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Work experience

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Integration software development. Due to software migration policy a multi-platform integration structure had to be created to allow different system to exchange data. Alongside the main role of JAVA/J2EE compliant software project management, it is required a wide knowledge of computer systems and applications such as SOA architecture, IBM mainframes, intranet, LAN, etc. The multi-platform structure will use MQ/JMS communication system. Data will be managed by Oracle/DB2 database systems. Purpose of the role imply work group management, technical analysis development, software quality assurance. Current position develops on the following:

 As a member of the Data Integration Team in the Integration Compliance Center, I provide advice and engineering support to the Data Integration Manager in all aspects of work associated with the SESIA Programme related to the Insurance Business. Major tasks are to support the activities in the SESIA preparation Programme which are relevant to the User Services Division, provide the required inputs and documents and support necessary engineering developments of the Integration and related Data Services.In particular the tasks include:• Review SESIA design and requirements documentation with the view to assess their impact on the data services offered by the Data Integration Systems, which comprises the Data Archive and other related Data Services.• Translate the user requirements into detail system requirements of the Data Integration System.• Provide support to the SESIA Preparation Programme covering all aspects of the User Services Division.• Provide support to the definition of the Ground Segment data flow regarding data formats and data services from an end user point of view.• Contribute to the preparation of the SESIA Validation and Verification (V&V) activities and commissioning in respect to the Data Access System Archive. This includes validation of Output formats.• Contribute to the definition and validation of the End User Interfaces for the Data Integration System, e.g. input interfaces, accounting supervision, product visualisation• Represent the User Services Division in relevant meetings and workshops• Liaise with the Format Advisory Group on proposed SESIA related delivery formats• Liaise with the other organisational units as required.


Technical Analysis/30

SW Problem Solving/20

HR Management/10


DB Management/5

System Architecture/5

SW Deploy/5

HR Schoolarship/5

SW Developement/5

SW Testing/5

Aug 2006Dec 2006



 Software development. Human resources software management

JAVA/J2EE web application development.

Jan 1997Mar 2006


Various business consultant

Management of SOHO hardware and software.


Mar 2000Mar 2006









SF books and movies




What I follow upon

This is just a little excerpt of projects i like to follow. I'm every year engaged in following the Punto Informatico.

My interest are broad in scope. This is why i also maky use of tools like the open source Democracy Player, which allows me to access content from many TV Channels worldwide.

Occasionally i'm carried away by superficial interests in new experiences like Secondlife, but mainly just to know more about the new dimensions and developments of the Internet.

Other times i'm getting carried away also by "real world" experiences, such a Nichiren Buddhism.

Of course i follow also the general impact of the Internet of the Gobal Community by studying the papers of the EFF and software developed by Open Source Communities.

Recently i have co-operateed with the EGIDA Association , a no-profit group intended to aid aged people with no relativies.

The purpose of all this is not to waste time, but to embrace the world and to be open to all it's aspects and to give some positive contribution for the wellbeing of all in my immediate environment.


An engineering graduate who is committed, practical and hard working. I am looking forward to take part in new challenging experiences. My main areas of interest are information security, brain computer interfaces, business management, insurance, automotive.. Able to work on own initiative or as a part of a team.


What I read

I'm changing my taste of books very quickly, but I have been very fascinated by writers like Khalil Gibran (The Prophet), which I enjoyed reading in English, nevertheless Italianis my mother language.

Isaac Asimov, Frank Herbert and lot's of books about other angles of viewing the human race fill my library.

Yes, much of what I read comes from the Internet, but I would never miss the weekly edition of the Internazionale, which gives me a broader view of what is happening in the world, nor would I miss an edition of Wired.

Of course 'being digital' from Nicolas Negroponte is also on my bookshelves :-)



Of course there are many movies i enjoy. What i mainly follow are however movies with some real dramatic and engaged real life content. Sometimes i do like to have a laugh as well and share it with you.. <param /> 

A movie I liked very much was Lions for lambs. A movie which define the limits of idealism and the need for pragmatism.

Monica Bellucci is likely one of my favourite actresses. She is a good actress and a unique beauty. I really enjoy admiring women beauty.

Of course I enjoy movies like 11'09''01 - September 11 on more serious issues or Fahrenheit 9/11 and the more recent Sicko of Michael Moore.

The Constant Gardener and movies like Ilaria Alpi - Il più crudele dei giorni which make us aware that often truth is different from what is reported, make me curious to search for my own truth behind the facts of this world.

So i spend time watching the serious The Century of the Self or The Trap on Google and many other freely available sources of interest like documentaries on Big Noise Films or on facts about the Lebanon by Noam Chomsky or Howard Zinn - in Madison.

The revolution will not be televised can be watched directly from Google and you can find Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land on Youtube or on Media Education Foundation


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National Engineering Clearence

Italian Republic