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  • Critical Thinker
  • Relationship
  • Experience
  • Open Minded
  • Creative
  • Encourage
  • Problem Solver
  • Team Player


Hi, my name is Purvi. For the past ten years I have been part of the IB PYP educator and being in this diverse community shaped me to become a team player, open minded person, life long learner and professional educator.

As a classroom teacher, I am responsible for educational needs of students by implementing a rigorous programme, care for daily life of students’ welfare and being an active/supportive team member for my colleague. During these teaching years, I applied a variety of teaching methods, utilizing IT, differentiated learning and assessment and strive for a safe and supportive learning environment to happen in my class.

Communicate and develop healthy working relationship with all parents is also important to keep them updated about the progress and support given for the students to be successful in and outside school. 

I do like my job because I believe teaching touch tomorrow. My teaching experiences in International Schools have instilled me with a high regard for excellence and achievement, which I strive to maintain daily in both my personal and professional activities. Currently I am in the process of applying as IB Workshop Leader and Visiting Team Member hoping that I could contribute positively in IB World Community. 

This year I go out of my comfort zone and try a new role in teaching English as an additional language as well as supporting the unit of inquiry in an IB School located in Astana, Kazakhstan.

Work experience


Year 2 to 6 Class Teacher

Global Jaya School Bintaro Indonesia

The role of the Class teacher is to be responsible for the :

  • Educational needs of students by implementing a prepared programme
  • Educational needs of the Assistant teacher by supporting and working with them as a team member
  • Working along side an expatriate teacher
  • Daily life of all students welfare
  • School by adhering to the following expectations and duties



Advanced Level of English Proficiency Test. English as second language.
Indonesian Language
Mother tongue language.

Familiar with Windows based system and use in daily teaching and learning process. 

Familiar with variety of ICT tools for classroom (Edmodo, brainpop, mathletics, iReady, etc)

Exhibition in PYP
Facilitate the students in the end of their PYP Journey and celebrate the PYP programme.

Professional Development

2017 Presenting at IB Dunia Conference Jakarta (Questioning)

2017 Participant in Cognitive Coaching with Dr. Ochan Powell

2017 Participant in Creating Inclusive Classroom: access for all students in the PYP with Mel Taylor

2004-2016 A variety of professional developments that support my teaching and learning in the classroom.