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More than 35 years experience in engineering, petrochemical, thermoelectric, pharmaceutical and general constructions industries, 11 years based in main office and 24 years on site in different countries. Planning engineer on several major projects, from tender and conceptual phases up to commissioning. Working for the general contractors or sub-contractors, either directly or as consultant. Routinely compiling reports, participating in meetings and lead presentations, working independently or as supervisor. Responsible for the production and maintenance of progress and productivity curves, manpower histograms and status reports. Sometimes as Cost Controller or assistant for Estimating and Contracts functions. 

I have worked 7 years from 2001 to 2008 as HC&R consultant.

HC&R was the only Italian Primavera authorized representative, distributor and trainer for Oracle Primavera software.

Work experience

Jul 2012Present

Project Control


Study contract scope of works and define primary job objectives clearly at project management level by highlighting schedule and cost requirements.

Establish overall and detail project control plan for the Execution phase.

Define job description, qualify the project control members, organize project control team and direct the activities of the project control team.

Assist the engineering team and construction team with developing their plans and ensure these are incorporated into the project schedule and cost.

Assist the engineering and procurement team with developing their plans and Study the?procurement status and logistic status on a regular basis, and evaluate the impact on the?schedule and cost.

Lead and assist project IT manager for establish project IT management system

Ensure compliance with the project contracts.

Coordination of the final job statistics and analysis of the project performance for possible?improvement on future projects.

Focal point on project control, Monthly report preparation for top management and  Stakeholders

Developing contractor’s skill for baseline and detailed schedule in Oracle Primavera 8.2.

Verification Physical and Economical Progress Measurement Report per contractor.

Folder structure preparation for document storage in MSI server.

Jan 20092011

Project Control Coordinator


I liaised daily with Project Manager and prepared a monthly project report, which gets presented to the monthly operational meeting, and reported to the Italcementi Head Office in Bergamo.

Analysed project variances and updating forecasts regularly (Earned Value).

Updating overall S curves, and detailed by discipline and by contractors.

Monthly updating the key performance indicators dashboards by discipline and by contractors.

Implementing the tools to control the productivity of the contractors and produce dedicated projections to complete.

Monitoring performance indicators and regression analysis for critical contractors.

Provided advice, assistance and technical expertise on all planning and cost control matters as required by PM on site and Italcementi home office. 

Jan 2008Dec 2008

PMC Planning Coordinator


As member of the Project Management Consulting team my services included: development and coordination of all project planning activities at summary level, establishment of the interface milestones between the various Contractors and verifies the relevant actuation, comments on the project planning procedures and issue of planning documents produced by the various Contractors, schedule analysis and request adjustments to various Contractors, overall project reporting integration and preparation  for the Owner GRUPA LOTOS SA. Information service (Help desk).

Jan 2006Dec 2007

Field Project Control Coordinator


Responsible for effective site construction planning process delivery. Ensuring monitoring and control of construction planning and reports, using Primavera P3 and SICON system. Duties will include: Interface with Company, client and subcontractors site teams. Management, updating and distribution of project construction planning. Development, issue, control and verification site construction works and construction resource histograms distribution management. Manage progress and productivity reports, manhours trends analysis. Ad-hoc schedule production as required. Interface with the stakeholders. Verify commissioning planning process to ensure effective systems handover to client. Responsible for estimating/cost control functions and forecast final man-hour estimated expenditure. 

Jul 2005Dec 2005

Planning Consulting


Member of PMC team based in Technip offices in Bogotà (Colombia) for contract with ECOPETROL client. Responsible for monitoring and control  the new refinery of Cartagena, project schedule and costs. Generating and reviewing progress reports on weekly and monthly base and relative payment certificates with calculation of escalation. Attendance at weekly videoconference, producing agenda and meetings reports in Spanish language. Compiling projections and cash flow diagrams and future man-loading requirements for both home office and site, producing the detailed schedules (PDT) in Primavera related to the different phases of bidding, construction and commissioning.   

Jan 2005Jun 2005

Planning Consulting


Working during the bidder phase for Messina Bridge tender with temporary enterprises association composed by Condotte d’Acqua, CMC, SACYR, ISHIKAWAJIMA and A.C.I. S.C.P.A, supervising and managing a team composed by other 2 Senior planners and 1 Junior with the purpose to produce a program that meet the scope and all reports required by the owner (Gantt, S Curves, Histograms, Critical path, OBS). Developing with Primavera P6 Enterprise up to level 7 of WBS the resourced networks from basic engineering to construction and commissioning.

Jun 2002Dec 2004

Senior Planning Engineer


Responsible for preparation of construction programs and updating the construction procedures, responsible to supervise and assist the site planners or replace them in the initial and final work phases. The duties and responsibilities included management of other planner for the development of standard manhours, starting from QPL data and realization of logical networks with relative critical paths, issue of productivity curves, manpower's histograms for disciplines, cash flow diagrams and forecasts of resources workload for site and home offices, using both Primavera 3.1 and Primavera Enterprise/c (P6). From tender up to beginning of the construction phase, I have managed the planning section for different PP, PE, HDPE, LDPE plants as Nanhai (China), Swechat (Austria), in pharmaceutical plants of Segrate and the thermoelectric gas turbine plant of Altomonte, I following personally the installation in site, establishing the measure system for performance and progress. Defining the standard construction schedule for different type of plants and related achievable benchmark, managing critical path and allowed float, indicating codes and description for standard EPS, WBS, OBS, CBA, resources, cost accounts, with tabular and graphical reports and relevant deliverables schedule up to mechanical completion, to represents the most competitive time effective project execution. 

Jan 2002May 2002

Planning Consulting


Indicating a methodology to simplify subcontracts accountability, standardizing planning and reports of the high speed railway Milan -:- Bologna, integrating in Primavera 3.1 different programs utilized by the construction enterprises PIZZAROTTI (Fidenza), ASG (Piacenza), EUROVIE (Parma), UNIECO (Reggio E.), RODANO (Reggio E.), MODENA (Campogalliano), SATURNO. Consolidating the single subprojects, conforming standard codes of WBS, ID, activity codes, resources, calendars and curves when applied. The resultant host program allowed the aggregation of times, costs and revenues at each WBS level and differentiate the distribution of contractual original value from the value of the requested variations and changes.  

Jul 2001Dec 2001

Senior Cost / Planning Engineer


Based in Minagish (West Kuwait) site during all phases of the project appraise, monitoring the performance of all EPC/EPIC Contractors and Subcontractors working on injection plant and relative pipeline effluent transfer system. Ensuring that Schedule interfaces are correctly identified and that all control documents supplied by them are appropriate. Reviewing and commenting on any changes proposed by EPC Contractor and identifying any implications to the Schedule. Reviewing and approving Progress reports to ensure weightings and man-hours are correctly allocated, and that progress claimed has actually been achieved, to enable interim payments to be made in accordance with contract. Monitoring of any change proposed by EPC Contractor, that has any implications positive and negative on the Project Cost. Maintaining record of Change Order requests and their associated costs. Supervising five human resources allocated in the planning office. Attending and contributing to daily management meetings with project team and subcontractors directors. Responsible for generating progress reports and trends for the weekly construction meeting, with the client Kuwait Oil Company (K.S.C.), and PARSONS. Compiling productivity statistics and forecast man-hours to go on a daily basis, as the work became more critical. Displaying graphically using Excel charts to focus management attention on sensitive areas of concern.

Jul 1998May 2001

Lead Planning Engineer


Principally employed as responsible for planning and cost control office, working in Croatia for Astaldi Zagreb Branch for the construction of the highway Zagreb-:-Gorican,  producing in first phases of the project the base line reference program, and after up to the end of construction developing, analysing and load manpower and machinery required in the execution schedule. Monitoring project progress against the base line by collecting and analysing data, using advanced earned value concepts, providing analysis of cost and schedule impacts, and communicating deviations and corrective actions to the owner Transeuropean Motorway Ltd and subcontractors. Monitoring, controlling and analysing all project costs, revenue, trends, change orders, and progress/performance measurement. Taking proactive steps to work with subcontractors project managers to update their data, creating ad-hoc reports for effective communication with team members, ensuring proper support in contract administration, providing program management support and overall integration. Supervising various lower-level project control engineer and support human resources, monitoring, audit, preparing, issuing and maintaining reports for weekly meeting in English language. Reviewing, commenting and approving contractors schedules and progress reports, compiling summary networks, productivity statistics and"what if' scenarios using Primavera software to optimize time and costs. Forecasting cost escalations and effectively implement control of deviations from the standards and producing the whole documentation for claims. Managing the development and implementation policies, procedures, training materials and system documentation for the project.

Jul 1997Jun 1998

Senior Planning Engineer


Based in Maputo Branch contemporarily working in various projects among which port infrastructures, residential buildings, road constructions in the north side of Mozambique and Malawi dam. Developing specific operational programs for every site, as person responsible of the planning and control office, using different software Primavera P3, SureTrack, MS Project and Timeline as requested by different owners, I was also involved in the supervision of other planning personnel local employees and expatriated. Planning, scheduling and monitoring the progress of the different projects in every stage of execution. Planning, developing and implementing process to integrate the business projects, assessing the costs, time, risks and impact, overseeing and reviewing the progress including scope of work, timeline, budget with the various project managers. Developing regular reports on the project status and make recommendations on time, schedule and financial adjustments. Converting data in Excell to produce other types of graphics report and charts that focused better the attention of team leaders, also responsible to structure the new local network Ethernet, as expert for maintenance of PC hardware.

Jul 1996May 1997

Planning Supervisor


Working in Colombia for the consortium composed by Astaldi, Federici, CMC, and Recchi for the construction of the hydroelectric project Porce II, preparing and reviewing the overall program to complete, developing of the schedule with critical path method (CPM), establishing the critical and subcritical path, submitting for approval to EEPP Empresas Publicas de Medellin. Responsible for analysingproject management office (PMO) objectives, Work Breakdown Structure (WBS), Contract Data Requirement Lists (CDRL’s), technical specifications, and other project requirements to perform detailed CPM schedule development, milestone definition, and producing integrated project schedule (IPS) using Primavera Project Planner (P3) and other tools and techniques. Performing and coordinating accurate and timely reporting of project schedule information to the appropriate team members and stakeholders.

– Project manager, project team, system managers, and others. Preparing and submitting cost and schedule trends and scope change reports, responsible for analyzing current contractor schedule position, with respect of the project’s integrated schedule baseline and overall project level milestone targets. Supervising a team of five junior planner, carrying out various “what if” scenarios for owners and participating in formulation and counteraction claims process.

Jan 1995Jun 1996

Planning Production Consulting


My support consisted of ensuring effective project resource utilization through  project activity identification, applying logic to activities, and analysing effect to schedule, maintaining and updating existing databases of costs and schedule templates in order to streamline the outage planning process. Providing additional services as needed such as report writing, department procedure management/updates, and database development . Developing new ideas and techniques leading to improvements in processes and efficiencies, providing professional technical expertise and advice, developing operational technology strategies to ensure effective completion of installation and maintenance programs. Reporting to the General Manager, managing all activities related to the products manufactured on site including, engineering, warehousing and planning, interfacing with internal and external clients to ensure successful project execution, as well as professional planning production flows. Also responsible as site manager for the overall running, quality, budget and record activity on site, supervising all site disciplines as well as a specific health and safety on the project, and management of sub contractors to meet deadlines. Completing with success the erection of various plants in Italy and abroad in India and Argentina, managing and motivating a strong team of people to facilitate the effective and timely execution of production requirements, and expectations of the customer. 

Jul 1993Dec 1994

Site Manager

MM Group S.r.l.

Skilled in various building disciplines, producing drawings and construction details for civil works and managing the assembly to be carried out on site of 4 storage plants.   

Jan 1992May 1993

Planning Engineer


Responsible of planning office for the construction of highway Gumusowa-Gherede between Istambul and Ankara.

Jun 1990Dec 1991

Area Manager

CDC Cooperativa di costruzioni

Responsible to manage restructuring of various historical buildings in Veneto region (Italy) among which the St. Francis convent in Venice and the Specola of Padua.   

Jun 1988May 1990

Business & Technical Supervisor


Working for Italian leader company in the production of guardrails, metal scaffolding, culverts and sound absorbent panels, delegated to the signature of contracts and responsible for the deliveries and assembling on site.  

Jul 1982May 1988

Technical Office Engineer


Responsible of the instrumentation and signalling control systems in the doubling of railway line El Gourzi -:-Ramdane Jamal.

Jul 1980May 1982

Technical Office Engineer


Developing drawings and typical details for the Transcam railroad line Edea-:-Eseka.

Jun 1979Jun 1980

Technical Office Engineer


Responsible of issues and revisions of construction detail for the steel structures erection in the paper mill of Jebba, (KwaraState).  

Jun 1978May 1979

Technical Office Engineer


Responsible of the steel yard for the construction of Bandar Abbas port.  

Jan 1976May 1978

Technical Office Engineer


Generating constructive schedule and responsible of erection at site for Air Cooler exchangers, supervisor in Wales (Milford Haven, Pembrooke) and in the Hassi Messaoud refinery.