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An opportunity at executive level in an international holding or large enterprise, which will allow me to lead their growth, multiply sales, boost profit and consolidate brand and image.


  • International Manager & Consultor (EU, USA, CN/APAC).
  • Experience at Holdings, Utilities & Manufacturing.
  • Specialties: General Management, Operations, New Markets.
  • Industries: Media, Electronics, Food, Metal, Plastics, Real Estate.


  • Designed 30M US$ acquisition strategy in China for global leading provider of quality and environmental solutions.
  • Directed start-up of 6 WOFEs in China and 3 in Spain.
  • Personal development and teamwork strategy for 4500+ worker subsidiary of Samsung in China.
  • Rearranged operations at world’s 4th braided hose manufacturer: from 24% loss to 32% profit in two years.
  • Sold or rented 70% of industrial park (140.000 sqm worth 9M US$).
  • Increased productivity up to 5x (savings up to 12M US$) at Spanish leading plastic film manufacturer.
  • Designed turnaround strategy for Spain’s 2nd frozen food manufacturer, after loss of over 15M US$.
  • Merged Telefonica Media’s subsidiaries, with savings 25+M US$.
  • Managed projects (budget 12+M US$) at Telefonica’s music subsidiary, and directed technical strategy for Telefonica Media.
  • Managed start-up of Endesa’s Internet business: 6M US$ investment, 5000+ subscribers in Y1, ROI during Y2.


Josep Giro

“Fernando has wide experience to handle industrial and/or commercial projects. He understands perfectly how things works and can overcome any difficulty can be found in the way to achieve targets. Mature and a good team leader has a bright future linked to his experience.”

Roberto Sainz-Ezquerra

“Fernando put the company on the right path; organization, 6S, productivity, and the best of all: he made it profitable!”

Luis Sunyer

“Fernando is one of the smartest General Managers I have ever met, with exceptional ability to manage his company and handle employees in one of the most hostiles and dangerous environments in China,

proving that skill, intelligence is always better than strength.”

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Demonstrated GM Value
·    Change Management ·    Organizational Development ·    Strategic Direction ·    P&L Responsibility ·    Finance, Business Plan ·    KPI’s, Balanced Scorecard ·    Marketing, Product Develop. ·    New Markets ·    Partnering, Alliances



Industrial Engineer

University of Zaragoza