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Operations Executive

Self-motivated MBA with a track record of contributing to the development of world-class enterprises.Operates with global perspective, exhibits high ethical standards, and effectively conveys company vision to all levels of employees.Creative problem solver skilled in conducting site reviews and utilizing Lean Manufacturing concepts and tools to identify gaps and opportunities.Dynamic change agent adept in training, leading, and coaching site managers to improve performance.Works well under pressure.Multilingual—fluent in English, Spanish, and French.Traveled throughout North America, South America, Europe, and Asia to develop manufacturing engineering concepts and continuous improvement tools; lived and worked in the US, Mexico, France, and Belgium.


 Operations Management  - Capital Planning -  Start-Up Operations

 Total Quality Management  -  Economics/Accounting  -  Information Management

 Continuous Improvement  -  Risk Management  -  E-Business Principles/Practices

 Inventory Control  -  Statistics/Research Methods  -  Organizational Behavior

Waste/Scrap Reduction  -  Root Cause Analysis  -  Team Building/Motivation


·Launched new global programs for two sunroof modules business in Mexico.

·Managed an operations facility for suspensions modules assembly.

·Transfer and closure of businesses within the company to achieve the foot print strategy in North America by getting funding approval, leading teams during transfer, and obtaining customer final approval.

·Established the lean manufacturing management system structure in the division for supporting 30+ sites worldwide to identify projects to meet annual operating plans and challenges, with an average of $1 million allocated to each site to tackle challenges involving inventory reduction, labor, and burden performance.

·Facilitated Kaizen blitz workshops. Rolled out a continuous improvement program plant wide

Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Site Manager

Manages plant operations for an in sequence suspensions modules assembly lines for $100M on annual sales.

·Ensure 100% on time delivery and quality.

·Tracking of key performance indicators for finance, quality, logistics, and production.


Director, Program Management

Drives North America responsibility for achieving foot print strategy to close and transfer of business within plants. Obtain funding approval for launches expenses and development cost to lead program management overall initiatives with all departments involved during the relocation of business. Coordinate initial communication with customers, all the way through the final approval after lines and products have been relocated. Manage upper management reviews and presentations, and deep dive meetings during the transfers.

·Re-structuring the manufacturing footprint to close a manufacturing site in Canada by transferring production lines and volume to a Mexico facility for an additional $100M on sales. Savings for $17M annually.

·Transfer of production lines within Mexico to support the divestiture of a business group for $20M on sales.

·Move of $20M on business from USA to Mexico.


Director of Productivity Improvement and Lean Manufacturing

Holds worldwide responsibility for administering the company’s Performance Excellence program and achieving the site’s annual operating plans.

·Collaborated with operations directors and site managers in driving efforts to enhance productivity performance via the implementation and use of Lean Manufacturing improvement systems, such as VSM, Standard Work, Kanban, TPM, Changeover, and Error Proofing, as well the development of metrics and scorecards.Defined Lean Manufacturing guidelines for operational and administrative areas.Conducted site reviews to ensure proper functioning of systems and processes.Created boot camp training for site managers.

·Designed structure and strategy for establishing internal cross-functional partnerships with key departments, including procurement, quality, operations, engineering, and continuous improvement, to select, develop, and improve key suppliers.

·Developed structure and strategy to cultivate a culture of continuous improvement in functional and support groups by addressing critical business process improvements.Instituted and supported continuous improvement programs and conducted Kaizen events to identify and eliminate waste.


Manager of Productivity Improvement and Lean Manufacturing

Developed and sustained continuous improvement action plans for plants in North America, Europe, and South America, working in conjunction with the site continuous improvement leaders from each location.Headed efforts to achieve each plant’s continuous improvement and operations goals.Maintained Lean Manufacturing principles within the company’s environment.Trained employees in multiple areas, countries, and languages.

·Implemented a Lean Manufacturing enhancement system in the sites to achieve annual operating plans.

·Trained and coached site continuous improvement leaders and supported them in implementing the company’s performance system.

·Duplicated real-world situations in simulated environments to identify gaps and opportunities for improvement.

·Fostered cross-functional communication to develop a focus on continuous improvement to support the company’s strategic initiatives.

·Recognized and placed emphasis on efforts impacting the company’s critical success factors.


Site Lean Leader / Production and Set-Up Coordinator

Planned the implementation of continuous improvement initiatives.Coordinated work unit teams.

·Spearheaded the elimination of two external warehouses and an inventory reduction.

·Implemented 100% shift start-up meetings and primary visual displays in the floor shop and offices; assessed “20 Keys” for each team.

·Coordinated Kaizen events, Lean Manufacturing culture implementation, and stream groups for area, scrap, and inventory reduction as well as productivity increase, order in the plant, training, and safety.

·Provided support to a site in France for three months as part of a Lean Manufacturing project to improve labor and performance.

·Implemented a Lean daily management system along with Lean philosophy via daily meetings, information boards, and team member assessments.

·Presented the Best Practices Conference Meeting in Toronto, ON.


Manufacturing Engineer

Managed two production lines in accordance with manufacturing engineering concepts.

·Realigned industrial engineering studies, production line layouts, line balancing, flowcharts, process FMEA, process sheets, work methods, operator trainings, ergonomic considerations, time studies, load bill of materials, production increase studies, labor and burden analyses, appropriation requests, and requests for estimation.

·Was selected to spend three months in France to obtain new technology and equipment for the door module line for a new plant in Puebla, MX.Created job instructions and coordinated the layout, installation, and start-up of the production line.

QS9000 Internal Auditor

Developed quality procedures for manufacturing engineering and maintenance.

·Set up the department in preparation for the QS9000 certification program.


Jun 2007Present

Certificate (class)


Developing a Leading Edge Operations Strategy

Supply Chain Strategy and Management

Sep 2003Nov 2005

Master of Business Administration

Jun 1990Dec 1994

Bachelor of Science

Instituto Technologico de Queretaro


Management of people
Operates with a global perspective by encouraging and valuing differences in experience and perspective in the organization. Helps others develop a global mindset. Makes sound decisions by working closer with site managers and directors of operations to make tough, unpopular decisions when necessary. Is committed to customers by seeking and using feedback fro internal customers to identify opportunities in order to improve service. Fosters open communication to promote open discussion of ideas, and provide others with open access to information. Encourage communication across boundaries.  
Manufacturing Engineering
Setup of production cells and improvements.
Program Management
Sets direction by translating business strategies into clear objectives and tactics. Empowers people and coaches and develop others by building teams. Acts as a role model and shares visibility and credit. Know when to lead and when to follow. Demonstrates integrity and have the confidence and trust of others.
Lean Manufacturing
Director of Lean Manufacturing (~10,000 emloyees, 30+ sites) Drives for continuous improvement by using internal benchmarking of performance within the company to eliminate roadblocks, barriers, and inefficiencies. Champions change. Envisions the future to maintain a long-term, big-picture view of the business participating in annual operation planning and business reviews. Thinks conceptually and intuitively linking problems and symptoms to identify underlying issues and root causes.