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Metal forming (sheet metal stamping, deep drawing, tube forming, extrusion, forging);

Mechanical engineering and solid mechanics:

Material science and metallurgy;


Product design and project development;

Forming process planning and die operation line up processing;

Die/tooling/fixture design;

Die face development and formability analysis;

Circle grid analysis, Stress-strain analysis, FEA, and simulation;


Metallurgical testing and material properties analysis;

Heat exchange and treatment;

Microstructure evolution analysis;


Solutions-oriented metal forming specialist with notable success directing a broad range of mechanical, material and mechanics in design, simulation, analysis, testing, troubleshooting and production; • Tracked record of responsibility in mechanical system design, metal forming process simulation and development, material formability and metallurgy analysis; • Demonstrated capacity to implement metal forming process, including sheet metal stamping (forming), tube forming, extrusion, and etc; • Hands-on experience leading all stages of metal forming process development efforts, including die/tooling/fixture design, process simulation/test/analysis and troubleshooting, system automation control and support, and production; • Outstanding leadership ability; able to coordinate and direct all phases of project-based efforts while managing, motivating and leading; • Adept at developing metal forming process and procedure, project documentation, and technical specifications;

Work experience

Oct 2008Present

Consulting Mechanical Engineer

Engineering Technology Associates, Inc.,

Provide technical direction and support to DFE (Die Face Engineering) module upgrading of Dynaform; conduct fabrication processing and formability analysis of stamping; document manual and operation instruction;

- Improve module functionality and work scope;

- Develop die face of sheet metal stamping;

- Conduct stamping processing and formability simulation;

- Develop die operation line up design;

Dec 2006Oct 2008

Project Engineer

General Motor

Design and develop metal stamping processing flow; conduct product manufacturing feasibility analysis; provide producibility assessment of engineering designs; participate in production try-out; document concept approval, implementation, and improvement of fabricationprocessing;

- Coordinated product design, process analysis and die design;

- Performed products fabrication processing and stamping die face development of line-die operation;

- Conducted stress-strain analysis, formability simulation and die operation line up design;

- Associated products modification for functionality improvement;

- Provided technical direction to support personnel;

Oct 2002Dec 2006

Mechanical / Project Engineer

Temper Inc.,

Conduct new technology development and documentation of metal forming; evaluate engineering design of product; process fabrication flow and procedure; develop die/tooling/fixture design; perform material property and metallurgy study; conducted management of operation and maintenance of entire forming system and workshop;

- Conducted process planning and optimization, circle grid stress-strain analysis, and formability simulation;

- Performed die/tooling/fixture design and installation;

- Conducted production tryout and prove-out, material handling and flow;

- Implemented material properties analysis;

- Established quality insurance system for evaluation, simulation and analysis of material formability;

Oct 1999Oct 2002

Scientist Engineer

Develop new metal forming technology, conduct process planning and formability analysis; design and install tooling and fixture; work for technology prove-out and formability assurance control; document process development and technology innovation; conducted management of operation and maintenance of entire laboratory;

- Planned and optimized forming process;

- Conducted circle grid stress-strain analysis and material formability evaluation;

- Performed material property and metallurgy study;

- Generated forming window, sorted forming materials, and conducted material handling;

- Built feedback control system for material thermal evolution and deformation;

Jun 1994Oct 1999


Tsinghua University

Conduct technology development, process optimization and formability simulation of metal forming; perform study of feasibility, formability, material property and metallurgy; document technology development and innovation;

- Developed and analyzed metal forming process;

- Conducted quality assurance control and tooling design;

- Established loading life evaluation approaches for defected pressure vessel;

- Built quality assurance control system and forgings forming process codes;

Mar 1982Sep 1990


Henan University of Science and Technology

Conducted process planning for sheet metal stamping, matel forming, extrusion, and forging;

Performed die/tooling/fixture design;

Provided FEA, formability simulation and stress-strain analysis;

Worked for forming testing and try-out;


Sep 1990Jun 1994

Ph. D

Tsinghua University

Conducted forming process develoment; Investigated forming pattern;

Performed physical and numerical simulation; Evaluated microstructure evolution for material property improvement;

Optimized forming processing;

Conducted life estimation of pressure vessel under load;

Sep 1985Mar 1988


Xian Jiaotong University

Developed extrusion process;Investigated forming pattern;

Optimizied forming process;

Conducted physical and numerical simulation;

Mar 1978Mar 1982


Henan University of Science and Technology

Developed forming process on casting iron;Conducted forming testing and microstructure evaluating;