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I am looking to gain experience. Building a strong platform for my working experience is essential. I have the ability to quickly learn from scratch, and I am able to adjust to new work environments.

Work experience

Mar 2014Present


Puita Family 
  • Plan, prepare and arrange nutritious meals for children
  • bath and dress children 
  • clean and clear dinning area
  • accompany children in activity and clubs
  • walk dog and care for other pets
  • supervise children's activities in their own rooms and play areas
Aug 2015Aug 2015

Sales person- food prep 

West End celebration
  • sold smoothies/ made smoothies 
  • handed out programs and maps
  • parked bikes
  • set up tableland tents for booths and venders
  • helped with the offset project
  • hung up photos and works of art 
  • customer service
  • volunteer work
Mar 2015Mar 2015

Food handler- cashier

Monterey High School music boosters
  • cannoli preparation 
  • cashier, handled responsibility with money
  • customer service
  • advertised monterey high music booster
  • volunteer work
Jun 2014Jun 2014

Teen work experience- Lifeguard

Monterey Sports Center- teen work experience
  • taught children ages two to ten how to swim
  • taught various strokes
  • responsible for children's ability to retain new information
  • diving instructor 
  • how to stay afloat 
Apr 2013Apr 2013

Server/ cashier

Clam chowder and calamari festival
  • serviced the community
  • held responsible for cash and tokens
  • customer service


Aug 2012Jun 2016

High school diploma

Monterey High School

still currently attending monterey high.


  • Working in a great environment is key in order to increase performance- profitability and productivity
  • Collaboration, and communication with others helps when being able to achieve goals
  • People person, being social I do take time out to help the community, I ensure that it does not disturb my important missions in my professional life.
  • Detail orientation, I focus on small things that make a difference in the long run
  • Makes the best use of time possible, marks time-lines to achieve certain tasks
  • I prioritize activities in a way that synergize the effect in a fruitful manner 
Willingness to learn
  • Tech savvy, with the ability to quickly learn and apply new skills
  • Desire to expand my current skill set and increase my value as worker
  • I have the ability to do what needs to be done, without influence from other people or situations
  • Able to find reasons and strength to complete task, even when challenging