

1997 Teacher of the week, KNIX,

1994 Certificate of Academic Achievement in the Bachelor of Science in Design

The Ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc,

Arizona State University,Tempe, Arizona

1989 Certificate of Appreciation award for excellence

Arizona State University Computing and Network Consulting Services Department

Tempe , Arizona

Professional Development and Activities in Core Subject Areas

  • 2008 Structured English Immersion, Leona Group, 45 hrs
    • Provisional SEI endorsement for completed 60 hrs required
  • 2008 Effective Geometry strategies Follow-up Academy, Department of Education 6.5 hrs
    • Standards and Assessment Division
  • 2008 Geometry Intervention Academy, Department of Education, 13 hrs
    • Standards and Assessment Division
  • 2007 A+ Training A+nywhere, Learning Systems, 5 hrs
    • Backbone Communications
  • 2006 TI-Nspire Training, Department of Education, 6 hrs
    • Texas Instrument
  • 2005 A+ Training A+nywhere, Learning Systems, 5 hrs
    • Backbone Communications
  • 2005 Structured English Immersion, Leona Group, 15 hrs
    • Provisional SEI endorsement
  • 2004 Student Motivational and diversity training, Estrella High School, 2 hrs
    • Understanding student population and cultural diversity
  • 2004 SAT Workshop, The College Board, 6hrs
    • New SAT Requirement
  • 2002, 2004 Grief at school, Hospice of Arizona, 4 hrs
    • Grief at school /students behaviors and teachers responses
  • 2001, The Internet and Schools conference, Office of the Arizonz Attorney General, 5 hrs
    • Prepare Teachers, schools to better repond to Internet incidents
  • 1998 Curriculum development ATOP Training, 40 hrs
    • Curriculum development, PREP, Reading