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About Me

I am a programmer and developer for MS EDV Consulting, and a part-time writer and contributor to various online sports sites.

Work experience



I started doing some work for many years ago, mostly summaries of games. Now I contribute to regularly and had some work published at

Oct 2007Present

Programmer and .NET Developer

MS EDV Consulting GmbH

Our company is developing a product for Airport Services. We work with .NET (C#) and PostGreSQL and integrate a number of other technologies into our application. I am responsible mostly for the GUI and Database portion of the program, but contribute to most aspects of our work since we are a very small company.

Jun 2005Aug 2005

Summer Intern

National Center for Supercomputing (NCSA at University of Illinois)

Together with full-time employees we developed an Image Recognition Software for saving and storing physical advertisements. The ads were provided in .jpg, or .pdf form from our client, the information was extracted and saved to a database.

Feb 2003Mar 2003


Kays Engineering Inc.

Kays Engineering cooperated with a German Firm and presented their products in Germany. I developed the content of several booklets for these presentations.


Aug 2002May 2006


During my four years at College I played on the Baseball team, contributed to the Purple Patch (Campus poetry magazine) and participated in the Mathematics Club.

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Operating Systems
I have experience in Windows, Unix, Linux.
I have experience in MySQL, PostGreSQL.
I have experience in COBOL, Visual Basic, Java, .NET, HTML, PHP (mäßig), Web-Applications, ASP.NET.
I started learning Russian in 2007 and have progressed to the point that I understand most conversations. My speaking is very limited.
Slovak and Czech
Slovak is my native tongue, I continue to speak it and while my vocabulary suffers a little my pronounciation and understanding are still fabulous. I learned Czech very early on and speak it with a strong Slovak accent, but my understanding is very good.
German is not my first but my best language. One of my great accomplishments was to graduate Gymnasium (Matura) with a 1 in German, which I thought unlikely because I picked up the language relatively late.
I perfected my english during my various stays in the United States. I speak accent free with advanced vocabulary and enjoy the language particularly.