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I am sure that Romania will become a regional hub for IT.One of the ways to increase awareness about Romania and it's offerings it's by personal networking. And I want to do my share. Already Romania it's high on the list of potential global IT suppliers, but more can be made.And IT clients come from all industries :-). I am quite well connected in Romania and I am able to put you in contact with a lot of people (if you are interested in making business or working in Romania). I do not sell anything, except Romania as global IT supplier. :-)I am committed to help Romania to expand regionally. It's my personal quest :-)

================= Key Skills =================Very good Romanian IT market knowledge with connections in all industries14 years of IT management, IT operations and consulting experience with regional petroleum group, Big 4 firm and IT services company. Romanian-Canadian MBA (marketing specialization) with particular expertise in:• Change management. Restructured and integrated four IT organizations: Petros, IAIFO, Vega and Petromidia refineries• Deliver cost effective IT services. Organized Rompetrol IT like a (semi) captive delivery center and keep costs at 50% of industry average• Building, leading and motivating teams of up to 120 productive employees• Strategic planning and development for Information Systems in a corporation growing from turnover of 100M USD to 1B USD in two years

Work experience

Jun 2007Present

EXP Executive Partner

Jul 2005Present


CIO Council

There are many IT industry associations. All of them represent the interests of IT vendors. CIO Council is the only industry association representing the interests of corporate IT clients.The main objective of CIO Council is to promote and protect interests of IT&C corporate clients.CIO Council will:• Promote the creation of mature and competitive IT&C market in Romania. • Provide a beneficial network of peers; • Sponsor interesting discussion of IT&C topics in areas that we profess expertise; • Address the challenges that we face professionally, including the creation and use of IT&C to achieve our companies' business objectives, the development of technically capable staff, and the promotion of IT&C as a resource in Romania.

Jun 2003May 2007



The Rompetrol Group is a regional petroleum company with presence in 14 countries and 2006 revenues of US$5.65 billion================================== Report to VP Shared Services, lead a team of 120 with 7 direct reports, annual budget of $12M+ group wideSet information systems strategy and direction. Responsible for the provision of all IT services: 20+ companies, 14 countries, 3000+ IT users• Run IT like a separate entity, with own P&L. Sell services based on contracts at market price• Implemented ABC costing for IT services• Implemented ITIL • Created Project Management Office• Maintained a low staff turnover using people management best practices and low cost methods• Improved IT cash position by selling services outside the Rompetrol Group• Reduced costs by 15% by negotiating global contracts with major providers• Merged and reorganized IT and Business Restructuring departments• Lead team for Oracle E-Business Suite implementation (4 companies)

Sep 2000May 2003

IT Director


 Reported to VP Shared Services, led a team of 56 with 6 direct reports, annual budget of $3M+ group wideSet information technology strategy and direction. Responsible for the provision of all IT services: 10+ companies, 5 major sites, 30+ servers, 1000+ workstations, Oracle E-Business Suite• Successfully operate and develop IT with headcount less than half of industry average• Consolidated IT departments as a shared service over group companies• Consolidated IT polices, IS standards and procedures, IT Training• Implemented change management system for IT• Improved helpdesk system by implementing single point of contact and request tracking system• Lead technical team for Oracle E-Business Suite implementation (5 companies) and Oracle Financial Analyzer implementation• Lead team in performing major upgrade and migration (from Windows to AIX) of Oracle E Business Suite. This was the first successful upgrade in Romania

Mar 2000Aug 2000

IT Manager

Rompetrol Vega Refinery

Vega is a 500k t/yr. refinery focused on specialty products: solvents, recovery of metals, ceresin, bitumen, pharmaceutical salves, catalysts for cars, LPG, & intermediate blend stocks.================================== Reported to General Manager and managed 5 direct reports, six months budget of $250K+Restructure and integrate IT function. Responsible for the provision of all IT services - 4 servers, 250+ workstations, NT/2000 network integrated with Rompetrol Group WAN• Organize IT department by creating job descriptions, implementing evaluation system and setting individual objectives• Develop and implement IT policy, IS standards and procedures• Start IT training program for 200+ trainees with two full time trainers and dedicated training room• Plan and implement BackOffice 4.5 for integrated e-mail and Internet access• Plan and implement VPN with Bucharest Headquarters• Develop and implement change management system for legacy applications

Jan 1999Feb 2000

Senior Consultant

Ernst & Young

Ernst & Young is one of the world's leading professional services organizations with presence in 140 countries and 2005 revenues of US$16.9 billion.==================================Responsible for the provision of all IT services – 2 servers, 100+ workstations, NT network• Performed Y2K audits (including National Bank of Romania)• Act as a technical advisor for various client engagements• Reduced IT related downtime for users by 50% while cutting overall IT maintenance time by 70%• Reduced IT related costs and improved vendor services through market research and direct negotiation• Organized three weeks training for 45 trainee• Perform regular audits to verify IT policies compliance and determine true business needs for future capacity planning


Service Director

MicroNET Computers

 Managed 4 direct reports• Participate in company growth from 2 clients on 3 sites to 10+ clients on 20+ sites• Designed, implemented and maintained a TCP/IP network with 4 sites connected over leased lines and CATV, VPN, 3 UNIX servers, 4 firewalls, 4 routers, 200+ PCs and terminals• Designed and supervised installation of mixed voice/data networks (UTP Cat 5, Fiber-Optic backbone) for 350+ computers• Developed a fully automated data-bridge between a legacy medical system (running on PDP-11 and MicroVAX) and PC• Developed a Linux based sniffer and other tools related to network security (scanning scripts, log analyzers) for Linux, DEC OSF and SCO UNIX• Developed (using Visual Basic) an electronic cash register supervising program for a Point Of Sale type application• Developed (using Visual Basic) a telephone exchange monitoring program


Service Engineer

MicroNET Computers

• Installed, configured and managed UNIX, CISCO and DEC WAN routers, switches, hubs and modems• Managed customers’ networks: Microsoft, Novell NetWare and UNIX networks• Designed, implemented and maintained alarm systems (20+ zones, remote reporting and control)• Developed (using Access) an in-house inventory and service activity management system


Software Engineer

Intel '91



Advanced Studies

Universitatea 'Politehnica' din Bucuresti

• First prize and gold medal at “Salonul International Creativitate-Inovare”, Bucharest 5-10 June 1995, for the paper "µCIM - A new approach in small scale CIM"• "µCIM - An implementation Model for Distributed Shop-Floor Control", ROSE ’95 Proceedings