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Learning and improving my English since I was 12 years old.



Wallace Institute.

Edinburgh - Scotland

two weeks intensive course


August 2010

Aliance Française

Paris -France

1993 - 95

Two years living in Liège -Belgium

Working as an au-pair taking care of two boys, 5 and 9 years old at the time.



Institut des langues modernes "Hazinelle" - Liège - Belgique

September 1994 - June 1995

Keep on learning

13th UNIcert Workshop

Task-Based Language Learning on the Dissecting Table"

Center for Languages and Transferable Skills


University of Göttingen November 17th, 2012

2nd UNIcert und fachbezogener Fremdsprachenunterricht:

Französisch, Italienisch, Spanisch. Interkulturalität


University of Potsdam September 27-28th, 2012

Wege zum Sprachenlernen - Handlungsorientierte und lernkonzentrierte

Aktivitäten für den Sprachunterricht. Didaktik


University of Regensburg March 3rd, 2012

Moodle für Fortgeschrittene. Advance


University of Regensburg February 24th, 2012


As a person who has been working in very different fields, education is the one that I enjoyed the most.

I have been working in Amberg at the GMG teaching spanish at differet levels from September 2009 till September 2011. From October 21, 2011  till March 31, 2012 teaching at the Regensburg University as a Lector for spanish and working at the Magdeburg University Otto-von-Guericke Universität as a Lecturer for spanish (Lehrkraft für besondere Aufgaben) from April 1, 2012 till September 2013 and since working at the Johannes Gutengerg Universität in Mainz as a Lecturer for spanish (wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter).

Holding a Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) from General Teaching Council for England, 19 May 2011

I am a native Spanish speaker and have been working as Spanish teacher to pupils from ages between 16 and 65 years old in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz), Spain and in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

I teached Spanish from beginners till a very high level (literature) and Spanish for business.

I have a good command of French and German and i am willing to teach both of them yet  to GCSE level as I do not have, at the moment, any official certificate that prove these skills to the point I´d wish. But the fact that I´ve spent two years living in Belgium, one year in Austria and seven in Germany makes me feel confident to accept the challenge.



I love to start studying a language. Communicate is a great thing.


Discovering new cultures.


Social Media and Technology in the classroom are the areas that interest me the most.


Many years practicing Yoga Iyengar .


Mother tongue.


March 2012

DSH - Universität Regensburg

Regensburg - Germany

August 2009

C1 (Mittelstufe III)

International House Berlin Prolog

Berlin - Germany

1999 - 04

five years in Frankfurt - Germany

PNDS / Goethe Universität - Frankfurt am Main

Certificate that allows you to study at a German University. March 2000


one year in Vienna - Austria


September 1994 - June 1995

Institut des langues modernes "Hazinelle" - Liège - Belgique

Conferences and Workshops as speaker

Referent der Fortbildungsveranstaltungen der Universität Regensburg für Lehrkräfte der verschiedenen Schularten.Formas breves: literatura, cine, enseñanza. Jornada de formación para profesores de español. Workshop: Die Mediation am Gymnasium                                    25.11.2011Referent des 18. Deutschen Hispanistentages an der Universität Passau. Casosprácticos de mediación para el estudio del español a partir del curso 10/11, con el nuevo manual Adelante, Klett Verlag.                                                                                                                                                        25.03.2011 Referent der Fremdsprachentagung der Universität Würzburg am Hubland. Praktische Beispiele für den Spanischunterricht mit spät beginnenden Lernern.                                16.10.2010 

Referent in der 3. Bundeskongress des Gesamtverbands Moderne Fremdsprachen in der Universität Augsburg.

Praktische Beispiele für den Spanischunterricht mit spät beginnenden Lernern.


Referent und Koautor des Klett-Lehrwerks Adelante bei der Klett Fortbildung in München                                                                                                                                                                                    12.07.2010         

Work experience

Nov 2011Nov 2011

Formas breves: literatura, cine, enseñanza. Jornada de formación para profesores de español

Universität Regensburg

Workshop at the University of Regensburg

The Mediation (free translation) at german gymnasium.

Formas breves: literatura, cine, enseñanza.Jornada de formación para profesores de español

Sep 2009Sep 2011

Spanisch Lehrer

Gregor Mendel Gymnasium

Spanish teacher at the GMG teaching all the levels.

One year working in this nice little city in South Germany.

This experience is getting really important for me and my career.

Already done two exchanges beetween GMG in Amberg and IES Trafalgar y Vicente Aleixandre.

Sep 2000Dec 2003

Customer Service Agent

Qualiflyer Group

Reservation and ticketing/ Dominus iPARS.Selling flight tickets/  SystemGalileo.Help desk Mile´s program/ Qualiflyer.

Reservation Hotels, Cars and so on.

Qualiflyer Group Service Centre - used to work for Sabena, Swissair, TAP Air Porfugal, AOM, Air Littoral and Crossair.

Help desk for travel agencies in Germany.

Sep 1998Apr 1999

Spanish Teacher

Estudio Internacional Sampere

The first experience working as a teacher. Six hours (60minutes) a day, five days a week.


Instituto de Bachillerato Trafalgar
Jun 2007Jun 2007

VIII Encuentro de Profesorado E/LE (14 hours)

IH Madrid
Jul 1998Jul 1998

Spanish Language in the World (20 hours)

University of Cádiz

La situación del español en el mundo

Sep 1997Sep 1997

Educational Skill Certificate

University of Granada

Certificado de Aptitud Pedagógica

Pedagogic Competence Certificate

May 1996May 1996

VI Conference about aspects of teaching foreign languages (40 hours)

University of Granada

VI Jornadas sobre aspectos de la enseñanza de lenguas extranjeras

Mar 1996Mar 1996

Spanish poetic metre (20 hours)

University of Granada

Spanish poetic measure

Métrica española

Aug 1995Aug 1995

Narración oral y escénica (30 hours)

Ayuntamiento de Barbate