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    Best Dog Training SecretsAll dogs can be trained, the problem with training them isn't the dog, it is the master. If your dog is crazy, and his main problem is likely to be you. Dogs neurosis may start when they are young when he was first taken from his family and given to a giant that he didn't know.Imagine living in a world where your best friend can pick you up by the neck and put you anywhere he wants you. In your world, you cant always sleep on the bed, but are relegated to the floor, which everyone knows isnt as soft as the bed! You may even be asked to spend hours, even days, out in the cold, rain and snow. Neurosis begins to develop, and as the master of a neurotic dog it is your responsibility to effectively teach him, best of luck!First you must remember that if a dog is neurotic, it will be difficult for puppy  training. All he has to do is look around him to realize that he is the only one that is required to learn anything. It is however plausible to train a neurotic dog, here is one example of this success. How to train a dog with problems...Monty, a 6 month old Labrador is taken home to live with his new family, he loves to chew on books. He is showing many Dog Behavior Problems. Rather than scold Monty, his master comes to the conclusion that psychology would work better. He removes the books by putting them on a higher shelf, as Monty grows; the books get put higher and higher. This is where proper Dog Care involving the Best Dog Training programs comes in. At last, the clicker training on books comes to an end, the dog training has been a success.Here's another dog obedience story that was solved by using online dog behavior training techniques. Chloe is a 2 year old chocolate lab, much loved by her family, and very easy for dog training, this is because of the amount of love she is given by her family. You see, Chloe, like any other dog, will do anything to please the people she loves. The first off lesson Chloe was given was her housebreaking, she was kept outside the first time she came home until she went to the foodalways works best when they are young.This took a lot of the best dog training efforts of several family members but it showed her where she was allowed to go.When she was finally taken into the house, she was watched closely and whenever she started sniffing around she was taken back outside also. For dog obedience training and housebreaking, at night she was put in a box next to her owners bed, where she was kept when there was no one available to watch her. She was taken outside just before they went to bed and as soon as they got up in the morning. You need to think like a good dog trainer. How to train a dog is hard work and you need to push forward.