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Work History


Project Manager & SEO Analyst

Provided our company's clients with SEO services for their websites. Learned how search engines work, how to find out what people search for, the science behind the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by the targeted audience of our clients. Managed the optimization of a website and edited its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoted my clients website to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links depending on the priority at hand. Also provide Project Management work and others. 

Easy Hardware Trading


PAM & SEM Analyst

One of my primary responsibilities are creating & monitoring our company's SEO and adjust our SEM in order to match our marketing goals. I manage & monitor both paid search results (using tools like Google Adwords or Bing Ads) and organic search results (SEO). I use paid advertising with AdWords or Bing Ads, pay per click, article submissions, advertising and make sure our SEO is well done. I also do keyword analysis for both SEO and SEM. I handle our SMM (social media marketing) as well. My SEMM work is linked to our SEO but focuses on return on investment (ROI) instead of relevant traffic building (as is the case of mainstream SEO). In our Marketing strategy we integrate organic SEO into our SEM in order to achieve top ranking without using paid means to achieve it. My other responsibility which is equally important is my work as a Partner Account Manager (PAM), responsible for finding, building, maintaining and managing sound relationships with current and prospective channel partners. I facilitate growth by helping to identify new business opportunities and am responsible for helping our company sell equipment, solutions and services to existing or prospective clients all over the world.

Click Labs



I Was selected by Click Labs to participate in their incubator program to launch a new venture (VoteChat) with the backing of the parent firm. Moved to Chandigarh, India. Where their development offices were located. Brainstormed the creation of a new solution. Prototyped, wire-framed and tested a new messaging concept. Learned how to manage and efficiently run a independent startup inside a bigger company. Overcame cultural differences and successfully nurtured a dedicated team of developers achieving all our development goals in time to launch. Also helped the parent firm with business development consultancy, SEO and coaching the employees on viral strategies whenever necessary to either benefit my company or the parent firm. Also learned how to develop a better email marketing strategy and how to create a successful content marketing campaign.



CEO & Founder

With the backing of the Click Labs incubator. Me and my partner successfully managed to lead a team of Indian engineers in the creation of VoteChat. A mobile messaging application with an innovative twist. On VoteChat conversations were centered around voting on what the users were saying, ex; whoever got the most votes, 'won' the conversation before the group 'time' ran out. We managed to acquire up to 1000 active iPhone users a day and they spent about 10 minutes sharing videos, photos and opinions in the many public groups within the app. I overlooked the development of the application both front-end and server side. Studied and lead our development team to implement the best practices for instant messaging apps UX modified to our particular unique selling point. Worked for the first time using Node.js. Using my previous experience I managed to generate media buzz not just locally in India but also internationally. Being prominently featured on the front page of the USA Today and on several other tech publications (see here, here and here). The application remains popular in several African and middle eastern countries. You can see a video of the app by clicking here.

Central telecom


Telecommunications Engineer Manager & Project Manager

Conceptualized & created a software that used DTMF technology coupled VoIP and a 0900 business model to launch and monetize a mobile application that routed phone calls between two parties through the private lines of a telecom services provider generating revenue in the form of call minutes. The technology was unprecedented and innovative because it charged users for a normal call but instead of them paying their telephone carrier. They paid our Telecom partner due to the fact we routed their calls through our lines by using DTMF technology for inbound calls and selection of desired end number and VoIP for outbound connection. The technology was successfully applied in the PhoneTour ( & ( android app and one of Brazil's northern state governments bought the rights to the software and is maintaining it today. The application connects tourists in Brazil with locals who speak their language. The calls were charged like normal local calls and followed local regulations on 0900 numbers. I invented the technology in 2012 and worked as a freelance consultant on its later implementation with the Central Telecom client.

Colchões Ortobom



Ortobom is the oldest, biggest and most profitable mattress company in the Brazilian economy. Serving all 26 states and being the leading company in the offline national market of 200M people. When I started working on the website all of our e-commerce rivals sold more Ortobom mattresses onlines then we did. When I joined the company I lead our Marketing team and revamped our SEO strategy. We implemented the best practices in tittle tags and ad words bidding. With the enthusiasm of a wall street high frequency trader I adjusted, modified, increased or decreased the price of our adwords bid using real time analytical feedback from the google analytics tools.In parallel we deployed a brand new social media campaign both creating and managing the channels with which our company reached out to its customer base. I studied and analyzed the results of reports provided by our Community Manager and detected both threats and opportunities, as well as measuring the effectiveness of various actions. Based on this, I made decisions concerning each of the above aspects and in the end we went from an ecommerce selling 50k USD a month to 300k USD a month through Google ad-words alone in online sales of mattresses. We went from not even being in the first page. To competing head to head(and consistently out performing) with the main e-commerce rivals for the top 3 results. With a nimble budget (compared to our competitors billion dollar marketing war chest) we managed to consistently win over our rivals in the high margin niche market of online mattress sales, restoring Ortobom's rightful place as a force to be contended with not just offline. But online as well. I had a lot of fun working there and miss our "Adam versus Goliath" approach from taking a neglected e-commerce to a leader in its segment winning against the marketing strategy of online giants like and in Brazil's intertet market of 107M active users.

Off The Track - Rio


Chief Marketing Officer

Consultancy On Marketing Strategy. Paintball In The Favela. Reacted to changing circumstances in the firm, and shaped the company's understanding of a particular product, sales strategy, or marketing idea. Each of these products comes from a different department, so I was a nexus of information: Was involved in departments such as, but not limited to, production, information technology, corporate communications, documentation, public affairs, legal, human resources, and finance.


CEO & Founder

Raised 50.000 euros in seed capital from angel investors to start a music streaming website whose main purpose was to monetize free music by creating a peer-to-peer marketplace of real products whose profit margins would be shared with the most popular bands. Overlooked and managed the implementation of the best process from wireframing, backend, front end and cloud management so as to make the user experience & streaming as smooth as possible. Created and executed on a successful SEO strategy to gain rapid viral growth. Learned how to create and operate a peer-to-peer online marketplace. Bootstrapped and managed a team of 10 developers for one year in Brazil while trying to pioneer this innovative business model. In the meantime tried to convince major music label executives to adopt my solution and provide me with their catalog. Learned how to fund raise and walk through the bureaucratic process of trying to obtain licenses from major corporations (in this case music). Website had about 2500 users a day at its peak. Learned how to generate media buzz and attention of the press.Later in 2012 I successfully raised an additional 20kUSD through a crowd funding website to resurrect the company. Eventually had to shutdown due to delayed negotiations with the major labels and waning interest from users due to lack of a big catalog.

Zila Networks


Market Researcher & Partner

With the emergence of geolocation services like in 2009 I created a mobile application algorithm that would visually recommend places to go on a map to users of the mobile application (Click Here to see the USPTO Patent).This online social networking method was sold to a group of russian internet investors & entrepreneurs in exchange for equity on their company Zila Networks which was developing my software inside their flagship application of the time, (Click for Video). The patent of my invention was given to the company's founders and I became a partner, market researcher and consultant for our startup. I helped the development team with the implementation of the software and also with market research on the best methods to execute an efficient viral marketing strategy and methods to generate user engagement. Our startup and flagship product went on to raise 1M USD in venture capital and we were product sponsors of TechCrunch disrupt twice in 2010. Our app was one of the first geo-social networks in the world and we reached 600.000 downloads and 300.000 monthly active users. In our one year of operation we were consistently in the top 100 most downloaded apps in the USA and at our peak we stayed as a top 20 most downloaded apps in the USA for 4 months. I learned a lot about Ruby on Rails development and how to scale a fast growing application.

Gol Mobile


eBook Author 

Wrote a book with 25 chapters detailing the life of 25 different fictional characters from birth to death. All the characters life were intertwined much in a manner like wikipedia articles hyperlink to one another.Created and eloquently described in detail a humorous future world where where flying cars do not yet exist but cars that drive 500/km per hour on city roads do. Great exercise in creativity and wit. The rights to the book were bought by Gol Editora and the book was published in Brazil as one the first 3 ipad/iphone ebooks ever published in the portuguese language. You can find the book on this link, it sells for 4.99 USD.


Amity University

Jun 2013Jun 2016

Bachelor of Commerce

At my current studies I am learning Business Management-directed programs which are designed to give me a broad knowledge of the functional areas of a company, and their interconnection, and also to develop my practical managerial skills, communication skills and business decision-making capability. These programs I'm studying incorporate training and practical experience, in the form of case projects, presentations, internships, industrial visits, and interaction with experts from the industry.

Miami Dade College

Jan 2009Oct 2010

A.S. Internet Services Technology

Studied in depth the mathematical approach to information technology and computing. Learned the process of creating and planning a website or internet services. Using Text, images,digital media and interactive elements to produce the page seen on the web browser.Studied the use of HTML for structure, CSS for presentation as well as JavaScript to add interactivity to develop pages that can be read by web browsers. Also studied the concept behind APIs, how to implement them, best practices and trends. Most signficantly during this time I did work at a professional level on a startup selling a social networking patent to them in exchange for stock options(See Zila Networks job), thus acquiring on the field experience in the market. Self-taught most of what I know.


Jan 2007Dec 2007

Web Design & Development

Studied the process of planning and creating a website. Using Text, images, digital media and interactive elements to produce the page seen on the web browser.Used markup language, like HTML for structure and CSS for presentation as well as JavaScript to add interactivity to develop pages that can be read by web browsers.


Fundraising & Sales

Learned and multiple times put in practice the process of soliciting funds for my IT companies. Improved the strategy of investor cultivation and relationship building. Managed to raise funds both from angel investors, incubators and general people through a crowdfunding campaign. Learned the art of cold calling and using sophisticated strategies to overlay demographic and other market segmentation data to evaluate and target the best investors whom to start a relationship both through cold calling and later face-to-face meetings.

Project Management

During my tenure as CEO of my startups and executive on that of others I learned Key project management responsibilities including creating clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the constraints of the project management triangle, which are cost, time, scope, and quality. Mastered the art of using tools, knowledge and techniques for managing projects. For example: work breakdown structures, critical path analysis and earned value management.

Persuasive Leadership

Having created and worked on several startups, convinced lead developers to join me and raised funds for companies that were just mere power points slide shows I like to think that have good leadershop skills that can help me and my team in both remaining pragmatic during the good times and realistically optimistic during the hard ones.


While working on e-commerce and as an employee for both Ortobom and TechSamuarai. I learned the best SEO techniques to conform to the search engines' guidelines.Ensured that the content a search engine indexed and subsequently ranked is the same content a user will see. Created content for users, optimized for search engines, and then implemented the best practices so that content could be easily accessible to the spiders.

English Language

Speak fluent north american english. No accent.

Portuguese Language

My native tongue


Junior level french. Able to communicate. somewhat.