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Specializing in: Organizational Change Management, Profit Growth, ROI and Financial & Operating Leadership in High-growth / Start-up / Turnaround Environments

Organizational advancement leader and change maker with a rich history of producing outstanding profit gains and stellar ROI growth on investments in virtually all business environments (start-up, change, revitalization, reorganization, accelerated growth). Champion of new business concepts, strategic opportunities and performance improvement initiatives designed to impact shareholder value, improve profits and enhance value of assets. Adept at building synergies among and between operations, finance and marketing to drive long-term gains in business performance, revenues and bottom-line results.

Driven to succeed as a COO / Senior VP / Division President by drawing upon particular expertise across all critical aspects of:

Strategic Business Planning & Development | Financial Management & Reporting | Regulatory Affairs HR & Cross-functional Team Leadership | Capital Project Execution | Process Reengineering Multi-site / Multimillion-dollar P&L Operations Management | Strategic Marketing Competitive Contract Negotiations

Bilingual in English and Spanish with a technical background in power generation, transmission and distribution.

Work experience

Director of Generation

UMS Group Inc.

UMS Group, Parsippany, NJ1994 to 1998

International consultancy specializing in performance management solutions for clients in the utility, manufacturing, financial services and pharmaceutical industries.

Director, Generation

Grew revenue from $400,000 in 1994 to >$3.5MM in 1997 by creating and executing multiple performance improvement process projects.

  • Reduced costs $2MM annually and increased availability and capacity 4% for $1.8B integrated utility’s Generation Division. Slashed operating costs >40% for 10 power plants. Consolidated transportation and supply contracts minimizing fuel costs 2%.
  • Improved availability 12% and reduced O&M costs by $1.5MM for LA Dept of Water & Power.
  • Identified costs savings of >$700MM annually for 1,000+ power plants via implementation of performance benchmarking and best practices for operations, maintenance, safety, chemistry and fuel purchasing / handling.

Earlier Career:

Generating Station Manager / Arizona Public Service (A $2.4B integrated electric utility)

Lead Retrofit Engineer / Southern California Edison Co. (A $9B integrated electric utility)

Vice President Distribution Operations

PPL Electric Utilities

2006 to Present

Public electric distribution firm ranked #1 or #2 by JD Powers for customer service and long-term performance since 1997.

Increased efficiency by improving process controls and implementing new technologies.

Results: $16MM in savings accounting for a 3-cent per-share increase in PPL EU’s contribution of 32 cps to PPL Corporate.

Vice President / General Manager

Recruited by President, to directly impact shareholder value. Solved safety, efficiency and reliability issues by overcoming firmly entrenched “good enough” culture. Built solid team to rally entire workforce to support and effect organizational change via across-the-board performance improvement initiatives.

Execute P&L accountability for all field operations, including planning, scheduling and management of electric network for 1.4MM customers. Manage 14 direct reports responsible for 2,400 employees and contractors. Report directly to President.

  • Led divisional reorganization in 2007, effecting several operational improvements including:

-Safety Performance: Reduced OSHA-reportable accidents from 4.5 per 100,000 work hours (2005) to <1>

-Electrical Network Reliability: Reduced customer outage minutes and customer outage duration (CAIDI) from >121 minutes (2006) to <90>

-Mobile Operations Management System: Began implementation of system designed to reduce operating costs from $265MM (2006) to <$255MM (2009)

-Human Performance Department: Created strategic internal entity to identify and reduce high-risk behaviors leading to accidents.

  • Chair Safety Management Software Steering Committee and function as executive sponsor for implementation of Mobile Operations Management program.



Latin America, Santiago, Chile2001 to 2006

Subsidiary is nation’s third-largest electric distribution company with $240MM in revenues and 94% owned by an American company.

CEO / General Manager

Doubled net income from $21.8MM to $43.4MM over 4 years allowing for an 86% profit over purchase price on the sale of the company. Functioned as senior management executive with full P&L accountability including strategic planning, finance, operating, marketing, regulatory affairs, HR and administrative leadership for organization with $240MM in annual revenue, 750 employees and 525,000 customers.

Accepted ex-pat assignment to improve performance, expand change management and strategic planning capabilities and drive efficiency gains as this family owned company converted to American ownership. Initially hired as an assistant to the Director of Latin American Operations, promoted after 10 months to country manager in Chile. Served as CEO of holding company, Board Chair of 5 smaller publicly held distribution companies and Board Member of 3 additional companies in Latin America.

  • Increased ROI 34% from 1/02 to 12/04 by reducing costs, increasing margins and improving management accountability. Increased earnings per share 31% over 2 years.
  • Electrified several rural areas, improved reliability and built major infrastructure in country’s northern region. Led $75MM construction project from permitting, negotiating construction agreements and ground breaking through to securing regional / national EPA agreements, creating capital investment strategic alliances and system commissioning.
  • Reduced operating costs to <$40MM (FY04) from $45MM (FY03) while maintaining competitive value and pricing for customers. Merged operation of 6 separate distribution companies into 1 and implemented best practices for planning and maintenance.
  • Improved safety performance. Reduced lost-time accidents to <0>st out of >300 companies nationwide in safety performance in 2004 and 2005 upon achieving 1MM works hours without a lost-time accident.
  • Leader in developing new industry standards for electric service reliability and information reporting. Collaborated with Superintendent of Electricity and Fuels on standards development as well as nurtured key relationships with top-level government authorities and industry associations.
  • Increased workforce productivity 11% over 3 years and improved morale. Achieved 6% pay reduction, transitioning employee relations from adversarial to cooperative via development and execution of Employee Commitment and Performance Plan.
  • Expanded market share while protecting most-profitable customers in existing territories. Formulated new marketing strategies in response to market deregulation.

Director Asset management

PPL Global

Latin America, 2001

A $310MM electricity generation and distribution firm with subsidiaries in El Salvador, Chile and Bolivia.

Asset Director / Member, Board of Directors

Increased credibility with investors, Boards and senior management by creating financial reporting package that improved quality and accuracy of financial data sent to US office. Slashed complaints and inquiries to <5>30 per month. Rendered investment management oversight for international assets in Latin America.

  • Groomed cable TV company for sale at a $1MM profit, converting a $500,000 per month loss into a $200,000 monthly profit by providing management oversight over a 6-month period.
  • Reduced O&M costs >$500,000 annually by eliminating non-value-add maintenance activities.
  • Successfully negotiated with cable TV regulator to cease competitor price dumping.

Director Genetation

Solomon Associates

Solomon Associates, Dallas, TX1998 to 2000

International consultancy specializing in performance improvement solutions and benchmarking services for clients in the oil refinement and energy industries.

Director / Co-founder of Generation Practice

Increased firm’s profit 5% by providing power plant clients with comparative analysis of efficiency and cost improvements.

  • Reduced costs $3MM, improved availability 7% and led environmental initiatives for 5 power plants of a mid-western US integrated utility company.
  • Improved availability 10% and reduced operating costs 7% for Canadian refinery’s power generation station and thermal host.
  • Identified costs savings of >$120MM annually for 300+ power plants via implementation of best practices and performance benchmarking for operations, maintenance, safety, administration and fuel handling.


BS/Engineering&Computer Science

Charter Oak

BS / Engineering & Computer Science • Charter Oak College, Hartford, CT


Project Management Professional

Project Management Institute

Mini SRO Certification

ABB/Combustion Engineering