Work experience

Work experience

Imported Food Certification Asistant

Feb 2013 - Feb 2014
Laboratorio Tecnologico del Uruguay (LATU)

Imported food control, inspection, and sampling. Registry control and data input. Asistency to companies to fullfil the import process.


Jul 2008 - Jul 2009
Lamitex S.A.

Production department and quality control (statistical and physical test) responsible. Inspection and supervision of products. Quality management asistant. New products design.


Apr 2006 - Nov 2006
Final solid waste disposal at Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo (DFRS-IMM)

Industrial wastes and special industrial wastes disposal control on landfill. Development proyect advicer. Administrative tasks.

Middle and high school teacher

Apr 2005 - Mar 2006
Toy-holos holistic school

Middle school chemistry and sciences. High school chemistry.



Chemical Engineer

Universidad de la República (UdelaR)

Six years degree with a strong emphasis in chemistry, mass-heat transfer, and chemical reactions in reactors, with side studies in electricity (transformers and motors), processes, and statistical control. Elective courses of Quality Management, Enviromental Impact Assessment and Enviromental Quality Management, and Wastewater Treatment.