Keun Woo Park




Part-time job, Chung Ang Univ. library, 09/09 - Present

  •  Arrrange books returned
  • Confirm lack books
  • Clean the library

Trade company intern Samsung C&T Corp. SEoul 12/09 - 02/10

  • Import foreign goods
  • Export nation;s goods
  • Study Trade concept

Part-time job, gas station, Busan 07/09 - 09/09

  • Pump gas into cars
  • Calculate exact monet earned today
  • Wash cars needed car washing

Part-time job, E-mart, Busan 12/08 - 02/09

  • Check how many we gave left products in stock
  • Collect scattered shoppong carts
  • Guide customs don't knwo goods location

Welfare service, Busan welfare center, Busan 06/07 - 07/07

  • Take care old people lived alone
  • Provide old people of free meals
  • Deliver meals old people



Information handing engineer

Use visual basic program Analyze computer calculation system Develop programs

Distribution Management

Manage gome and abroad distribution Confirm distribution precess

International Logistics

Manage international movement of logistics Manage condition of traffic