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In a nutshell

Hi! I'm Felipe Lopes, I'm a 30 years old BS in Computer Science/Software Engineer from Brazil. I love solving problems and doing this the right and better way. I've been working in IT for years now and accumulated experience in many areas, coming from web and mobile development, going to technical support and Linux system administration. During a good part of this, I had my own company with great friends and we delivered great experience to several clients.

Currently, I'm working as a backend software engineer at MundiPagg, as part of the Modulos (Modules) team. There, I help our clients supporting our legacy code and improving it with extra feature as needed. Besides that, we develop in-house e-commerce extension for major e-commerce platforms, always trying to follow the best best practices and using the best tools for the job.


BS. in Computer Science

Federal University of Paraná



Software Engineer


I'm currently working here. As a software engineer at MundiPagg, I'm involved in several  projects, mainly focused on creating/upgrading payment extensions for the major e-commerce platforms.  

Software Engineer


Design, project and develop of an in-house PHP framework for an internal system, implementation of versioning system and renewing of the development process.

System administrator

WDS Tecnologia

Installation, setup and deploy of network monitoring tools and taks automation with Python and Bash

System administrator/Software Engineer


Sasquati was a company/adventure I started with two great friends. There I was the system administrator and engineer. As a sysadmin, my job was to make the web servers running, keep them secure, and the clients happy. As a software engineer, my job was create backend applications for the projects, mainly using PHP (WordPress, OpenCart), MySql, Bash, Python, and whatever appears.

[Intern] Software developer

Mandriva (French-Brazilian Linux distribution)

Python and Bash programming for Mandriva's OEM Linux distribution.