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Using my extensive working knowledge in traditional and cutting edge cellular and molecular biology based assays to find a Field Application Scientist (FAS) or Senior Research Associate position in biotech or pharmaceutical companies.


  • Extensive training in molecular biology and cell-based assays
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Plan, execute and trouble-shoot experiments with minimum supervision
  • Select appropriate methods and techniques to achieve project goals
  • Stay current with relevant literature and technical advances
  • Develop, validate, and implement new protocols
  • Provide training for others involved in related projects
  • Experience in corporate R&D group

Summary of Professional Skills

Molecular Biology:

Assay development evaluating high through put gene expression assays, Affymetrix Whole Transcript Labeling assay, miRNA profiling, microarray hybridization, DNA and RNA isolation, Bioanalyzer, cDNA synthesis, qPCR, TaqMan primer probe design, molecular cloning, Robotic system.

Quantitative Bioassays:

Antibody-based assays including ELISA, multiplex immunoassays (Luminex and MesoScale), total protein purification and quantitation, Western blotting, beta-galactosidase assays, various cytotoxicity assays, single and multiplex branched DNA (bDNA) technology.


Expert in MS Excel, Prism GraphPad, q-PCR (qBASE, geNorm), BioPlex, MiraiBio Masterplex Luminex data acquiring and analysis, Spotfire, SoftMax Pro, PowerPoint and Photoshop.

Cell culture:

Sterile cell culture techniques. Isolate, maintain and separate cell lines from animal tissues and human blood.


ABI 7900 qPCR machine, EnVision microplate reader, Molecular Device M5 microplate reader, Luminex xMAP machines, various liquid handling robots and microplate washers.

Work experience

Research Scientist II

Department of Microbiology, University Of Washington
  • Participated in research on bacterial pathogenesis with the focus on relationship between bacterial nitric oxide and iron metabolism
  • Collaborated with CDC on a research studying the mechanisms of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) and potential treatments
  • Managed mouse colony to supply various strains of knockout mice for research uses
  • Maintained and managed administrative functions of laboratory
May 2008Present

Senior Biologist

Covance (Formerly Rosetta Inpharmatics of Merck)
  • Evaluating and optimizing new technologies in gene expression and miRNA profiling
  • Creating new method for quality and quantity analysis on challenging and limited RNA material.
  • RNA enhancement assays - amplifying ultra low concentration of total RNA with new technologies to improve microarray hybridization specification.(Two Round Ambion MessageAmp RNA Amplification, Affymetrix 3’IVT express and NuGen One Direct system)
  • Establish a QC panel evaluating RNA integrity using TLDA assays
  • Carrying out cross franchised research projects involving challenging procedures or material
  • Writing SOP and research report
Jan 2008May 2008

Senior Research Associate

Gilead Sciences, Inc.
  • Prioritization of lead anti-inflammatory compounds for drug discovery
  • Establish In vitro PBMC model testing anti-inflammatory properties of compounds
  • Isolating and sorting PBMCs from human blood using AutoMACS pro separator
  • In vivo and in vitro cytokine analysis
  • Extensive knowledge and usage of Luminex xMAP based assays and ELISA
  • Cytotoxicity studies on lead compounds
Nov 2006Jan 2008

Research Associate III

Nastech Pharmaceutical
  • Assay Development of novel gene and protein expression assays.
    • Attend conference, training courses and perform literature searches to stay current on new technologies and research trends.
    • Sharing knowledge obtained by outside trainings
    • Develop, optimize and validate new assays
    • Provide training for others involved in related projects
  • Conduct in vitro siRNA transfection and cytokine profiling studies in both human and mouse cell lines.
    • Isolating human PBMC and mouse splenocytes and maintaining the cell lines
    • In vitro siRNA transfection
    • Screening cytokine responses by ELISA and multiplex immunoassays (Luminex and Electroluminescence based)
  • Participate in high throughput gene expression knockdown studies on candidate siRNA delivery in vivo.
    • Significant hands-on experience in molecular biology techniques including various RNA isolation methods, RNA quantity and quality analysis, cDNA synthesis, q-PCR, statistical data analysis and TaqMan primer probe design
    • Single and multiplex branched DNA (bDNA) technology
    • Developed SOP for high throughput in vivo gene expression protocols



Master of Science

University of Washington

Bachelor of Science

National Chengchi University