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Work experience
Mar 2008 - Present


Ferber Dental Group


An acclaimed dental practice located in Florida, the Ferber Dental Group maintains a staff of highly trained dental professionals, many of whom hold degrees from Ivy League schools and other prestigious universities around the United States. In addition to a multitude of cosmetic dentistry procedures, the Ferber Dental Group specializes in a full range of general dentistry procedures, designed to keep teeth healthy and patients happy. Dental exams and cleanings, two of the most basic general dentistry services offered at the Ferber Dental Group, represent crucial steps in the maintenance of good oral health and the prevention of problems down the road. During exams and cleanings, dentists at the Ferber Dental Group closely inspect the teeth and gums, remove harmful calculus (tarter) and plaque from the surface of the teeth, and polish the teeth to give them an improved appearance. The practice places a particular emphasis on the importance of preventative dentistry, encouraging patients to maintain a close professional relationship with their dentist/registered dental hygienists and take the necessary steps at home to keep their teeth and gums healthy. The practitioners at Ferber Dental Group possess significant experience in the placement of crowns and bridges, which either repair or enhance the existing structure of the teeth. Crowns, that are fitted around a prepared tooth, have the potential to cover misshapen or discolored teeth and protect weak or damaged teeth. Dental bridges, another type of restoration frequently used by the Ferber Dental Group, are permanent fixtures that span the gap created by one or more missing teeth. Highly adaptable and applicable in a number of situations, bridges have the potential to increase comfort when chewing and speaking, prevent teeth from drifting into empty spaces, and bring back a beautiful smile. For a large number of people, the appearance of wisdom teeth during the late teens and early twenties can crowd surrounding teeth and even cause them permanent damage. To remedy the problem, the Ferber Dental Group specializes in the surgical removal of wisdom teeth, a common procedure. The experienced dental staff at Ferber Dental Group also performs root canals, procedures designed to repair and save teeth by removing the nerve tissue and pulp from the interior of the tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Dentistry, by Ferber Dental

Q: What is the primary cause of cavities?A: Most people blame sugar, but that's only half true. In reality, the bacteria in your mouth feed on carbohydrates and create an acid that causes cavities. Since sugar is a high source of carbohydrates, bacteria gorges on those excess carbs and produces large quantities of the acid responsible for cavities.Q: Do kids get cavities more frequently than adults?A: Kids stand a high chance of getting cavities due to consuming snacks and drinks high in sugar, but recent studies have found that senior citizens also get cavities easily. Saliva helps fight tooth decay by neutralizing acids that cause the decay, but many seniors take medications that leave their mouths dry and vulnerable.Q: I have gaps in my teeth. Are those gaps bigger targets for cavities?A: Actually, you're more likely to develop cavities in smaller gaps than larger ones. Smaller gaps are harder to clean, but you can easily brush larger gaps.Q: My teeth are sensitive. Do I have tooth decay?A: Sensitive teeth could just mean hypersensitive teeth, or they could indicate a cracked tooth or gum recession, or forecast the need for a root canal. Talk to your dentist if you experience any pain, no matter how minor. About the Author:At Ferber Dental Group, Dr. Brian Ferber serves clients in need of top-quality dental care offered at affordable prices. Visit to learn more.