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Work experience

Oct 2009Nov 2009

Market researcher

Rosslyn Research

Worked in Rosslyn Research on 2 projects.

My duties involved standard market research tasks, ranging from data input, customer service and corresponding with people over the phone. The first project was a survey of radio programming preferences targeting the general audience. Second project was a business to business survey of satisfaction with plexiglass window products. 

Apr 2009Apr 2009



Worked on a part-time job with duties that included general cleaning, providing pricing information and booking on the phone, PA type duties that revolved around conducting errands, purchase of supplies, etc.

Duties also involved a clean-up of pre-existing e-mail database in Excel, and sending promotional letters via the Internet to a variety of companies and individuals.

Jun 2004Sep 2008

Market researcher/admin/assistant

Accent Marketing Research

I worked in Accent for 4 years on market research projects which involved calling various individuals on a random basis and inquiring on how satisfied they were with political, domestics and social aspects (we utilized a CATI type of system for phone surveys).

Business to business aspects were also covered for the duration of my employment, and as time went by, I was given more responsibilities, such as input of statistical data into the database, corresponding with other potential clients via e-mail, translation of documents from English to Croatian and from Croatian to English, accompanied by creation of transcripts from audio/video recordings of live interviews, and some courier/PA types of duties.

I was able to cover most, if not all aspects of office/administration in this particular job.

Mar 2008Jul 2008

Full-time temporary Independent salesman of water beds

Blischke & Dilber

Duties included sales of water beds from a salon by describing the products to potential customers and encouraging to buy them.

Furthermore, there was a great deal of office management/administration to handle, as well as correspondence with clients and data input.

Jul 2007Oct 2007

Full-time temporary Security and administration officer

Kolnoa d.o.o.

My duties in Kolnoa comprised of monitoring security systems in customers cars throughout the day for signs of potential burglary, providing customer service, general help and instructions when needed.

Other tasks included general office duties such as correspondence with potential clients, errands, creating translations of texts from Croatian to English and vice verse, photocopy and mailing of relevant documents and data input.

Dec 2001Feb 2002

3d art Intern

In Fine

Created 3d meshes/objects in 3d Studio Max which were later adapted for use in TV commercials.


Oct 2001Jun 2005


Graphics university

Attended Graphics University in Zagreb for 4 years, but upon reaching 2nd academic year I decided not to pursue the studies, which were focused on manufacturing processes of publications.

Sep 1997Jun 2001


Electro-technical high school 'Koncar'

Finished 4 years worth of Electro-technical high school with vocation of 'Electro-engineer'.


12 years of general knowledge/experience with Windows based computers. Worked in both Zagreb and London on a private basis to optimize/maintain/repair other people's desktop/laptop computers. Primarily dealt with removal of viral infections, malware, bloatware, general optimizations, clean-up of hardware, tracking down faulty devices, setup of basic network, and full re-installation of Windows OS-es.   My abilities in IT include the following: Upper intermediate/advanced knowledge of general computer hardware. Upper intermediate ability to assemble desktop based computere. Advisor on cost-effective solutions to individual people or organizations. Installation/deployment of Windows OS (XP, Vista, Win 7) and programs for general use. Optimization and cleanup of Windows OS from viruses/infections/malware and bloatware. Backup of data. Educating individuals on how to use the computer and perform basic maintenance.  
3d Art
12 years experience in using '3d Studio Max'. Creation of a range of scifi images using publicly available meshes which at first improved my lighting skills/scene composition, and eventually helped me in developing 3d mesh building skills (an example would be a high-quality re-creation of a star-ship totalling about 1.78 million polygons which allows for zooming and rendering of more detailed images).   The provided link leads to my gallery that contains finished images made with 3d Studio Max. 'Work in Progress' images that show meshes in various stages of development could be provided on request).


Joe Birch

Mr. Birch was my supervisor for the duration of my time at Rosslyn Research.

Danijela Mendas

Mrs. Mendas was my supervisor for 4 years in Accent Marketing research firm in Croatia.

Alex Ciangola

Mr. Ciangola was my boss while working for him as an administrator and PA.

Andy Cossey

Mr. Cossey is a principal in an English language school I was attending for 11 months during 2009, He, or another member of his staff can provide necessary references to employers.


My interest lies predominantly in graphic arts and IT. Finding something practical that would produce financial stability and lead to a career would be desirable.

I also pursue hobbies such as, creative writing, singing and acting.

I attended stage-acting classes during the summer of 2007 in Zagreb for a few months in a theater known as 'Bagatella'.

I am in the process of writing a sci-fi novel.


My 'ultimate objective' would be to work professionally in a field that allows me to combine 3d Art and IT skills

Other job opportunities that could make use of my abilities would also be welcomed.


My name is Petar Posavec.

I am 31 years old, Caucasian, originally from Zagreb.

I am currently employed as an office administrator for a company known as SOIH (situated in Zagreb), but looking to expand my horizons.

My present duties involve translation of various documentation from English to Croatian and vice versa, as well as data input, personal assistant duties and some graphic design.

Skilled/experienced in IT, administration/office and CGI for approximately 10 years and accompanied by excellent command of English language in written and verbal forms (further supplemented by the English course I attended in London which was accredited by the British Council), I would be able to act as a translator if needed and satisfy any employer that implements communications (such as customer service), IT (basic maintenance, support), data input/administration and design (Photoshop, 3d Studio Max, etc.) in their line of work.

I am versatile when it comes to jobs and not terribly picky, as well as ready/willing to learn new things and capable of working as part of a team or on my own.

Seeking new job opportunities in EU countries where English is a predominant language requirement, but I am open to other countries and learning new languages if required.

Petar Posavec



Jul 2007Present

ECDL Start

Croatian Information Technology Society
May 2007Present

3DS Max

Algebra POU - Autodesk Authorized Training Center